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  • TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots

    TCX X-Helium Michelin Boots

    DONALD in NV

    Very comfortable

    I've ridden over 50k miles on a xr650l and 35k of that was in these boots mostly dirt. And when im not on the xr im on my yzf450 on single tracks and they show very little wear. And very comfortable. I cant say anything bad about them .

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  • TCX Airtech EVO Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Boots

    TCX Airtech EVO Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Boots

    Luke in FL

    Strong and comfortable.

    Pretty comfortable, they look good, they arent very adjustable and are slightly loose around my ankles. I got these because I dont wear leather, but these are actually better than leather and more comfortable too. Sent back my airtech evod for these and these are much more comfortable imo. The ankle fits better and it doesnt squeeze my toes as much either.

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  • TCX Comp Evo 2 Michelin Boots

    TCX Comp Evo 2 Michelin Boots

    Conar in MA

    Lacks durability, Great Comfort and fit.

    I've been buying TCX boots for 6 years now. I bought these because TCX stopped making their 2.1 boot. I use to get two seasons out of the 2.1 boot. That won't be said about their new Evo boot. The sole is already worn from kick starting the bike, Multiple broken buckles but they offer great comfort and protection. I Wouldn't recommend these boots but I would highly recommend their 2.1 boot.

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  • TCX Infinity EVO Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Boots

    TCX Infinity EVO Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Boots

    Vincent in CA

    Great for Duel Sport.

    I am on a KLR 650 (2007). These boots are flexible out of the box but I wore mine around the house a few days to get them really broke in. I am doing a RT 66 trip in Aug and TAT in 2019. I wanted a boot that I can wear off the bike and go into museums, restaurants, etc without swapping out shoes/boots. I tried them up and down stairs, no problem. They also have a great sole for traction. I recommend that if you are in between sizes to bump up to the larger size. I am between 11-11/12 and I got the 12s and they are perfect!

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  • TCX Baja Gore-Tex Boots

    TCX Baja Gore-Tex Boots

    michael in NY

    Excellent boots

    These are very comfortable boots and are well made. They breathe great and have kept me dry. They have all the safety features I was looking for and they make me feel safe.

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  • TCX Drifter Waterproof Boots

    TCX Drifter Waterproof Boots

    Marty in WI

    Very comfortable

    Put these on in my house and they felt as comfortable as slippers. Fit was perfect. I tried motocross boots and they were too stiff, hard to shift and brake, and these I could walk around in like regular boots. I wanted something not quite aggressive and hard as a mx boot but not as weak as a street boot, these i'd say are 75% mx boot with decent protection but feel like a street boot. I got them for trails, woods, desert, im not that aggressive but go everywhere and hike some too. Cant speak for longevity yet as i just got them but they seem decently built.

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