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The 2018 supercross season is over, and it’s been the biggest year for RMFantasySX ever. The racing was full of great battles and surprise performances, but each round of RMFantasySX was equally as exciting. Players made almost 1.2 million picks throughout the season, and we gave away over $100,000 in prizes, including two race-prepped KTM dirt bikes. Want to see how the stats ended up once the checkered flag waved for the season? Watch our video and read the stats below.

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Las Vegas Highlights

  • Anderson takes his first championship (first for Husqvarna as well)
  • Tomac wins his eigth race of the year
  • Baggett earns another podium finish
  • Bloss was named 450 supercross Rookie of the Year

Las Vegas Results

  • 1st — Tomac
  • 2nd — Musquin
  • 3rd — Baggett
  • 4th — Craig
  • 5th — Anderson
  • WC/8th — Wilson
anderson 2018 supercross
Credit: Kardy Photo

SXPerts Points (2x points round)

  • Christian — 118 (771 total)
  • Chase — 114 (638 total)

Vegas Player Stats

  • Average score: 79.75 (2x points round)
  • Four perfect scores (221 total for year)
  • 11.04% with wildcard correct (9.25% average for year)
baggett 2018 supercross
Credit: Kardy Photo

Fantasy Winners

1Rubberwatch11984Race-prepped KTM 450 SX-F
2Jmiranda38958Race-prepped KTM 250 SX-F
3JBurrgess950Vegas MEC VIP Trip
4BAYOU944Moab Red Rock Getaway
5sycocyco938Dunlop Proving Grounds Trip
6didge9933Alpinestars Shopping Spree
7DB30929Milestone Games Prize Package
8Madmaxdad928Motion Pro Tools Package
9211man926Tusk Impact Wheel Set
10MightyMike981925Oakley Shopping Spree

Top-10 Player Stats

  • There were only two perfect scores in all of the top-10’s picks for the year.
  • 1st place averaged 53.88 points per round.
  • Fantasy finished with 77,635 players versus 68,727 in 2017
Musquin 2018 supercross
Credit: Kardy Photo

Anderson vs. Musquin

Overall Finish3.653.13
Overall Start65
Overall Laps Led75116
W. Coast Finish4.132.57
W. Coast Start63.43
W. Coast Laps Led4137
E. Coast Finish3.832.33
E. Coast Start82.33
E. Coast Laps Led3479
Triple Crown Finish36.78
Triple Crown Start4.678
Triple Crown Laps Led4817
Standard Finish42.46
Standard Start6.862.92
Standard Laps Led2799

High Points

  • Most Wins
    • Tomac: 8
    • Musquin/Anderson: 4
  • Most Podiums
    • Tomac/Musquin: 12
  • Raced Every Round
    • Anderson, Peick, Brayton, Baggett, Friese, and Reed
Tomac 2018 supercross
Credit: Kardy Photo
  • Laps Led
    • Tomac: 158
    • Musquin: 116
    • Anderson: 75
  • Best Starters (per gate drop)
    • Musquin: 5
    • Tomac: 5.14
  • Best Qualifiers
    • Tomac: 2.69 average
    • Anderson: 3.53 average
Bloss 2018 supercross
Credit: Kardy Photo

Rider Highlights

  • Tomac: Won eight rounds, took eight holeshots, led 158 laps
  • Baggett: Finished 4th overall, took five podiums
  • Brayton: Took 5th overall, earned first-ever win at Daytona
  • Peick: Finished 6th overall, took four top-5s
  • Wilson: Got two top-5s, earned first 450 podium at Indy
  • Barcia: Took three podiums and six top-5s
  • Bloss: Named Rookie of the Year, took three top-10 finishes
  • Reed: Made every main, broke all-time start record
  • Enticknap: Made five mains, earned best finish of his career
barcia 2018 supercross
Credit: Kardy Photo


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