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  • Pro Moto Billet Spark Arrestor End Cap

    Pro Moto Billet Spark Arrestor End Cap

    John in MD

    Good Alternative

    I bought this for a 2019 CRF250RX. RM seemed to be the only place that put it out there that the 2018 CRF250R part number would fit my bike (PMB would not even confirm). I installed, it was not as physically easy as thought. While not complicated, I had to flare the opening on the left exhaust quite a bit to get the end cap to fit. The right side was a breeze. In the end it fit very tight and seems to look more sealed than the OEM caps. Be patient! It will be easy to split the OEM canister. Learn how to use a drill properly and do not over tighten with the drill during install. Get the screws in and torque by hand.

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  • Pro Moto Billet Kickstand

    Pro Moto Billet Kickstand

    Lucas in ID

    The kickstand gives you something to lean on

    I have successfully secured this to my KTM 450 SXF 2019. The install was straightforward and only took a few minutes. I find that adding a bit of blue lock tight is a wise decision. This kickstand feels very solid and retracts out of the way. I have not had any issues with it getting in the way when riding. I have found that if you stop and have no trees around this kickstand is a must.

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  • Pro Moto Billet "Rack It" Rear Cargo Rack

    Pro Moto Billet "Rack It" Rear Cargo Rack

    Chad in WA

    Pro Moto Billet Rack on 2015 EXC

    I bought my bike used with a different rack on it. The other rack was basically garbage, and couldn't be used to maneuver the bike around with for fear of breaking the mounting hardware. I have used Pro Moto Billet racks on other bikes (DR650, WR250R), and decided to go with them again. I will say that the installation on the EXC was much more difficult. For one, the kit did not include instructions. I had to get them from their website. Also, you will need to print out their templates for cutting holes in the plastics. It required making several different cuts in multiple parts. This was a time consuming process. Some of the cuts did need to be adjusted when it came time for installing the parts. Another issue you may run across is the factory subframe welds being in the way of where the clamps need to attach. It is mentioned in the instructions, however I feel like they could have changed their design slightly to make this an easier fit. I ended up having to die grind down several of the welds. I'm generally pretty handy and know my way around the garage, This install took about three hours. Other than the installation, the finished product does look outstanding, and is quite strong. I can now use it to pull the tail end of the bike around without feeling any flex at all.

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  • Pro Moto Billet "Rack It" Rear Cargo Rack Chainsaw Carrier Plate

    Pro Moto Billet "Rack It" Rear Cargo Rack Chainsaw Carrier Plate

    PAUL in NC

    chainsaw carrier

    held up very well under 30+mph riding over VERY ROUGH TERRAIN. rubber block added to the secure strapping down of the saw. Very universal mounting but did have a few of the allen screws have the tapered head pop off (manufacture defect?)

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  • Pro Moto Billet Silent Insert

    Pro Moto Billet Silent Insert

    ALEX in MI

    Pretty good.

    Fit was good and made my 350 XCF W quiet enough. Don’t know how much it’s affects performance yet.

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  • Pro Moto Billet Replacement Spark Arrestor Screen

    Pro Moto Billet Replacement Spark Arrestor Screen

    Aaron in CA

    Ride Responsible!

    Really not much to say about a piece of screen door over the end of your pipe! It does it's job and helps to keep the Forest Ranger out of your wallet!

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