Dirt Bike Socks

No set of dirt bike gear is complete without proper riding socks. The rights socks can help you stay more comfortable while riding, allowing you to get the most out of every trip you take with your bike.

The primary purpose of a sock is to wick away moisture. Off-road riding is a strenuous activity, and feet produce a lot of sweat – more than most other parts of the body, actually. Dirt bike socks are designed for the sport; they’re typically tall and can effectively wick away a large amount of moisture.

On cold days, good socks can also keep you warm. Part of this has to do with wicking away the sweat. But part of it also has to do with the composition of the sock – the material and the thickness. You can take a moment to read the product descriptions to find out what a particular sock is made out of. And if you already know whether you specifically want something that is thick or thin, we have a filter on this page (left sidebar) that makes it easy to narrow the selection.

Good dirt bike socks also help you avoid blisters. If your foot doesn’t fit snugly in your boots, that extra movement will cause blisters. Socks help reduce that movement. In this way, good socks don’t only keep you comfortable while you ride; they also make sure you’re comfortable afterwards as well.

If you’re ready for new socks, check out our selection. We carry a variety with different styles and at varying price points. Pick up a new pair today!

Latest riding socks Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Rocky Mountain ATV/MC MX Socks

    Rocky Mountain ATV/MC MX Socks

    Casey in SC

    Awesome socks!

    Just like everything else Rocky mountain does these socks are awesome! They are super comfortable, i ordered the 10-13 size and I wear a size 12 shoe they fit perfect! They are nice and long and come up just above the knee.

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  • A.R.C. Moto Socks

    A.R.C. Moto Socks

    kirk in CA

    Great socks

    Great fit and very comfertable. Just the right thickness.

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  • Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Socks

    Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Socks

    Sam in OR

    Aloe works!

    These socks are great. If I am close to free shipping I will throw in a pair of these to get over the threshold. They are nice to have for multi-day trips because the aloe keeps them smelling fresh for 2 days of riding while they are new. The effect wears off after a few washes, but they smell really good until then, and even a little residual afterwards. They also make my feet feel really soft, which is a boon when camping and wearing sandals would otherwise leave my feet dry and cracked. The compression kind of makes them a pain to get on and off, but it should help keep your legs healthy during long rides.

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  • Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Full Length Knee Brace Sock

    Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Full Length Knee Brace Sock

    Scott in CA

    RM socks

    Great socks for the money

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  • Alpinestars Pro CoolMax Socks

    Alpinestars Pro CoolMax Socks

    Shane in IN

    A good product

    The socks preform as expected. I would recomend them to others.

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  • EVS Fusion Knee Brace Socks

    EVS Fusion Knee Brace Socks

    Miele in FL

    Good. My old ones old up longer then my new ones.

    My old pair old up longer than my new one. Not sure why. The old pair starting to get holes at the bottom of the heal after many many rides. On my new pair, the foot part where both colors meet seems like the stitches are coming apart and separating both colors creating a hole on the side of the foot part. I hope this does not happen again. I have only used the new ones a few times and the whole is getting bigger each time.

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