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dirt bike Suspension

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Dirt Bike Suspension

Suspension affects nearly every aspect of riding a dirt bike: jumping, braking, turning and even just sitting! The suspension is particularly important on a dirt bike. What makes dirt bikes so unique compared to other motorcycles? Obstacles are part of an enjoyable ride! A well-designed motocross track encompasses many obstacles: jumps, berms, whoops and more. Even trails are chosen based on their technical nature. The suspension deals with all of these. That’s why you simply can’t skimp on a dirt bike’s suspension maintenance.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries an extensive selection of dirt bike suspension parts for practically every application. If you need to replace a part and there’s an aftermarket solution, chances are you’ll find it here – and at a lower price than anywhere else! (If you need to find an OEM suspension part, we have an impressive OEM section that deals which practically every little piece on a dirt bike. Just click the OEM button at the top of the page to check it out!)

You can find what you need at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. For the front suspension, we have everything from fork oil to fork guards to fork seals. For the rear suspension, you’ll find bearings for swingarms, shock linkages and more. We also stock a variety of suspension tools to ensure that when it is maintenance time, the process is quick and painless instead of frustrating and time-consuming.

We carry many brands which are known for their prestige, including Pivot Works, All Balls, Hammerhead, Race Tech, SKF, Tusk and many more. Whether you stick to the local motocross track or travel every trail you can find, think of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC when dirt bike suspension is on your mind!

Latest Suspension Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pivot Works Shock Rebuild Kit

    Pivot Works Shock Rebuild Kit

    Britt in TX

    Missing O-Rings- Very Frustrating

    Kit was very nice, except mine had been opened before I got it and the o-rings had been removed. Had to out source the o-rings. Made an easy job difficult.

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  • Pro X Fork Bushing Kit

    Pro X Fork Bushing Kit

    Matt in UT


    Great product! Will buy again

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  • SDI Low Friction Shock Piston DU Bushing

    SDI Low Friction Shock Piston DU Bushing

    Doug in CA

    Amazingly smoother!

    Suspension has got to move and this really makes the back end smoother!

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  • Tusk PDS Heim Joint Bolt Kit

    Tusk PDS Heim Joint Bolt Kit

    Douglas in PA

    must have for suspension service

    simple inexpensive method for greasing suspension link. great value and works well. easy to install

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  • Race Tech Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit

    Race Tech Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit

    Patrick in NE

    Race Tech gold valves are a phenomenal upgrade!

    I put gold valves in my 2018 KTM 450 SXF and it was a fun process. Directions are good and getting the Race Tech suspension bible was very helpful too. I kept the air forks instead of doing the spring conversion. I did do the bladder conversion on the shock. I am very pleased with the results. The suspension is much more plush with good bottoming resistance. It feels like the front settles into corners better where as with the stock setup the front end rode high in the stroke even with far less air pressure. The rear end tracks well staying planted under acceleration and doesn't kick up on square edge braking bumps. It soaks up hard landings with ease. I am very happy with the Race Tech setup and would recommend it to anyone. To do the install you need to be relatively mechanically inclined and be willing to buy the tools to do it.

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  • Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Motion Pro Micro Fork Bleeder

    Douglas in PA

    works well priced right

    i cant remember to remove that little screw to purge air from forks. these little buggers make it a simple maintenance item and if i forget to bleed them i can do it anytime without fuss or opening tool box. great item

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