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  • Olympia Airglide 4 Mesh Tech Motorcycle Overpants

    Olympia Airglide 4 Mesh Tech Motorcycle Overpants

    brianw in IN

    More protective and higher quality than most mesh

    I've tried on darn near all the mesh pants out there, and these Olympias checked all the boxes. - Far more durable and better made than most. Lots of solid panels do reduce ventilation, but they make the pants far more protective and a LOT more durable. - High quality knee AND hip armor. Amazing how many mesh pants skimp on the armor. - The rain liner also fits over the pants. What a fantastic, simple idea. Rain liners inside mesh are mostly useless. - Strong side zipper goes almost all the way up -- much easier to pull on and off without taking off boots. Much better zipper than other brands. They work well as overpants or as pants over shorts or light pants. - Comfortable liner if you wear them with shorts. - Pewter color is a bit darker than some silver or gray colors so it won't show dirt as badly, yet it still wears a lot cooler than the usual sun-absorbing black. Black motorcycle gear makes absolutely no sense... - Ankle cuff engineered so it can be tailored to length easily if needed. Why doesn't everyone do this? - The one beef I have is that the waist is secured only with two very weak snaps. Should be a hook and a snap at minimum. I had to pinch the snaps slightly with pliers to tighten them up, and I might need to have a tailor install a proper hook. C'mon, Olympia... you almost got these perfect!

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  • Olympia Sentry 3 Pants

    Olympia Sentry 3 Pants

    Terry in CO

    Olympia Sentry - Very Odd And Difficult Fit

    I'm a 38 W 31 L Ordered size 40 because they said to size up if you want more room and to use as overpants.. Like all things Olympia, the build quality is excellent. Unfortunately the fit is just odd is several very key areas. The crotch to waist measurement is very short. The length of the legs is Jolly Green Giant. The fly zipper is very short and leaves an odd gap between the top of the zipper and the snap closure waist band. That's an important gap because the fly waterproof flap stops at the top of the zipper which leaves a gap for water to come in between the top of the flap and the snap.. Sizing: Don't believe "them" (online videos and Olympia's suggested sizing) when they say to size up if you want to use them as over-pants. They are really um, roomy. These are big pants except from crotch to waist and around the shin. Picture really big pants that bunch up above the knee armor in a clown-like puff or English horse riding pants. They run true to size so just go with that if you have your heart set on these. Length: The biggest issue for me came from the length. These pants are really, really long and are the same length for all sizes 38 to 44 apparently. They are 5+ inches too long for a 30 inseam. Although the hem feature Olympia advertises sounds good in theory, in reality, not so much. If you do hem them, you lose the velcro lower leg adjustment strap which is right in the center between the bottom of the pant leg and the bottom of the zipper. So it either has to go above the hem or you lose any real value in length adjustment Also, the pant leg bottoms are so tight when closed that they barely, but not really, fit over Forma Terra boots or even standard dual sport boots with any type of shin protector. The pants fit and looked so oddly on me that I didn't even take a chance on ordering the next size down because the length issue would still be unresolved. For me, having the pant leg zipper higher to allow for easy hemming is offset by the loss of lower leg adjustment. Aside from the length, I just cant have pants that fall below my belly button and have a gap between the zipper and the waist snap. This is just my honest review. Olympia makes excellent quality clothing and I own two Olympia jackets which I LOVE. I really, really wanted these pants to fit. I returned them.

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  • Olympia Hudson Jacket

    Olympia Hudson Jacket

    Phillip in AL

    Great jacket, very versatile

    Just got back into motorcycle riding and this is only my second jacket, so I'm no expert on jackets. But, this jacket is super versatile and I really like it. I purchased this late spring/early summer, so I can't attest to how well it does in colder weather. With the included liner, I'm sure it will do a great job except in the coldest conditions since it is a MESH jacket. It also includes a water proof liner that can be worn inside or outside (over) the jacket. That is a really nice feature. I can carry the liner in my tank bag and put it on easily in sudden wet conditions. I cannot give adequate feedback on durability since I have had this jacket for such a short amount of time, but it is very solidly constructed. The protection is outstanding with high quality padding. Although a little warm in Alabama heat and humidity, it flows air extremely well when moving. I don' see anything similar being better when providing this much protection. I think this jacket is a great deal for what it offers. Excellent protection, great quality, very versatile (multi-seasonal/use), great fit and features at a price that is very good in comparison to the high dollar jackets with the same type features.I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for this style jacket.

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  • Olympia X Moto 2 Pants

    Olympia X Moto 2 Pants

    Christian in BC

    Great four Seasons ADV/Dual Sport Pant & Jacket rev...

    I picked this pant because of a few things. Flexibility for riding in different riding temps, Mega Panel System and the protections and durability. I also had a full year riding with the matching jacket and was impressed with the design, feature function and expected the same outcome with the jacket. Note: When deciding on which over the boot pant your going to buy that you factor in the style of boot your going to where with this style of pant to ensure they fits. Example Are you riding with a MX, ADV or Dual Sport boot ? In the video I tested 4 different kinds of boots Sidi Crossfire 2, TDX drifter, Shot Racing X11, Gaerne Oiled Balance and tested how dry I would stay and how comfortable it is when you ride hard in different terrain.

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  • Olympia X Moto 2 Jacket

    Olympia X Moto 2 Jacket

    Christian in BC

    One Year Review & Testing of the 4 Season

    I wanted to share my experience after a year of riding 4 seasons in this Jacket. I researched hard approx. 10 different jacket in this category everything from ARC to Badlands and finally decide on the X Moto 2 because of how complete the package was with very little to no compromise depending on your priorities. Highlights are functionality with 4 seasons, hydration, pockets for storage everywhere, ventilation when working hard, styling, comfortable and well built with bomber 2000 cordura protection. I even went as far to test the waterprotection both with the liner inside and outside. You view the full video review here.

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  • Olympia Dakar Dual Sport Mesh Tech Motorcycle Pants

    Olympia Dakar Dual Sport Mesh Tech Motorcycle Pants

    Justin in CA

    Execellent Pant for ADV riding

    Great all-around quality and perfectly suited for long trips. Great ventilation and durable.

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