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  • SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate

    Alexander in OR

    Skid Plate on 2015 KLR 650

    Ease of Installation - Very difficult and frustrating to install. For several hours, I went back and forth to each side of the bike, attempting to remove all the bolts and replace them starting in another area. I tried bending the brackets and using pure muscle power (not ever a good idea). I tried using zip ties in all of the holes to align it before placing the bolts. I used a second person to hold from the other side and help pull it in place. No matter where I started, I could only get two bolts started and the other two bolt holes would be out of line by 15-20mm each time. Finally, before going to return the skid plate, I tried several combinations of removing the rubber grommets and flanged spacers. The only way I could get the plate to fit was to leave out all four rubber grommets and flanged spacers, keeping only the bolts, washers, and rear spacers. This is an easy solution in the end, but when you go install a product according to the directions, it should fit as stated in the directions. Value - Falls in line with similarly priced skid plates for KLR 650. Durability - The plate itself is very thick and I've already hit several obstacles of road that have put minor scratches into it that would have broken the stock plate. I think the plate itself will last a long time but I'm worried that leaving out the flanged spacers and rubber grommets (described above) will ultimately reduce the lifespan of the product. Fitment - Once on, the plate fits perfectly and covers all of the areas it is designed to. The rear oil drain opening even lines up pretty well. Fits with Tusk crash bars on 2015 KLR 650. Protection- Gives amazing protection. Far beyond the capabilities of the stock plate which was cracking from just the vibration of the motorcycle. Coverage- Not sure what "coverage" is supposed to indicate, so I gave it a middle of the road score.

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  • SW-MOTECH Brake Pedal Extension

    Steven in CO

    I like it

    Excellent product, for perfect! Much easier to find the rear brake in any riding position. This ought to be a standard option for KTM!

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  • SW-MOTECH Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard

    Patrick in QC


    Simple affordable protect vulnerable brake component

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  • SW-MOTECH Center Stand

    Robbie in MO

    Must Have

    I'm a little late on this reveiw, put this on my KLR 650about 6yrs. ago without one complant, a must for changing tires and oil.

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  • SW-MOTECH Crash Bars/Engine Guards

    Jordan in OH

    Buyer Beware

    I bought this set of crash bars for my Kl650 2005. I have ricochet skid plate. the listing says these bars are compatible with the ricochet skid plate. However, as seen in my picture, I had to modify it to fit. the bolt holes lined up and the fit and finish is good. but the spacing for the skid plate didn't exist. its touching the opposite side shown and i had to my skid plate to make room. also, my fuel shutoff barely has enough space to move. plus, the access to the doohickey is almost blocked. In conclusion, make SURE you check the fit before trying to mount it.

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  • SW-MOTECH Center Stand Lifting Handle

    Glenn in OH

    It’s a real hand up.

    I thought it would be to low for it to be much help, but it does help to get it up on the center stand. It is very well built, feels like the same material that is used to for the crash bars.

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