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  • Nikwax Leather Cleaner

    Nikwax Leather Cleaner

    cade in OK

    Very good

    It made my racing boots look brand new again and I used it on my work boots it made them look brand new

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  • Nikwax Tech Wash

    Nikwax Tech Wash

    Rick in NM

    Works as advertised and generally suggested for mot...

    This seems to be the "go to" product for washing textile and mesh clothing. Since I really noticed the dirt and grime that have accumulated on my gear I knew it was time to clean/wash them properly yet leave what waterproofing still existed. Works as advertised even in common top loading machine. I do pretreat the really dirty spots just to give the product a fighting chance.

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  • Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In

    Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In

    Brian in TX


    Been using it for several years on my Klim Gore-Tex jacket and pants. It does what it says, maintains waterproofness. I always tumble dry on low as suggested too.

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  • Nikwax TX Direct Spray Repel

    Nikwax TX Direct Spray Repel

    Don in CA

    Works great

    I purchased a pair of Gore Tex lined gloves with a fabric shell. The Gore Tex was inside the insulation layer of the glove. In the rain, the glove got soaked but my hands stayed dry. With the insulation outside the Gore Tex, it got wet and cooled my hands quickly. Applied this product to the exterior of the gloves, and they are now staying dry and keeping my hands much warmer. Better than the competition that requires heat setting.

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