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New Rage Cycles

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  • New Rage Cycles Mirror Block Off LED Turn Signals

    Graham in Queensland

    A few surprises. Bought for Ducati Panigale.

    I had reservations about these as most often aftermarket turn signal just aren't up to scratch when it comes to brightness. Fortunately these are JUST bright enough to be effective in daylight but they wouldn't want to be any duller. Installation was actually more problematic then i expected. Sure, you could just slap them on, bunch up all the excess wiring and have it floating around behind your fairing but i don't like things to be so untidy and wanted to conceal the wiring in a better way. This was actually a bit of a pain but was doable in the end after some naffing about. The actual fitment of them was also not quite as good as i expected. They are not as flush as i thought they would be and look a little more tacked on then i anticipated but it's not too bad and i can live with it. Overall they are ok and kind of the only option i had to accomplish what i wanted. They are horrendously overpriced for what they are (would costs less to manufacture) but given the lack of viable alternatives i would still buy them again if i was to do the same thing.

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