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  • Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Pivot Foot Pegz

    Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Pivot Foot Pegz

    Duncan in WA

    AWESOME on my YZ250X

    I bought these because I was bored I think. I had never purchased new pegs for a bike and I have ridden religiously since 2003. I noticed these pegs had great reviews and it was simple as that. I hit the button adding them to my cart. When I purchased them, I had NO IDEA that they pivot. I thought they just looked clean. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that they pivot assuming it would be pretty lame. I was wrong. These things KICK A**!! Im going to get a set for the 250f as well. Such a great invention. You cant even tell when you ride that they pivot. You can tell though that your ankles get less fatigued. I never even noticed that was ever an issue until I got these. Great purchase and Im sure my riding buddies are sick of me talking about how dumb their pegs are.

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