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You’d think we would’ve learned the first time (or at least the second), but there is nothing that can keep us from these budget bike challenges. We’ve survived one of the most treacherous trails in Utah, we’ve braved an extreme enduro race, but those don’t compare to what we’re attempting now.

Can $1,000 motorcycles make it 1,000 adventure miles?

Our other challenges didn’t cover a lot of miles, but they were still some of the most fun we’ve ever had. So, does covering more miles mean we’ll have even more fun? That logic may not be the most reliable, but our passion for and experience with ADV riding certainly is. We’ll be taking these project bikes on our Hooked on Phoenix ride, a popular route that takes you from Mesquite, Nevada, to Phoenix, Arizona and back. With a mix of dirt roads, technical sand and rocks, and even a little slab, this ride has something for every rider and certainly the right challenges to push these bikes to the limit.

Much like with our other challenges, the rules are simple:

    • Each rider gets only $1,000 to buy and fix their bike
    • Each bike must complete the 1,000 miles of the adventure ride
    • Scrounging and fabrication are allowed
    • New tires will be provided for each bike at no cost (safety first)
    • Each rider is responsible for their own gear and luggage

This may be the team’s most ludicrous idea yet. Whether you think they are finally in over their heads or just adding another notch to their belts, you won’t want to miss a single second of it. All eight episodes are live now and included below.

Episode 1: Can $1,000 Beater Motorcycles Make it 1,000 Adventure Miles!?

With the rules nailed down, it’s time for the guys to show off their bikes. With the bikes falling between ‘82s and an ‘05, though, it’s not clear how much there really is to show off. Are the guys actually jealous of each other’s rides or just scared of fixing their own?

Episode 2: Turning a Street Bike into an Adventure Bike

Repairs are underway, and that means plenty of scrounging and fabrication are, too. If everything goes according to plan, the bikes will be ready for their 1,000-mile ride. But will all of the riders? A surprise injury sidelines one of the guys a week before the big ride, and the work is piling up for everyone else as the clock ticks down.

Episode 3: Forget 1,000 Miles! Will we Even Make it 1,000 ft?

Forget 1,000 miles, will these bikes even make it the first 1,000 feet? Despite Justin paying homage to Prince in his Purple Rain shirt, his bike is causing him sorrow and pain, along with some other mishaps for the rest of the crew. Have you ever seen a case so hot that fuel boils off of it? Maybe the crew will make it to Jimmy Lewis’ and laugh in the purple rain, or maybe this will all fall apart before it ever really started.

Episode 4: The MOST Dangerous Part of the Ride! Welcome to LAS VEGAS!

Well, these guys are competitive. But what else is new? Between racing at Jimmy’s, ripping some starts, daring a hill climb, and cruising the Las Vegas Strip, the crew will do just about anything for a little glory and a lot of laughs. Let’s just hope the bikes don’t become the punchline…

Episode 5: Supercross Whoops on a Kawasaki Ninja 250

The crew made it to camp, but was the second day of riding too easy? Eric is predicting some shenanigans from the bikes, but perhaps the only problems the group runs into are the ones they cause themselves. Add a section of single track in the mix, and there will be blood….and many bike fixes ahead.

Episode 6: More CRAZY SHENANIGANS on Budget Motorcycles

As the ride continues, the guys encounter their first flat, and it’s not even on one of the old bikes! Chance plays another round of musical bikes, the guys brave a water crossing, and a new member joins the group, though he only gets a seat on the back of Justin’s bike. Speaking of Justin, someone should check with Prince’s estate to see if he gets paid by “Purple Rain” mention…

Episode 7: Motorcycle Carnage, Crashes, & Blood… This Day is ROUGH!

There’s a gold king mansion and some gnarly trail ahead, and that makes Day 5 the perfect day for a no dab challenge. There aren’t any bikes in the van yet, but there very well may be before the day is done. These guys are testing the limits of their bikes and pushing past them, and this time, there really will be some blood.

Episode 8: These Motorcycles are Falling Apart!

It’s the final day of riding, and the question weighing heavily on everyone’s minds is will all of the bikes hit the 1,000-mile mark? They’ve made it this far, but yesterday’s carnage took a toll, and with Chance joining the blown-shock club, it may be a tall order getting all of these bikes across the finish line.

Now It’s Your Turn

If these challenges have taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need much money to have a lot of fun. These bikes were bought on a budget, fixed on a budget, but ridden as hard as our brand new models. And, as you saw, they all stood up to the test. If you want to do something even half as long or challenging as what we did here, don’t let your budget stop you. Get your friends together and enjoy every part of the process. You’ll have memories to last a lifetime, and maybe a few bruises and scars to show for it. Here are some of the resources our team relied on while completing this challenge:

We are already looking forward to our next challenge, so get subscribed to our YouTube channel so that you don’t miss any of it. There will be plenty of other rides, builds, and how-to videos to keep you interested until then.

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