2015 WR250R Adventure Bike Build

A lot of people don’t consider the Yamaha WR250R to be an adventure bike, but you might be surprised at how capable this bike can be. It may not have the same top speed on the street as other adventure bikes, but it can handle off-road riding like few adventure bikes can.

Watch the video above to check out Justin Deschamps’ recommendations on how to turn this already capable dual sport bike into an even better adventure bike. You can also view a list of mods below.

WR250R Adventure Bike

About the Yamaha WR250R

It’s important to note that the WR250R and WR250F bikes are completely different. The WR250F is a strictly off-road model and has nearly nothing in common with the WR250R from a construction standpoint. The chassis, suspension, motor and other components are different.

The WR250R is a great dual sport bike that is available brand new at a reasonable price – around $7,000. Of course, you can find one used for even less than that. It has modern off-road suspension, and it is fuel injected. It’s relatively lightweight for an adventure bike. It has a six-speed transmission, allowing it to handle off-road terrain well and still manage 70-75 mph on the highway (and it’s still stable at speed as well). One nice thing about the WR250R is that it features a 350 watt stator, allowing it to power things like extra lights, heated grips and heated gear without a problem.

One of the best things about the WR250R is that it’s reliable. The bike has gone relatively unchanged since its 2008 introduction and has proven to be very well built during that timeframe. This bike build is specifically on a 2015 model, but there isn’t much that is different on any of the model years up to this point, so you can do practically all of these mods on any WR250R.

WR250R Adventure Bike with Snow

Must-Have Mods

Blue IMS Fuel Tank 4.7 Gallon Ricochet Off-Road Skid Plate P3 Skid Plate Foam
IMS 4.7 Gallon Fuel Tank Ricochet Aluminum Skid Plate P3 Skid Plate Foam
Tusk Low-Profile Magnetic Drain Bolt Silver Tusk Aluminum Panniers with Pannier Racks Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag
Tusk Low-Profile Magnetic Drain Bolt Tusk Aluminum Panniers and Pannier Racks Wolfman Expedition Duffel
Tusk Top Rack Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Tusk Universal Big Bar Clamp Kit
Tusk Rear Rack Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Tusk Big Bar Adapter
Tusk Chub 1 1/8" Big Bar Tusk D-Flex Handguards with Spoilers (Blue/Black) Tusk Grip Heater Kit
Tusk Chub Bar (Yamaha Bend) Tusk D-Flex Handguards with Spoilers Tusk Heated Grip Kit
Tusk MX Grips Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire Tusk Motorcycle Rim Lock
Tusk Grips Dunlop D606 Tires Tusk Rim Lock

These upgrades all help the bike get ready for adventure – regardless of where that happens to be. For example, a larger tank ensures that you can travel longer distances between fueling, allowing you to access more remote areas.

The WR250R is already designed to tackle off-road terrain. However, a few accessories make it even better. The enhanced skid plate, D606 tires and rim lock all make the bike even more off-road capable than it already is.

The WR250R does incredibly well, even loaded with gear. The Tusk pannier rack and rear rack allow the bike to carry both hard and soft case luggage as well as a tail bag. You’ll be able to fit everything in them that you might need for a good adventure trip: camping equipment, change of clothes, tools and whatever other gear you want to take along.

Nice-to-Have Mods

DRC Tail Moto LED Edge 2 Aluminum Light Holder Tusk Mini Stalk LED Turn Signals Seat Concepts Complete Seat
DRC Tail Light Tusk Turn Signals Seat Concepts Complete Seat
Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights Double Take Enduro Mirror Kit DeLorme inReach Explorer
Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights Double Take Enduro Mirrors DeLorme inReach Explorer
DeLorme inReach Explorer Powered Sports Mount Tusk 1.6 High Pressure Radiator Cap Tusk 12-Volt Power Socket
DeLorme inReach Explorer Mount Tusk High Pressure Radiator Cap Tusk 12-Volt Power Socket
Tusk Blue Oil Filler Plug Tusk Blue Anodized Rear Brake Reservoir Cap Tusk Blue Rear Brake Clevis
Tusk Oil Filler Plug Tusk Anodized Reservoir Cap Tusk Rear Brake Clevis
Tusk Racing Blue Axle Block Tusk Billet Aluminum Engine Plug Kit Wolfman Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags
Tusk Axle Blocks Tusk Engine Plug Kit Wolfman Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags

Rider comfort is key on long rides. The Seat Concepts seat is a superb option to make long trips more comfortable.

The WR250R comes with headlight. However, the Baja Designs LED light provides significantly more light, making riding in low-light conditions a better experience.

The DeLorme inReach Explorer is a great emergency device for an adventure bike, complete with features like SOS triggering, text messaging and GPS tracking. The mount ensures that it’s always accessible and powered.


If you’re interested in a smaller, extremely fun adventure motorcycle, the WR250R is definitely worth considering. With a few accessories, this little dual sport is ready for some big adventures.

What do you think of this bike build? Is there anything you would do differently? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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