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The 2015 riding season is coming to a close, and it’s time for brands to start rolling out some sweet new motocross gear for 2016. With so many options it can get overwhelming, we know. To help you get a wide angle of what’s out there, we’ve put together our guide for 2016 Motocross Gear Combos. We’ve packed it with some of our favorite combos so you can have a good sampling from several of the major manufacturers. We can’t fit every new release in here, so visit Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to see the entire lineup of new 2016 motocross gear. Now sit back, relax, and get ready to make some space in your gear bag.

Rider hits banked corner on Kawasaki kx250f wearing Answer's Elite Jersey and Pant

Please remember, prices may vary from what is listed here based on sizing, sales or other factors. Not all products may be in stock for all sizes at any given time. Please double-check pricing and availability at the time of your order.

New 2016 Fox Racing Gear Banner

Fox Racing

Fox is back again, giving you the same amazing gear and aggressive styling that have made them a staple of the motocross industry. Their mission is to make the best and most innovative gear in MX. And with some of the greatest riders sporting their gear, the amount of podiums their gear combos have seen is hard to argue with.

360 Divizion Set with Pawtector Gloves

2016 Fox Racing Divizion Jersey blue yellow fox racing 360 divizion pants blue yellow fox racing 2016 pawtector race glove blue yellow fox racing v3 divizion helmet 2016 blue yellow
59.95 174.95 38.95 449.95

Starting this combo from the top, the V3 Divizion helmet takes many features from the V4 and transitions them to a more affordable price. Features like the MIPS impact system, Dri Lex liner, and head-encompassing layout of vent ports make the V3 Divizion a standout motocross helmet. Moisture control and agility are at the heart of the 360 Divizion pants and jersey, and with the Rider Attack Position, athletic fit collars/cuffs, and four-way stretchable gussets, you’ll get plenty of both. Button this combo up with the Pawtector gloves for some durable grip, and you’ve got yourself a serious set of gear.

180 Vicious Set with Dirtpaw Gloves

180 Vicious Jersey 2016 red white blue fox racing 180 vicious pant 2016 red white blue 2016 fox racing dirtpaw glove red white blue 2016 fox racing v2 vicious helmet black white red blue
32.95 109.95 24.95 299.95

For a great Fox gear combo at a lower price point, we like the Vicious line’s wicked looks and stellar performance. You get tons of ventilation panels, stretchable gussets, and tough fabrics, not to mention the leather knee panels and Fox’s wonderful Rider Attack Position. The combo really comes together with the V2 Vicious helmet’s dual density EPS liner creating a solid combination of safety and comfort. Throw in a redesigned pair of Dirtpaws, and you’ll get an affordable combo of gear with some of the best looks of 2016.

Fly Racing 2016 Gear sales banner

Fly Racing

Fly is back for 2016 offering the same great quality and affordably priced motocross gear filled with sick new designs. With their no-nonsense approach, Fly delivers a ton of gear combos to give you exactly what you want and nothing you don’t.

Kinetic Trifecta with Lite Race Gloves and F2 Carbon Pure Helmet

fly racing kinetic trifecta jersey 2016 red white black fly racing 2016 kinetic trifecta pant white black red fly racing lite race glove 2016 red black fly racing f2 carbon pure helmet 2016 gray black red
31.95 98.99 19.99 296.99

Fly’s Kinetic Trifecta motocross combo is hard not to love. We like it because it’s a near perfect combo of features, price, and looks. Built around durable fabrics, stretch-rib panels, and reinforced wear zones, the Kinetic Trifecta doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to durability or comfort. Same goes for the F2 Pure helmet and its dual-density EPS liner, COOLMAX materials, and 11 intake vents. For a matching glove, we chose the Pro Lite glove for its lightweight design and excellent grip. With this motocross gear combo you’ll get plenty of good looking durability without having to empty your wallet.

F-16 Set with Kinetic Full Speed Helmet

fly racing 2016 f-16 jersey white black fly racing f-16 pant 2016 white black fly racing f-16 glove 2016 black fly racing kinetic full speed helmet 2016 black white
23.99 67.99 17.99 98.99

If you want some of the best entry-level motocross gear out there, it’s hard to go wrong with the F-16 lineup. We like it because the materials are tough, the construction is solid, and Fly has still made plenty of room for stretchable gussets, ventilated fabrics, and other comforts. The F-16 glove matches of course and has a reinforced palm along with silicone finger grips for great all-around performance. The Kinetic Full Speed helmet sports an impressive 10 intake vents, a removable lining, and the safety features you need to stay in one piece, all at a reasonable price, making it a great match for this gear set. In a nutshell, Fly has managed to make an entry-level gear combo so good it doesn’t feel entry-level.

thor 2016 motocross gear sales banner


A lineup of racers, years of experience, and constant improvement back up Thor’s 2016 lineup. Thor has always provided a great selection of motocross gear with a wide variety of styles, price points, and color options. For 2016 they’ve stepped it up again with a diverse set of styles at the same outstanding quality they’ve always had. Whether you want retro inspired styling or the most aggressive new colorway, Thor’s combos do not disappoint.

Phase Doppler Vented with Spectrum Gloves

thor 2016 phase doppler vented jersey red black white thor phase doppler vented 2016 pant black red white thor 2016 spectrum glove white black
                    32.95                     99.95                     21.95

You can take your pick of helmet on this set. The Doppler’s versatility means it’ll fit in with just about any option. And that versatility is why we like it so much. This combo is at the top of its game regardless of the type of riding you do. Hit the wooded trails? Double and triple stitching along with durable fabrics keep everything in one piece. Love your local motocross track? Vented fabrics will keep you cool while the sublimated graphics won’t fade in the sun. Spend a lot of time in rutted corners and tight turns? There’s plenty of stretch to keep you comfy during intense riding. We like closing the set with the Spectrum glove for the comfy fit and great feel of the controls you get. Everything said and done, you’ll be well prepared with this lineup from Thor.

Prime Tach with Deflector Gloves and Verge Rebound Helmet

thor prime tach jersey 2016 fluorescent green black thor prime tach pant 2016 fluorescent green black thor deflector glove 2016 black thor verge rebound helmet 2016 black green
32.95 119.95 32.95 324.95

If you’re looking for standout looks, Thor’s Prime Tach gear will satisfy. We like the great contrasting colors and the reoccurring geometric layout that ties the pants and jersey together. But it’s more than skin deep. The pants and jersey are both built on a race-proven stretch chassis and feature plenty of stretch and ventilation. Pick up the Deflector gloves and you’ll have a performer with even more ventilation. For an aggressive look, we chose the Verge Rebound helmet with its Silvercool lining and sideriented intake vents providing the bells and whistles. All put together, this gear combo sits up there with the best.

msr 2016 motocross gear sales banner


Built on the idea of constant improvement, MSR has been a reliable source for great quality motocross gear that’s available at affordable prices to keep everyone riding. MSR continues their tradition in 2016 with a full lineup of redesigned gear and combos for all types of riding.

Axxis Set with Mav2 Carbon Effect Helmet

MSR Axxis jersey 2016 black grey orange msr axxis pant 2016 black grey orange msr axxis glove 2016 black grey orange mav2carboneffect
25.95 79.95 19.95 169.95

The Axxis series is MSR’s best-selling motocross line and never fails to deliver when it comes to comfort and durability. The jersey features generous airflow along with unrestrictive cuffs and collar, while the pants sport durable stitching on 600 and 900 denier fabrics. The Axxis gloves have a ton of flexibility in their poly-fabric design but also have Lycra stretch panels on the sides of each finger for unmatched dexterity. For a perfect match, the Mav2 Carbon Effect Helmet fits this build by coming in at a reasonable price point while still showing off  premium features and a sick carbon fiber look that matches those found on expensive helmets. The Axxis motocross gear is loved by a lot of people. We’re sure you won’t be let down.

Voyager Jacket with Unbound OTB Pants and Xpedition LX Helmet

msr voyage jacket 2016 hi viz yellow black msr unbound pant 2016 black msr xpedition lx helmet 2016 silver black
                    299.95                     349.95                     169.95

If you like to spend the majority of your time exploring, this gear set is for you. The Voyager is MSR’s mid-level jacket that boasts extensive waterproofing along with plenty of vents, storage, and accommodations you need for adventure riding. The Unbound pant is MSR’s top-level pant that comes in a waterproof, over-the-boot design made from premium materials for flexible performance and extended wear. Pairing this gear with the Xpedition LX helmet is almost a no-brainer. The newly designed helmet features upgrades from the standard expedition like an anti-fog shield, anti-microbial liner, and a chin-bar wind-screen to cut down on updrafts hitting your face. With this adventure focused gear combo, MSR will have you back on the nastiest of excursions.

troy lee designs 2016 motocross gear sales banner

Troy Lee Designs

A solid choice for any rider, TLD is popular for putting out quality motocross products for pros and weekend warriors alike. They’re also known for creating fantastic graphics with their team of custom artists coming up with styles different than anything else out there. Want to stand out? Take a look at TLD.

SE Caution with XC Caution Gloves and SE Flight Helmet

tld se caution jersey 2016 yellow black tld se caution pants 2016 yellow black tld xc caution gloves 2016 yellow black tld se flight helmet 2016 black yellow
65.00 175.00 30.00 495.00

Bold looks make the Caution line one of our favorite combos, but it’s got more than good looks going on. The key behind TLD’s design of their SE gear was a blend of performance and durability. So while there are plenty of ventilated panels, you’ll also find reinforced stitching, stretchable collars and cuffs, leather knee panels, 900 denier polyester fabrics, and an articulated fit so you don’t feel restricted while riding aggressively. The Caution gloves also have a load of stretchy material in addition to their double-layered Clarino palm. Round this combo off with the SE3 Flight helmet’s list of comfort and safety innovations and you’ve got a set of motocross gear we could talk about for days.

GP Flexion with GP Gloves and Air Starbreak Helmet

tld gp flexion jersey 2016 orange grey tld gp air flexion pants 2016 orange grey Troy lee 2016 orange gp motocross gloves tld gp air starbreak helmet 2016 orange black white
40.00 119.00 28.00 330.00

For motocross gear a bit more understated, TLD breaks out the Flexion GP line for a combo that puts light weight and comfort on a pedestal. You still get durability with heavy stitching and leather knee panels, but more focus is put on comfort with micro-mesh fabrics, tapered and angled cuffs, and a new articulated positioning to keep you comfy. The GP glove follows a similar path and opts for a stretchy, lightly padded design that will give you a great feel of your levers. For a matching helmet, go with the Air Starbreak to get lightweight carbon composite construction and a massive ventilation grid that meets all the right safety specs. TLD’s GP line may be lightweight, but it’s still a heavy hitter.

answer 2016 motocross gear sales banner


Pumping out serious motocross gear since 1978, ANSR has constantly been making moves to put out gear that pushes the boundaries. Known for a near perfect balance of price, quality and looks, ANSR brings pro-level equipment to the masses in graphics and color schemes that are bold and clean. Want awesome gear? Here’s your ANSR.

Syncron Set with SNX2 Helmet

syncron jersey 2016 aqua black yellow answer syncron pant 2016 aqua yellow black syncron glove 2016 aqua yellow black answer answer SNX2 helmet 2016 aqua yellow black
23.99 68.99 17.99 107.99

The Syncron gear combo gives you tough material, great construction, and a miniscule weight all for a sweet price. That’s why we love it. Pants, jerseys, and gloves all come in materials with impressive wear resistance. But what’s more impressive is the price they come in at. The Syncron line lets any level of rider save money without sacrificing quality or comfort. Top this combo off with an SNX2 lid and you’ll get even more protection thanks to features normally found in more expensive helmets. Put it all together and you’re ready to throw some dirt.

Elite Set with Evolve 3 Helmet

answer elite jersey orange blue white 2016 answer elite pants 2016 orange cyan white answer elite glove 2016 orange blue cyan answer evolve 3 helmet 2016 orange blue white
41.99 116.99 29.99 152.99

Climb up ANSR’s ladder and you’ll get to their Elite motocross line, dedicated to supplying high-end features while skipping the high-end price. With the Elite combo you’ll find genuine leather, adjustability, and plenty of reinforcement stitched into performance fabrics designed to wick away moisture. But you’ll also get comfortable cuffs and collars, plenty of stretch panels, and a knee area that has been pre-shaped to allow for all types of knee braces. For a helmet, we like the Evolve 3 with its high-end features like the EPS impact liner and SilverCool material that’s both anti-microbial and moisture wicking. ANSR has really stepped up to the plate for 2016 to deliver incredible motocross gear, and it shows in this Elite gear combo.

klim 2016 motocross gear sales banner


Considered the gold standard by many, Klim is dedicated to providing some of the best motocross and adventure gear available with an all or nothing attitude towards quality and safety. For 2016, Klim keeps doing their thing, offering you some serious combos. The styling is new but you can expect the same level of quality you’ve always seen from Klim.

Mojave Set

klim mojave jersey 2016 grey red klim mojave pants grey 2016 klim mojave glove 2016 grey black
                    59.99                    169.99                     39.99

Updated styling makes the 2016 Mojave combo stand out from the previous versions. The jersey is great for those who want serious ventilation and a more aggressive design. The Mojave in-the-boot pant also manages heat incredibly well but comes with more understated visuals than the jersey. Performance is not understated, however, with a redesigned chassis and full length stretch panels providing unmatched durability. Put the final touch on the combo with the Mojave glove, and Klim has put together a set of gear that puts ventilation and durability at the top of its priority list.

Dakar Set

klim dakar jersey 2016 red orange grey klim dakar pants 2016 orange klim dakar glove 2016 orange black
                    64.99                    189.99                     45.99

With the Dakar gear set, Klim has outdone themselves and provided a setup that’s familiar to motocross riders while being rugged enough for the most seasoned trail riders. The Dakar pants and jersey sport new graphics for 2016 and look good with the revamped adventurous styling. With a great balance of ventilation and durable fabrics the jersey and pant are designed for full mobility without any loss in lifespan. The in-the-boot pant has a redesigned chassis and has a wonderful cargo system not often found with this type of pant. The Dakar glove rounds out the combo with great materials and robust knuckle protection. Klim has delivered yet again with the 2016 Dakar set, and with Klim’s construction, this gear is as tough as the race it’s named after.

Rider in full flight wearing the 2016 thor prime tach gear on a kawasaki kx

That’s it for this post, but remember, there’s plenty of other gear new for 2016. This is just a taste. If you didn’t see a line, colorway, or product you expected to see here, check out the full lineups at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

Looking for motocross boots? You won’t find them in this gear guide, but check out our full inventory of boots over at rockymountainatvmc.com

2016 looks pretty promising to us. If you’re as excited about these 2016 motocross gear combos as we are, check out what’s available and let us know what you think.

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