In another crazy budget bike challenge, we recently took $1,000 motorcycles on 1,000 adventure miles. It was a wild ride, in no small part due to the tight budget we kept for the bikes. When you can only spend $1,000 total for purchasing the bike AND repairing it, you wade into true beater-bike territory. These builds aren’t anything like the typical ones we do – you don’t have time to pick out a shiny new exhaust when the bike won’t even start! We wanted to give an inside look into how we got two of the bikes adventure ready for the challenge and how we chose the most important things to fix within our budget.

Budget Bike Build Article

2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250

For $270, this bike wasn’t a bad platform to build on. We’ve actually owned this type of bike in the past, so picking another one up for this ride brought a little nostalgia and a lot of convenience considering we still had some parts sitting around from that first model. For this build, we had a list of key changes that needed to be made:

All things considered, the Ninja 250 turned out to be a functional ride with a little added flair. Watch the video to see how we made those changes and how the bike turned out.

2005 Ninja 250

1982 Suzuki GS650E Build

Compared to the Ninja 250, the Suzuki GS650SE had a long way to go. Whether you chalk it up to its vague listing description or the lack of other bikes being sold within our budget (or a little bit of both), this build ended up being more of a challenge than we anticipated. $250 and 530 lbs. wet, this bike wasn’t as much of a checklist of improvements to be made as much as it was hunting down a problem to be fixed. After sitting for 27 years without being run, we had our work cut out for us to get the bike to even start. Once we did, we focused the rest of our budget on the following improvements:

1982 Suzuki GS650E

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’ve learned anything from these budget bike challenges, we hope it’s that you can have a lot of fun on the smallest of budgets. These bikes may not have all the sleek upgrades and shiny aftermarket accessories, but we didn’t need them to complete our ride. Don’t let a small budget stop you or even frighten you – get your friends, get some beater bikes, and get ready to make some memories.

Budget Bike Build Fun

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