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Riding Backpacks

Riding Backpacks

Riding Backpacks

Latest Riding Backpacks Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Zac Speed Recon S-3 Pack

    Zac Speed Recon S-3 Pack

    Jason in FL


    Ok, so I was hopeful this was going to be the end all protection and hydro integrated. Its good and fits well. Is also well made. My issue is its heavy and bulky. I just feel when I put it on I am heavy and sluggish as this creates mass up high on the body. Even without completely filling the bladder its heavy. The other issue is the shoulders are exposed. So no protection for the top of the shoulders which I could use as I ride hare scramble and woods. I recently went down in hardpack and shoulder checked hard. Injury is a bone bruise on the end/tip of the clavicle. Shoulder armor would have helped. Ill keep this around for long offroad adventure rides as it has a large hydro capacity and well made compartments for other items.

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  • Klim Nac Pak

    Klim Nac Pak

    Ed in GA

    Great do it all pack

    I was using a combination of an older bag and a tool kit strapped to the rear fender of my Husqvarna. As the tool kit got more complete and the riding got tougher I was pushing the limits of the tool kits ability to stay in place and not rattle around on the fender. Also I got a second bike and didn’t want to have two tool kits so decided to go for this bag and not have anything strapped to either bike. This bag does it all and the tool kit and straps to secure it are awesome. It has tons of other storage and so far has survived a lot of crashes. So why four stars? I’m not a fan of the Klim water bladder. It fits as it should and stays secure but it is much thinner then my old one and when filled with ice water it seems to sweat a lot more then my other one did. I might see if there is a similar shaped replacement in a different brand. It’s critical to get it out of the pack after the ride or it will remain wet in that compartment for days. It also makes it important that anything else stored in that area is either wrapped in a plastic bag or it doesn’t matter if it gets wet. It would probably be fine if I didn’t use ice but I like my water cold. Anyhow, not a big deal and a thicker plastic bladder may help, but it is something that has stood out to me as an annoyance with an otherwise perfect set up.

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  • Leatt Flat CleanTech Replacement Bladder

    Leatt Flat CleanTech Replacement Bladder

    Tim in MI

    One of the best bladders available

    Love the large opening, makes filling, cleaning and adding ice easy. They hold up well, the bite value is not my favorite. I also prefer the hands free style hose, which you can buy separately.. The slide is a little difficult sometimes to install it seems to catch on the bag.

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  • Klim Hydrapak Replacement Reservoir

    Klim Hydrapak Replacement Reservoir

    leroy in OR

    KLIM hydro bladder

    Easy to fill and use. The mouthpiece works really well.

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  • Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Shon in GA

    We had a problem...

    Got our Fly Racing Hydro Pack and filled it up for first use to discover there was an issue with the hose being cracked. Contacted Rocky Mountain ATV, advised of issue and was immediately sent a replacement bladder kit. Problem Solved! Pack is perfect for its purpose and has a good fit. The problem could have lead to bigger issues but Rocky Mountain ATV stepped up to the plate and made it right.

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  • Leatt CleanTech 2L Horizontal Replacement Bladder

    Leatt CleanTech 2L Horizontal Replacement Bladder

    Gregory in CA

    Needs a little refining before I’ll recommended it.

    I’m surprised that i would give a Leatt product a 3 star rating. Here’s where it fell short. 1 The protective rubber on the nipple pulls the nipple out leaving you with the exposed plastic valve which ends up getting dirty. 2 Since the bag hangs much lower it doesn’t connect to the hanger located at the top of the Leatt GPX bag. The good.. Water tastes good. Bag doesn’t wrinkle and seals well.

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