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ATV Tools

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ATV Tools

We carry all the offroad, ATV tools you need to help minimize your downtime and get you back on the track or the trail. Find hundreds of specialty ATV tools and shop tools like metric wrench sets, ATV axle wrenches, fork seal drivers and tools, flywheel puller and many more. Fasteners like std or metric bolt kits, ATV fender rivets and screws. Shop equipment like mechanics gloves and roll carts, portable chargers, compressors and powers washer/cleaners.

We also carry a full line of fanny pack tool kits that offer full portability for "on-the-trail" repairs of your machine.

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  • Tusk Low Pressure Dial Tire Gauge

    Tusk Low Pressure Dial Tire Gauge

    Mimi in CA

    Worked great t he first coupleof times

    I hadn't used it every much, though I have had it for a while. At first I was impressed with it. It looked well made and worked as good as it looked. I took it out of the toolbox to check some tires last weekend, and it didn't seem to be reading accurately, then stuck at about 7PSI. I like the pencil style one better. I have never had any problems with that type.

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  • Tusk KYB Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    Tusk KYB Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    kris in CA

    Fits some, not others

    I had one of these wrenches already for my 2005 yz250 forks. Seemed to fit those fine but would not work on my 07 yz450 forks. I purchased a new one specifically for the yz450 and that one also does not work. The old one is too small to fit around the outer chamber and too small for the inner chamber. The new one is too small for the outer chamber and too big for the inner chamber. Same part number for both wrenches. Makes 0 sense. Part # 1182650001 for reference

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  • Tusk Ball-End Hex Key Wrench Set

    Tusk Ball-End Hex Key Wrench Set

    THOMAS in WA

    Get it on sale

    Allen keys slip in to easy, slip out easily too. Other than that, just your normal set of keys. Case has ability to hold additional key, not sure why it wasn't included (5.5).

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  • Tusk Fork Oil Level Tool

    Tusk Fork Oil Level Tool

    Cody in TX

    Another quality tool from Tusk

    I don't change or adjust my fork oil every week, but do have to use this tool on a few occasion throughout the year, and it's always worked perfect. I have yet to be disappointed with a Tusk tool.

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  • Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Cody in TX

    Has held up well and seems to be accurate

    This is my garage pressure gauge that gets used for everything. It has low enough increments for MX tires, but high enough for truck tires. It another good value from Tusk.

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  • Tusk Swing Arm Bearing Tool

    Tusk Swing Arm Bearing Tool

    Cody in TX

    Like most Tusk tools, it is earns its worth in one ...

    If you are changing suspension bearings, this value tools make it a whole lot easier.

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