A great pair of boots is crucial when it comes to foot, ankle and leg protection on your bike, but they can also be instrumental in improving your ride. Whether you’re craving comfort, shopping for style, or seeking a brand’s reputation, our 2019 motocross boot guide has you covered.

Gaerne SG-12

Price: $494.99

Gaerne has been a name in the premium boot market for years, and the SG-12 is part of the reason why. The SG-12 boasts several awesome features, including an adjustable shin plate for extra calf or knee brace room and a memory foam interior to aid in comfort and fit. Focusing on fitment, the boots are also designed with a wider toe box, making them an excellent option for riders with wider feet. With the boot overall, Gaerne has continued to innovate and update the design over the years. Most recently, they’ve done some fine-tuning to their dual-pivoting guide plate system, a function that works to improve security, comfort, and movement while riding, the backbone of the boot, the “Razorback” strut, offers support from the calf to the heel, while working with the dual glide plates on either side of the ankle to allow the boots to flex naturally while keeping the ankle situated in the right spot. A rigid, steel-reinforced toe box; an Acronos liner; and a shock absorbing, dual-compound rubber sole – in addition to all of the aforementioned safety features – make the SG12’s a consistent favorite.

Justin Brayton at Anaheim 1 SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Gaerne SG-12 Colors
Black Black/Grey Black/Hi-Viz
Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Black/Grey Shop Now: Black/Hi-Viz
Black/White Blue/Grey Green/Grey
Shop Now: Black/White Shop Now: Blue/Grey Shop Now: Green/Grey
Hi-Vis/Grey Orange/Black/White Orange Grey
Shop Now: Hi-Vis/Grey Shop Now: Orange/Black/White Shop Now: Orange Grey
Red Red/White White
Shop Now: Red Shop Now: Red/White Shop Now: White
White/Black/Neon White/Blue/Red White/Grey
Shop Now: White/Black/Neon Shop Now: White/Blue/Red Shop Now: White/Grey
Blue/Fluorescent Yellow
Shop Now: Blue/Fluorescent Yellow

Alpinestars Tech 10

Price: $599.95

The Tech 10s are Alpinestars’ top-of-the-line boot, and it’s no surprise why . For one, Alpinestars’ patented Dual Heel Compression Protector (DHCP) is a protection system that works much like EPS lining does in a helmet. The DHCP is a collapsible expanded poly-foam inside the heel that works to protect against serious impact by absorbing energy and reducing the likelihood of potential injuries. Another standout feature is the Frontal Flex Frame, which offers dual front and rear flex connectors that work to create a flexion control system to curb over-compression and hyperextension, as well as to distribute energy across the boot as a shock absorber. This dual-hinge system gives flexibility and protection to both the lateral and medial side of the boot. Even with these technologies and many other features included, the Tech 10’s have managed to stay incredibly lightweight – and consistently at the top of our list.

Jason Anderson at Anaheim 1 SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Alpinestars Tech 10 Colors
Black White/Gold/Red Gold/Black
Shop Now: Black Shop Now: White/Gold/Red Shop Now: Gold/Black

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS

Price: $595.00

Italian luxury is worth the premium price with the Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS. Handmade in Italy, Sidi followed the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” with the Crossfire 3 SRS boot. Sticking closely to the original structure of the boot, the micro adjustable cam lock buckle system, replaceable shin plate, and Technomicro base liner remain as some of the pinnacles of the Crossfire 3. In addition, Sidi updated their Sole Replacement System (SRS) in a redesigned approach with the new Dovetail Sole SRS. The toe and heel remain permanent, and the middle portion of the sole is held on with fewer fasteners for an even stronger hold. The Dovetail sole can still be replaced with just a few screws if needed. In fact, just about everything that is held on with a screw can easily be replaced on the boot. This improves the longevity of the boot as a whole, saving you the hassle of purchasing a whole new set as soon as a component wears out. In short, the Crossfire 3’s are worth the investment.

Kyle Chisholm at Houston SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Colors
Black Black/Ash Black/Ash/Flo Yellow
Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Black/Ash Shop Now: Black/Ash/Flo Yellow
Black/White Flo Yellow/Blue Red Flo/Ash
Shop Now: Black/White Shop Now: Flo Yellow/Blue Shop Now: Red Flo/Ash
White White/Black/Flo Yellow White/Blue/Flo Red
Shop Now: White Shop Now: White/Black/Flo Yellow Shop Now: White/Blue/Flo Red
Shop Now: Yellow/White

Alpinestars Tech 7

Price: $349.95

Though the Tech 7 boots come in just below the Tech 10s in the Alpinestars lineup, they can hardly be considered a downgrade. A premium boot at a less than premium price, the Tech 7s are comfortable and wearable right out of the box. The main differences in the Tech 7 from the Tech 10 include the absence of an inner bootie and of the support struts found in the Tech 10. However, the Tech 7s are constructed of a microfiber upper for flexion and abrasion resistance that is reinforced with impact resistant polyurethane panels. They also feature impact resistant honeycomb rubber inserts on the medial side that help to improve grip, a biomechanical hinge near the ankle to increase flexibility while offering CE-rated protection, an accordion flex panel in the rear, and a blade flex system that works to protect the foot from hyperextension, hyperflexion and over-rotation. These qualities make it easy to see why even some pro-level riders prefer the Tech 7.

RM Rides at the Elberta Sand Track

Alpinestars Tech 7 Colors
Black Black/Orange/White/Blue Black/Red/Yellow
Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Black/Orange/White/Blue Shop Now: Black/Red/Yellow
Black/White Black/White/Fluorescent Yellow Black/White/Red
Shop Now: Black/White Shop Now: Black/White/Fluorescent Yellow Shop Now: Black/White/Red
Cyan/Black/Red Dark Grey/Teal/White Flo Red/Cyan/Grey/Black
Shop Now: Cyan/Black/Red Shop Now: Dark Grey/Teal/White Shop Now: Flo Red/Cyan/Grey/Black
Flo Yellow/Red/Grey Grey/Red White
Shop Now: Flo Yellow/Red/Grey Shop Now: Grey/Red Shop Now: White
White/Fluorescent Yellow/Blue White/Red/Burgundy Yellow/Military/Black
Shop Now: White/Fluorescent Yellow/Blue Shop Now: White/Red/Burgundy Shop Now: Yellow/Military/Black
Yellow/White/Blue Black Black/Orange/White/Blue
Shop Now: Yellow/White/Blue Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Black/Orange/White/Blue
Black/White/Fluorescent Yellow Vented White White/Orange
Shop Now: Black/White/Fluorescent Yellow Vented Shop Now: White Shop Now: White/Orange

Fox Instinct

Price: $559.95

The Fox Instinct boots have been a solid contender in the MX boot lineup for the past several years and are back for 2019. Tested and developed by some of the best professional riders in the sport, these tried-and-true boots are perfect for the track or the trail. In the Instinct boot, Fox has developed an out -of-the-box boot that is comfortable, durable, and supportive . Featuring patent-pending hinge and buckle systems; a reinforced toe box; a Duratac rubber sole, outsole and burn guard; and a slim medial design , the Instinct boots have a lot to offer. Among the most notable features is the boot’s Dynamic Core Stabilizer, a system that utilizes a dual hinge to stabilize the ankle, offering both medial and lateral support. This system is ideal for keeping the boot flexible without allowing for hyper extension.

Matthew Bisceglia at Anaheim 1 SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Fox Instinct Colors
Black/White Grey/Black Red
Shop Now: Black/White Shop Now: Grey/Black Shop Now: Red
White/Silver Black/Black Light Grey
Shop Now: White/Silver Shop Now: Black/Black Shop Now: Light Grey
White/Red Charcoal
Shop Now: White/Red Shop Now: Charcoal

That’s a wrap for some of our favorite premium boots for the 2019 season. Which boot is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! You can even check out our entire boot inventory for a huge selection of styles, colorways, and price points by clicking on the buttons below.