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  • FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Torque"

    FMF Gold Series Pipe, "Gnarly Torque"

    Bradley in WV

    Def recommend the gnarly

    Amazing difference in the torque and low end of my bike. Could tell straight away and a better tone at idle and on the gas. More durable than the stock pipe. U can bend that sucker w a rubber mallet

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  • FMF Turbine Core II Silencer

    FMF Turbine Core II Silencer

    Paul in CO

    Great option for Spark Arrestor

    I purchased this pipe to become legal with the Forrest Service. The bolt on spark arrestors were not much cheaper so I went with the full pipe. Works great and the pipe sounds awesome, makes my bike sound better for sure. The fit was a little tricky. I understand it is an after market part so there is some wiggle room but it does move my exhaust a little bit due to alignment and the exhaust where it enters the engine is ever so slightly tweaked but does not seam to matter. I am just OCD about that stuff. Overall this pipe is awesome.

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  • FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Titanium Silencer

    FMF Factory-4.1 RCT Titanium Silencer

    COLE in OR

    FMF= Flying Machine Factory couldn’t be more accura...

    took 10 min to install on my 2019 kx450. easy bolt on and already can hear and feel the difference i power and throttle response. looks super clean on the bike too. great product. glad i bought it.

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  • FMF Power Core II Shorty Silencer

    FMF Power Core II Shorty Silencer

    Russell in NY


    Excellent Like ordering from Rockey Mountain ATV. Great customer service also.

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  • FMF Wash Plug

    FMF Wash Plug

    Jeremy in TX

    Looks good, does it's job

    What can I say, it does what it's supposed to do and looks cool doing it!

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  • FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe

    FMF Power Bomb Header Pipe


    Nice Header, But Doesn't Fit Aftermarket Silencer

    I bought this to go with a Lexx Slip-On after discovering that the factory header was too rusted to use. The diameter of this header is larger than the factory, but smaller than the Lexx. The adapter for the Lexx didn't work, and the gap was too large to jut fill with silicone. I took the Powerbomb to an exhaust shop and they were able to expand it from 1-3/4" OD to a little over 1-7/8" to work with the slip on. It must be good material, because it stretched and didn't split.

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