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Shoei motorcycle Riding Packs

Latest Riding Packs Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Klim Hydrapak Replacement Reservoir

    jarrod in AZ

    Excellent bladder

    Great replacement for my USWE hydration backpack. It?s the same as the USWE original shape shifter bladder.

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  • USWE Refill Bladders - 5 Pack

    Kenneth in TX

    Good quality & durable

    Durable and last a long time. I dry them thoroughly after each ride and get many many uses out of a single bag.

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  • Zac Speed Dakar Pack

    Matthew in CO

    Hands Down, Best Riding Pack

    An incredibly well thought-out and versatile pack. I'm on my second pack, as the first one had almost 500 hours of use when a couple zippers started to bind and the chest buckle let go. If you run out of room, you're probably using it wrong. On my long enduro or adventure rides, I've managed to stow a filled water pack, bike pump & plug kit (for Tubliss), first-aid kit, emergency water purifier, BCA radio, 1 gallon jug of extra fuel, tool kit, waterproof shell jacket, energy bars, and random bits like extra fuel line, zip ties, USB Battery pack, duct tape, paracord, and flint/steel. (Yeah, it weighed A LOT, but with the straps and waist belt adjusted correctly, the bulk of the weight rested across my lumbar, reducing upper-body fatigue.) Aside from being roomy, it's also comfortable, with internal and external back padding. The internal padding contours your back and the external acts as a cushion. The shoulder strap length can be adjusted as well. The included Source water pack is fantastic. Stays much cleaner than other brands (it has an antimicrobial surface) and is easy to clean. It won't discolor and is incredibly durable? I've take a tumble a time or 12, and never had a puncture or leak. I also have a KLIM Nac Pak, which is great for a quick ride in the woods with just water and a few tools, but its utility? And construction? PALES in comparison to the Zac Speed Dakar.

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  • Ogio Dakar 3L Hydration Pack

    Frank in BC

    Ogio 3L Dakar Backpack

    As usual Rocky Mountain have excelled themselves with high standard of service and products. I am very happy with Ogio Dakar 3L backpack. It is made very well and has many pockets and compartments to accommodate my extra stuff I like to take on a ride. The backpack is made very well and when riding you don't even know you are wearing it. It is very well balanced and the straps are very comfortable to ride with. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to any rider looking for a decent size backpack as well as a very well made Hydration system that works great. Thank you Rocky Mountain you have done a excellent job on helping me obtain and make my choice of a great back pack

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  • Leatt Handsfree Kit

    Charles in -

    Excellent Hands Free System

    Had this years ago while racing a local harescramble series and the GNCC series. Loved it as a hands free system. Although it took a ride or two when first having it, the hands free system is a great feature to have so you don?t have to take your hands off the bars.

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  • Klim Nac Pak 19

    Brian in CA

    Two thumbs up!

    As usual a quality product from Klim. I've been using this backpack for many months now for both day rides and multi-day adventures. IMO it holds just enough stuff for a day ride including lunch, for multi day rides I run a Mosko Moto R10 for a little additional storage (no more fanny packs for me). I had an issue with my initial pack with some tearing at a shoulder strap seam but after sending Klim a few photos of the problem they replaced the pack. Great pack for a day of single track or a week long dual-sport ride!

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