Can-Am has been making an extra push to dominate the UTV market ever since they announced their plan to release one machine every six months. In the years since the first announcement, they’ve lived up to their goals. More recently, they even invited us to come check out and ride their 2019 Maverick Sport, the latest CAN-AM UTV to be released.

With the New Year right around the corner, Can-Am had their Maverick Sport, Outlander, and Renegade 2019 machines there for us to test. Each one got a healthy dose of updates, and you can see our first impressions below so you can know what to expect in 2019.

2019 Maverick Sport

First announced in April of 2018, the Maverick Sport is now in dealerships and out on the trail. The new UTV is powered by a time-tested, reliable Rotax engine that pumps out either 75 or 100 horsepower, depending on the engine package.

The QRS (Quick Response System) equipped transmission gets the power to the ground faster and with more control. The Maverick Sport also features oversized air intakes and electronic belt protection, both of which extend belt life.

outlander maverick 2019 canam
Image courtesy of Can-Am

Ergonomics are emphasized throughout the cockpit with adjustable controls and more space in the cockpit, but the machine’s capabilities were also increased with a 1,500 pound cargo box and an industry-leading 10-gallon fuel tank.

The New Can-Am Outlander for 2019
Image courtesy of Can-Am

Finally, Fox 2.0 Podium shocks at all four corners, 27-inch tires, and 12 inches of ground clearance all work to deliver premium performance that Can-Am says makes the Maverick Sport capable around the farm and on the trail.

2019 Outlander and Renegade

Both the Outlander and Renegade received a long list of updates for 2019, and Can-Am aimed them at making both machines handle better, have more power, and be more accessible to riders. Changes to handling started from the ground up with entirely new suspension, a wider 48-inch stance, a new front sway bar, and arched a-arms up front that substantially increase ground clearance.

The suspension upgrades apply to both the Outlander and Renegade, but only the Outlander received a host of engine and power updates. For the 1000R engine option, overall power was increased to make it the highest-output engine in the ATV industry at 91 horsepower. Smaller engine options also produce excellent power, with the 800cc machine delivering 78hp, the 700cc machine having 62hp, the 500cc machine putting out 48hp, and the 400cc machine delivering 38hp.

Can-Am's Newest Machine
Image courtesy of Can-Am

The 1000R also boasts Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC), three different riding modes, and a fly-by-wire throttle system that replaces the traditional cable setup. Towing capacity was also increased to 1,650 pounds thanks to a reinforced hitch and a more powerful final drive unit.

outlander maverick 2019 canam
Image courtesy of Can-Am

When it comes to looks, the Outlander received a new grill, a redesigned and reinforced front bumper, new 14-inch wheels, and a modern 4.5-inch digital display. With the performance and aesthetic improvements combined, the Outlander and Renegade are set up to dominate the ATV world all over again.


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