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dirt bike Handlebars & Controls

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  • Tusk T-10 Aluminum 7/8" Handlebar

    Tim in NJ

    Look good but will bend more easily than the pricey...

    Good fit and finish but bend too easily. I usually love all tusk stuff

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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Alvaro in NY

    Low Quality Materials

    Tusk is usually a name you can trust. Can't say that with their black levers. They seem to be constructed with a composite of metals and not solid material. I purchased one back in 2017. Took a minor spill in snow. Lever broke. Went back to stock for a while. Decided this year to buy another one because the price is attractive. And sure enough, took another spill in some mud and the lever broke. Cheaply made for sure, hence the low price. Don't waste your time.

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  • Fasst Flexx 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Joshua in PA

    I cannot tell a single difference between these and...

    **I BOUGHT THESE FROM THE MANUFACTURER DIRECTLY, NOT RM.** I bought these specifically to reduce fatigue and arm-pump, and they have honestly not helped with either. I have about 10 hours on them so maybe my opinion could change but I cannot feel any sort of give or shock absorption in these handlebars. I have tried all of the polymers and am currently running the softest possible polymers with only 2 threads showing instead of 3 on the adjustment nut to give it more give and even STILL I think these bars have an extremely harsh feel to them. They feel absolutely no different then the stock 1 1/8" renthal bars that came on my 2013 KTM300XC. I wanted to like these bars so much because of how harshly I suffer from arm-pump (it's my fault because I took a 4 year hiatus from riding) but I even bought the anti-vibration inserts and I notice the SLIGHTEST decrease in vibration with the combo of the 2 products, overall its still very prevalent. Like I said before, I've tried every combo of the polymers and I actually can't tell a difference between any of them. They all feel the exact same. I had 1.5 hours on the stiff ones, 1.5 hours on the medium compound, and currently have 7 hours on the soft ones. They don't feel worse then the stock handlebars, but for over $500 spent on the setup, I should be able to say a little more then "it's not worse". HUGE disappointment.

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  • Tusk Brake Lever

    Connor in ID

    Would not recommend

    I haven't had a problem with then brake lever yet but the clutch lever snapped first ride put setting it up against the treen would not recommend feel like cheep Chinese garabe

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  • Odi V2 Emig MX Lock-On Grips

    Bryan in AZ

    Review for installation on CRF only

    2006 CRF450r. Beware, B Cam for CRF is 1.5mm larger in diameter than stock. Save yourself some grief by screwing in the cable adjusters all the way first thing before you begin. I also had to at carburetor requiring removal of tank. If you don't you risk the throttle sticking. Difficult twisting throttle is clue that the cables are too tight. Haven't ridden yet so can't comment on feel or performance. BTW the cam isn't indexed to the tube, so if you have to change cams, mark position on tube or the EMIG likely will be pointing in wrong direction and you get to do it all over again, and again, and again. All good now after adjusting. They look cool IMO.

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  • Tusk Universal Big Bar Clamp Kit

    Jesse in FL

    Garbage mounting hardware

    I tried to install these on my DR650 but the bolts that mount the adapter to your stock handlebar mounts are trash. The thread pitch is slightly off compared to the M8 x 1.25 that they're supposed to be. I tried screwing them in on two different bikes and tried threading them into a thread gauge at the hardware store but they just don't thread in nicely. They'll start to go in okay by hand for the first few turns, then they get progressively tighter. At first I thought it was just the thread locker they apply on the bolt, but after one of the heads stripped off in my stock bar mounts I found out that wasn't the case. Now I'm stuck buying new bar mounts anyways. I could've saved myself the trouble and bought oversize mounts off the hop instead of messing with these adapters. These might be okay if you throw out the bolts they include and buy some proper ones from the hardware store.

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