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  • Cortech Journey Coolmax Mock Neck Base Layer Shirt

    Cortech Journey Coolmax Mock Neck Base Layer Shirt

    J in AZ

    ok for the price but there is better options

    Sadly you get what you pay for. So this under layer is scratchy and seems to be not my cup of tea. Also why do these things need to be sooo tight.

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  • Cortech GX Air 4 Gloves

    Cortech GX Air 4 Gloves

    Alexander in ID

    Good fit, good price, decent protection.

    These gloves breathe enough to keep hands cool in the middle of summer, while keeping hands warm enough for early morning interstate rides. Cuff is perfect length, not so short your wrist is exposed and not too long that it is too warm or stiff. I wish they had a palm slider. One seam in the tip of the ring finger is a bit annoying, but otherwise comfortable.

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  • Cortech Latigo 2 RR Motorcycle Gloves

    Cortech Latigo 2 RR Motorcycle Gloves

    JOHNNY in UT

    I really like the fit and I hope they last a long t...

    They were tight when I first started to wear them. Since then they have broken in and feel amazing. I really like the single cff on the rear, because it makes it easier to put over my jacket.

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  • Cortech Accelerator XC Motorcycle Boots

    Cortech Accelerator XC Motorcycle Boots

    ROY in UT

    These boots are excellent budget friendly, adventur...

    I purchased these boots in the fall of 2015. I had recently purchased a large adventure touring bike and wasn't certain which way I wanted to go as far as more serious dirt or mostly asphalt. I ride about 85% percent asphalt, and 15% dirt. These boots are all day comfortable and have held up very well over the last year for me. I have over 12,000 miles on them, including about 2000 in Baja and have been impressed with their cost/performance ratio. These are NOT moto-cross, or hard core off-road boots, and anybody using them as such will certainly be disappointed. I have Alpine Stars Tech 6's for that kind of duty, but would not recommend them for adventure or light dual sport use.

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