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ATV Drive

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ATV Drive

The ATV drive system is what propels your quad forward, transforming the raw energy generated by the engine into a useful kinetic force, turning the wheels. However, just as with anything else on a four wheeler, individual components can wear out and need to be replaced. When the time comes to find ATV drive parts, count on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to be your source. We carry all of the parts you need to keep your drive system in working order:

• Sprockets
• Chains
• Drive belts
• Chain guides

In some cases, we make it easy by providing chain and sprockets kits, so you can replace both at a single time – this prevents one worn-out part from causing premature wear on a new component after you install it.

Among our drive parts, you’ll find more than just the top quality you need to keep your ATV at its optimal functioning level. The products we stock also have a distinctive visual flair – perfect for adding that custom look to your quad. Nothing shares quite the same aggressive, raw appearance as a finely crafted sprocket that has been engineered for top performance and designed with style in mind.

We also have the accessories you need to keep your ATV’s drive system in top shape. We have many options of chain lube to allow you to extend your chain’s useful life as long as possible. We also have drive tools to make working on your chain a breeze. Some of these tools are must-haves if you ride regularly and like to wrench on your own machine.

With major brands like Renthal, Supersprox, DID, Primary Drive and more, you know that you’re getting quality ATV drive parts when you shop with us. Take a moment to choose which category of parts you’d like to see, then click through and browse our selection.

Latest Drive Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Rob in CO

    Not Confidence Inspiring

    With all the great reviews, I thought I would give this chain a try while doing a gearing change on my WR250R. Looks and feels like a quality chain. Installation was no problem (had to remove two links) and like some of the other reviewers, found the master link clip a bit looser (popped right on with a bit of play) than preferred. Adjusted tension within manufacturers’ tolerance and just figured it would all settle in and be fine. Went for 10 mile odometer calibration run and came back with the chain dripping melted grease all over the place. The chain was a little warm (not hot), but found it disturbing that a significant portion of the grease was no longer in the chain. Cleaned the chain (and bike) and lubed the chain with Yamaha off road chain lube. First trail ride (30 miles or so) and noticed a little bit of chain stretch. Cleaned and lubed again. After second ride of 50 or so miles of fairly aggressive (for an old guy) dirt road riding, chain was stretched to the point that it could be pushed in contact with the swing arm (Yamaha measures from underside of swing arm pushing upward) while checking tension. Had absolutely no stretch with stock DID chain. I will adjust it and use it for probably a couple more short local rides and re-evaluate. In all likelihood it will be replaced with an alternate before any significant back road trail riding. Lastly, looks great, but I don’t have the confidence that this chain will hold up when I really need it to.

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  • Primary Drive 420 MC Professional Chain

    Timothy in CO

    Worked great, don't last forever.

    Worked great. I prefer the gold chains personally. These will rust if not taken care of meticulously. Great price.

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  • Primary Drive 520 ORM O-Ring Chain

    Bradley in FL

    Chain performs and holds up well

    I bought this chain a few months ago and it is still holding up great. I ride about 2 to 3 times a month and 0erform regular chain maintnence after every ride. This chain is still looking almost new and almost no signs of wear. The only problem i have encountered with this chain which may be because it is new or because of my bike, is that to properly adjust the chain tension the tire comes forward past the adjustment lines, I was still able to set the chain tension but because I did not have the adjustment lines to reference it was more difficult to make sure the tire was straight. Maybe it is better like that because as the chain wears it will stretch and I will have plenty of adjustment room.

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  • Renthal Front Sprocket

    Chris in FL

    Renthal Front sprocket

    Good Front sprocket and get a lot of use and time out it.

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  • DID 420 Chain

    Chris in FL

    DID 420 Chain

    Love the chain Doesnt stretch out too much Lasts a good while

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  • Continental Elite Sport CVT Drive Belt

    Jay in ND

    didn't last the first ride

    Continental is known to make quality products but this belt didn't last. Fitment was fine but it failed catastrophically in less then 20 miles.

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