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ATV Track Systems


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ATV Track Systems

ATV tracks are getting increasingly popular as more riders discover what a thrill they can be. Once installed, they open up winter riding, effectively making your quad an all-season machine. No longer are you forced to park your ATV in the garage for several months. Instead, the riding never ends!

Tracked ATVs are capable machines in a variety of winter environments. Not only can they tackle the wide open snow with ease, but they’re also excellent when you need you cross a stream or in woods where you need a high level of maneuverability. Of course, you have also full traction in reverse (even in soft snow) if you need it. And with the wider wheelbase and longer physical length, your ATV will also have improved stability with tracks, reducing the chances of an unexpected tip occurring.

One thing to be aware of is that installing tracks on your ATV will affect the gear ratio. This allows more power to be distributed, providing a great riding experience. However, it also means that your top speed will drop (which isn’t really an issue on most machines these days). Your engine will also operate at higher RPMs relative to your speed. It varies from track system to track system, but it’s not unusual for your actual speed to be about two-thirds of what your speedometer says. This doesn’t mean that you’ll feel like you’re going a lot slower, however. You’ll probably feel like you’re going faster than you really are. Another thing to watch out for is that your fuel mileage will decrease – it’s just one of those required tradeoffs for maximizing your enjoyment of your ATV during the winter months.

You might wonder whether you can use your ATV tracks all year round, even out of snow. This largely depends on the track system in question. Some are optimized for snow use only. However, some track systems can accommodate a variety of terrains and often excel in softer terrain (like mud) better even than specialized tires. Please see the details in the product description for more information on a specific track system’s suitability for all-season use.

Of course, just because you install tracks doesn’t mean that you have to give up tires. It’s ideal to have a professional do the initial installation (which can take around 90 minutes). However, swapping between tracks and tires after that is about as easy as just changing tires. You might even be able to do it yourself. It’s a process that only takes 30-60 minutes.

If you haven’t used ATV tracks before, now’s the time to take the plunge and find out what all the excitement is about. You won’t only be able to enjoy traversing your favorite trails after a winter snowstorm has passed by; you’ll also get to experience a type of riding that is both distinct and magical. Pick up a new track system today. You won’t regret it!

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