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Stands and Lifts

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Stands and Lifts

Stands and Lifts

Latest Stands and Lifts Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Review for Tusk Adjustable Lift Stand

    Tusk Adjustable Lift Stand

    Blake in MI


    Quality was not good, usually I like tusk stuff and think the quality is good for the price which led me to trying this out but was not a fan of it. It did not sit flat on the ground and did not operate smoothly. Pay the extra money and pick up a nicer quality one with a larger platform as well.

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  • Review for Acerbis Elevator Bike Stand

    Acerbis Elevator Bike Stand

    Aaron in FL

    Game Changer

    Highly recommend, especially if you have a heavier enduro like a DR650 or XR650. Way easier than a regular stand. Decent quality, not perfect, but also not the most expensive. Shock lets the bike down smooth to prevent mishaps. Bike sits slightly tilted to the left, due to a bit of play in the shaft (probably not noticeable to most people). Would recommend lubing the shaft and pivot points for smoother action. Does require a bit of downforce on the handle to lift a heavier bike. Provides just shy of 3.5" of lift ("shy" meaning 1/16"). Using for my WR450R, slides under the skid plate without having to lift up on the bike, then will lift both tires off the ground.

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  • Review for Motorsport Products Lay-Over Stand

    Motorsport Products Lay-Over Stand

    ERIC in CA

    lay over stand

    Awesome product and well made. Works great. Perfect tool for changing oil filters on KTM EXC 4-strokes and installing the Tokyo OffRoad oil drain tube on my KTM 300 XCW.

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  • Review for Matrix Concepts C1 Carbon Steel Stand

    Matrix Concepts C1 Carbon Steel Stand

    Motomark in WA

    Quality Stand

    I was impressed when received this stand but after using it, I am glad I bought it. For steel it is relatively light weight but very durable and you can tell it is quality built, much better than stands I paid for. It is worth the money. Worked great at the track. I bought a plastic stand to try and was disappointed, this one I am not at all. I am buying another one.

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  • Review for Polisport Track Stand

    Polisport Track Stand

    Motomark in WA

    Not a Track Stand - Maybe a Shop Stand

    I bought 2 for the price plus being plastic I figured light weight and wouldn't damage my bikes thrown in the back of the truck. Got to track and they don't sit well in terrain. Gravel or dirt they either dig in or slide when you are throwing your bike on top of them. Maybe if you were in a pro paddock with carpet? They are flimsy and bulky. Just not the same sturdy feeling as your typical steel or aluminum mx stand. You definitely don't trust sitting on the bike on top of it so don't expect to do that. They will hold, but you have doubt. I use mine for shop stands. Maybe it is just me, but personally not a fan of these stands. They work ok but not great.

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  • Review for Motorsport Products Lift Stand

    Motorsport Products Lift Stand

    Steve in NC

    Gets the job done. Not the best

    Pros: One of the cheaper stands out there. It will lift the bike and seems sturdy enough. Cons: Nuts and bolts were loose in the box when it arrived. This may have been a return. Construction is not stellar but just okay. Takes quite a bit of force to lift the bike. If you are looking for a budget stand, this will work for you.

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