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  • Mobius X8 Knee Brace

    Cameron in TX

    Wish it fit as well as it works

    Overall, I cant shake a stick at these too much, they work well. However, for me personally, I don't think they fit as well as other braces may, and I find them not as comfortable as I was led to believe they were. To be more specific the cup your knee sits in is really tight around the my knee itself, yet it also fits really loose around my calf and lower thigh. I literally have to ratchet the tether as tight as it will go and it still doesn't feel as tight as it should. If I go any bigger, to fit better on my knee, it will be too loose around my calf and thigh. But if I go any smaller for the calf and knee, there's no way I'm getting it over my knee. I've tried using different combinations of the included pads but it really doesn't make a very big difference. Its not very comfortable but like I said it works, so I deal with it for now, but next time I'm definitely getting something else.

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