When the Yamaha Banshee and Warrior 350 came out in 1987, they changed the face of the four-wheeler market. Production for both machines was discontinued in the early 2000s, but that didn’t stop the models from rising in popularity and becoming iconic machines in the Yamaha lineup. Today, the Warrior 350 is especially popular among ATV junkies, amateur mechanics, and beginner riders alike. The bullet-proof 350 air-cooled engine, electric start, and torquey power make for a fun machine for seasoned riders and forgiving machine for learners.

There are no shortage of Warrior 350s out there for sale, either. That’s how we ended up with ours, and we got right to work restoring it to its former glory. Our Warrior was in rough shape but, regardless of the state yours is in, these mods can revive and refresh any old or new Warrior. Check out the video for a look at its history as well as a breakdown of the mods we added. And keep reading to get an in-depth look at each aspect of the build.

Engine and Performance

It doesn’t matter if you have machine that is running well, running most of the time, or not running at all, these engine mods can resuscitate [JO3] your ride or free up an already working engine to deliver smoother, more accessible power.

The first thing we checked out on our used Warrior was the filters. We started with the oil filter, replacing the stock filter with a new Tusk Oil Filter and some fresh oil. A new air filter was needed too, so we opted for the Tusk Air Filter. We also opened up the air box a little, which helped with jetting and allowed the machine to breathe more.

Next up, we had to figure out why our Warrior was either not running, sputtering, or not idling well. As it turned out, the carburetor was the culprit. An easy solution was the Tusk Carb Rebuild kit. The kit comes with stock jets, new needles, clips, valves, and O-rings. It was everything we needed to fix our carburetor, and our machine was running better and more consistently in almost no time.

With the air box and carburetor working properly again, we needed to give that extra intake a place to go. We knew we wanted something from FMF, so we set up our machine with the Power Core IV Silencer. Boasting good sound, lightweight construction, and a stock spark arrestor, the silencer checked all of the boxes for us.

The last thing we added for improved performance was the Tusk Competition Clutch Kit. Clutch plates are high-wear items on any machine, especially ones that are utilized by entry-level riders, so it’s a good rule of thumb to always replace clutch plates when you purchase a used machine. It’s a great way to refresh your machine and keep everything running properly. For anyone considering switching out their clutch plates, we have a great how-to video specifically for this!


Once you make investments in your engine and other parts of your machine, it’s important to make sure they’re well protected. For us, we ride mostly through the deserts and rocky landscapes in Utah, so having dependable undercarriage protection is a must. Luckily, Ricochet offers a complete setup that’s as dependable as it is durable. Their machine-specific Full-Chassis Skid Plate covered all the fragile components of our machine, keeping them safe from damaging rocks and debris.

We also installed the Ricochet A-Arm Guards and Swing Arm Guard. Made of a durable aluminum, the accessories give us peace of mind in the difficult and rough terrain we ride in. The Swing Arm Guard is arguably the biggest lifesaver as the Warrior’s swing arm sits so low to the ground, and the Ricochet kit actually protects the brake rotors and sprockets as well.

To top it all off, we installed the Tusk Front Bumper. It was a great option to protect the front of the machine, and also added a modern finish.

Drive Components

When restoring an older machine, it’s important to pay close attention to the drive components. These components are high-wear and easy to overlook – a dangerous combination. So, after the engine basics and safety measures were addressed on our Warrior, we headed straight for the drive components to avoid a risky and expensive situation.

The first thing we swapped out were the brake pads. On our Warrior, the brake pads came completely worn down, but it’s usually a good idea to put a fresh set on anyway, every time you buy a used machine. Tusk Sintered Metal Brake Pads were installed all the way around, and they continue to be a lasting and affordable upgrade.

Our chain and sprockets also needed a little TLC. It wasn’t worth keeping the worn out parts that came on the machine, so we made the switch to a Primary Drive Chain and Sprocket Kit. The kit we chose came with steel sprockets and an x-ring chain, options as stylish as they are durable. It also worked well with the new chain rollers we added. The stock ones were all but disintegrated, so we replaced them with All Balls Upper and Lower Chain Rollers. Their addition kept our whole system running smoothly, plus added some longevity to our new chain.

The next thing we went after were the tires and wheels. The tires needed to be replaced no question, and we already knew what brand we wanted to replace them with. ITP’s Mudlite AT tires are a great option for anyone looking for dependable all terrain performance. Though they’re specifically designed for mud riding, the tires are high-performing and lightweight in snow and sand as well. Their center lug design delivers a smooth ride over hard-pack terrain without compromising bite and traction [JO11] in the loose stuff.

Where the tires were replaced without question, there was some pause when it came to the wheels. Warrior 350s come stock with gold wheels and, needless to say, they’re pretty slick. We were tempted to mount our fresh Mudlites on them, but decided the stock rims were too dented and dinged up. So, we switched them out for the ITP A6 Pro Series Wheel. While it was a difficult choice, safety and security won in the end – like it should. The A6 wheels were the best option for replacing the stock rims. They come in a clean finish and are a great combination of durability and strength without being too heavy.

Comfort and Controls

A new set of handlebars was first on the list for our comfort and control adjustments. We installed the Tusk T-10 Aluminum Handlebars, and they were perfect for our Warrior. For starters, the Tusk offering is lightweight, durable, and has a great feel when steering. The bars also come in a Sport ATV bend, which is a great fit for how we ride.

Our new bars were so fresh that we had to add some new levers and cables, too. Tusk set us up with those as well, and they complimented each other and our new bars nicely.

Finally, we added a pair of Tusk ATV Grips to the end of our bars. The new grips elevated the comfort level of the new bars, and capped-off our comfort and control enhancements.


To complete our build, we added some final finishing touches. We went all out with Tusk, and it paid off. Their Brake Reservoir Cap and Billet Aluminum Gas Cap added a cool chrome finish to our machine, and really personalized our Warrior’s look.

Of course, the stock plastics are one of the most unique features of the Warrior 350, so we opted to keep our sun-faded plastics and refresh them using “new bike in a can,” SC1. This spray works miracles, giving the plastics and graphics a glossy look that restores them back to their factory glory.

In the End

With a few simple upgrades and a little TLC, our Warrior 350 was ready to be rippin’ once again. We’ve had a blast doing just that, and you could too! If you have a Warrior collecting dust in the garage or have your eye on a well-price model, now’s the time to pull the trigger. Trust us – you won’t regret it.

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Parts Available at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

FMF Power Core IV Silencer with S/A Tusk Carburetor Rebuild Kit Ricochet A-Arm Guards
FMF Power Core IV Silencer with SA Tusk Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Ricochet A-Arm Guards
Ricochet Swing Arm Guard Ricochet Full Chassis Skid Plate Tusk Flat Base Lug Nuts
Ricochet Swing Arm Guard Ricochet Full Chassis Skid Plate

Tusk Flat Base Lug Nut
ITP Mud Lite AT Tires Front/Rear ITP A-6 Pro Series Wheels Front/Rear Primary Drive Steel Kit & Gold X-Ring Chain
ITP Mud Lite AT Tires Front/Rear ITP A-6 Pro Series Wheels Front/Rear Primary Drive Steel Kit & Gold X-Ring Chain
All Balls Chain Roller (Upper) All Balls Chain Roller (Lower) Tusk Sintered Metal Brake Pad
All Balls Chain Roller (Upper) All Balls Chain Roller (Lower) Tusk Sintered Metal Brake Pads
Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap Tusk Anodized Front Brake Reservoir Cap Tusk Aluminum Front Bumper
Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap Tusk Anodized Front Brake Reservoir Cap Tusk Aluminum Front Bumper
Tusk Clutch Lever Tusk Clutch Cable Tusk T-10 Aluminum Handlebars
Tusk Clutch Lever Tusk Clutch Cable Tusk T-10 Aluminum Handlebars
Tusk ATV Grips
Tusk ATV Grips