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Oil and Chemicals

Oil & Chemicals

Oil & Chemicals

Latest Oil & Chemicals Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Maxima Chain Wax


    Not for me.

    Not a fan. Once dry, this chain wax is super hard to remove. Sure, it gathers less dirt, but your chain will still get dirty and will have to be cleaned before you can lube it again - that is when things get bad. I went back to using WD-40 after every ride - on both my street bikes and my dirt bikes.

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  • Maxima Hi-Test Octane Booster


    cant say it worked bike misfired and ran poorly, kl...

    it appears to do its job, but it does not tell tell you how much it raises octane and my bike would miss fire more when i put 2 oz of this in my 2.2 gallon tank. it did not change the exhaust smell and if anything my bike ran worst. maxima is know to make good quality products not sure what happened hear. if you tight on money you could give this a try but, the klotz octane booster works great and has a good sent in my 2 stroke, also i recommend klotz nitro, do be careful with that stuff tho its power full.

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  • Yamalube 2-R

    Clinton in CO

    2R oil just as good as the "expensive stuff"

    With the work done to my engine, I was told I had to run VP 2t Premix gas. I was hesitant to try even running pump gas, and premix. I was in a pinch and bought octane booster, yamalube 2R 2 stroke oil, and some premium non ethanol gasoline. The bike ran better on that, than with the VP fuel. I had less oil not being burned, less plug fouling, and way better trail performance. Definitely will buy this oil more. Also this oil performed just as good as the more expensive Motorex oil brands.

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  • Yamalube 2-S

    Tony in CA

    Rocky Mtn Has Stock

    I have two PW50’s for the kids and they burn through the Yamalube. It works perfectly for the injector. A lot of stores in my area are out of Yamalube but Rocky Mountain had what I needed.

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  • Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    gianni in bukidnon


    My friend used this and highly recommends it!

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  • Uni Foam Air Filter Service Kit

    Corey in CA

    Just what I needed

    Everything you need to clean dem dirty filters. Very easy

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