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Handlebars & Controls


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Handlebars & Controls

Handlebars & Controls

Latest Hand Controls Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Brake Lever

    Tusk Brake Lever

    Phil in NB

    good but not great

    the fit was not perfect, it was a tiny but loose on the bolted part. had i crash and it broke were the bolt goes, it looked like (once cracked in two) like a very soft alloy. but lucky my old lever broke on the lever part so was able to salvage parts from both to make one. i have to say for the price it does look good! but you get what you pay we know the can be 3 times more expensive. if you are on a budget its a great option if not spend the money to get a better one

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  • Tusk D-Flex Bar-End Clamp Handlebar Inserts

    Tusk D-Flex Bar-End Clamp Handlebar Inserts

    Keith in NC

    Work 75% of Time

    Installed two pairs on two bikes both with Tusk 7/8" bars. 3 out 4 were usable. The one that failed would not seat no matter what I tried. Had to keep taking the bars off and dump out the locking nut inside the bars. In the end had to design and fabricate my own special lock nut to make it work. I did not save any money by buying these, and regret my wasted time. I am sure RMATV will replace them, if you have a problem, but the delivery time was very long and I did not want to wait a week or two for replacements.

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  • Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguards

    Acerbis Rally Pro X-Strong Handguards

    Travis in NV

    It's the standard

    Ummm Where's the instructions??. Sounds like it's normal for Acerbis. Just look it up on YouTube and you'll be fine. But sure would be nice it the box included some sort of instructions.

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  • Rox Speed FX 2" Handlebar Risers

    Rox Speed FX 2" Handlebar Risers

    Harold in MO

    Well built and easy to install

    Second set of Rox risers I’ve purchased and will buy again if I get another bike that doesn’t quite fit my height.

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  • Tusk D-Flex Handguard Big Bar Adaptor (P)

    Tusk D-Flex Handguard Big Bar Adaptor (P)

    Austin in NC

    Good but need modifications

    I bought the 7/8 prior to buying these. The 7/8 fit fantastic. These need a little persuasion. I actually had to heat and bend the hand guards, then drill new holes in order to get these to fit like they should. I cant complain much for $40+$17 for the big bar adapters. For reference I was puttin fb these on a set of Protaper fat bars Henry/Reed bend.

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  • Motion Pro T3 Slidelight Clutch Cable

    Motion Pro T3 Slidelight Clutch Cable

    Ryan in AZ

    Shorter than OEM

    The cable is great quality and for the price it would be worth buying again, but it's to short. With the cable adjusted to allow as much slack as possible it still wasn't enough to allow for proper free play. I have a rekluse clutch on the bike and it was slipping so bad I ended up disconnecting the cable and slipping went away on hard acceleration. Just because I have a rekluse I still use the clutch manually so riding without one felt like riding in a shorts with Van's on.

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