A good helmet is number one when it comes to being protected on your ride. It doesn’t matter what type of riding you’re doing – accidents happen and a helmet is critical to protecting the most important part of your body. But with so many helmets out there, how do you decide which one to get? Helmet technology has changed a lot the past few years, and if you’re in the market for the newest and most innovative motocross helmet, look no further than our 2019 Premium Helmet Buyer’s Guide below to help you make your decision.

2019 Helmet Buyer's Guide

Alpinestars Supertech M10

Price: $649.95

Alpinestars has streamlined the Supertech M10, making it the low-profile and contoured helmet we’ve been waiting for. Even with this streamlined designed, Alpinestars has managed to update their safety features with a split-MIPS design, a patented visor-release system, a four-density EPS liner system, and their patented A-head fitment system. The multi-piece MIPS design helps to reduce impacts from rotational forces, while the four-density EPS liner absorbs impacts by spreading the densities throughout the helmet. The A-head fitment system enables personalized fitment, allowing for adjustments to the angle that the helmet sits on the head. These changes, paired with the improved exhaust and intake ports, collarbone clearance allowances, emergency release system (ERS), and hydration compatibilities make the Supertech M-10 a great improvement to the Alpinestars line.

Broc Tickle at Anaheim 1 SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Colors
Anthracite/Grey/Orange Black/Aqua/Orange Black/Grey/Yellow
Shop Now: Anthracite/Grey/Orange Shop Now: Black/Aqua/Orange Shop Now: Black/Grey/Yellow
Carbon/Black White/Black
Shop Now: Carbon/Black Shop Now: White/Black

Fox Racing V3 with MVRS

Price: $499.95

The V3 with the Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) is Fox’s best helmet yet. With a refreshed focus on protection, the V3 was designed to handle all possible impacts. Fox knows that crashes don’t happen straight up and down, and the combination of their MVRS and Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technologies are evidence of that knowledge. The MVRS design features three magnets under the visor that are strong enough to hold up to roost, but reactive enough to release the visor on serious impact. Additionally, MIPS technology protects the rider against multi-direction forces upon impact by creating a low-friction slip zone for an extra layer of protection. Externally, the shell is a multi-composite design made up of carbon fiber and Kevlar. But protection isn’t the only thing this helmet offers – the removable Drylex liner, 14 intake ports, four exhaust vents, and new medium shell shape are just a few of the extra benefits of the V3.

Ken Roczen at Anaheim 2 SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Fox Racing V3 with MVRS Colors
Pewter Blue/Red Grey
Shop Now: Pewter Shop Now: Blue/Red Shop Now: Grey
Navy/Yellow Blue/Silver Red/Yellow
Shop Now: Navy/Yellow Shop Now: Blue/Silver Shop Now: Red/Yellow
White/Red/Blue Matte Black Blue
Shop Now: White/Red/Blue Shop Now: Matte Black Shop Now: Blue
Charcoal Light Grey Grey
Shop Now: Charcoal Shop Now: Light Grey

Shop Now: Grey
Multi Dark Red Dark Yellow
Shop Now: Multi Shop Now: Dark Red Shop Now: Dark Yellow
Navy/Red Teal
Shop Now: Navy/Red Shop Now: Teal

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex

Price: $649.95

There are three factors to consider when it comes to buying a helmet: safety, comfort, and fit. Not surprisingly, the Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex helmet is the perfect blend of all three. Straightforward and sleek, this helmet has no gimmicks. The primary appeal of the Moto-9 is in its progressive, three-layer impact liner system compromised of multiple material densities. Having three liners improves the ventilation and fit and works well to give the helmet a firm fit without compromising shell shape. Aside from personalized fit and comfort, the liners also work to protect the rider on impact by managing and mitigating rotational forces and different levels of impact. Additional features include a magnetic clip chin strap; a fully-adjustable visor; the Magnefusion™ Emergency Removal cheek pad system (MERS); a ready-made helmet eject system; stainless steel mesh intake/exhaust ports; and a DOT, ECE, and Snell certified carbon fiber shell.

Eli Tomac at Indy SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Colors
Hound Black/Bronze Hound Cyan/Red Hound Orange/Charcoal
Shop Now: Hound Black/Bronze Shop Now: Hound Cyan/Red Shop Now: Hound Orange/Charcoal
Hound Red/White/Black Solid White Syndrome Matte Black
Shop Now: Hound Red/White/Black Shop Now: Solid White Shop Now: Syndrome Matte Black
Rogue Black/Chrome Strapped Yellow/Red Aqua
Shop Now: Rogue Black/Chrome Shop Now: Strapped Yellow/Red Shop Now: Aqua
Black Matte/Gloss Black/White/Red Black/Green
Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Matte/Gloss Black/White/Red Shop Now: Black/Green


Price: $539.00

As no changes have been made to the classic Shoei helmet since 2010, the updates to the VFX-EVO are a big deal – especially because of the Motion Energy Distribution System (MEDS) technology. MEDS technology is meant to reduce rotational or angular impacts by 15% by the addition of an insert inside the top of the helmet that absorbs energy during impact. The insert is anchored by four columns just inside the top of the helmet, enabling some movement during rotational impacts to lessen the force on the head. The VFX-EVO also boasts a changed EPS liner, a firmer visor, extra ventilation, and a DOT and Snell certified shell, making it an optimal helmet for fit, comfort, and safety.

Justin Brayton at Atlanta SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Shoei VFX-EVO Colors
Black Matte Black White
Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Matte Black Shop Now: White
Matte Blue Matte Red/Blue/Orange Red
Shop Now: Matte Blue Shop Now: Matte Red/Blue/Orange Shop Now: Red
Blue Orange Red
Shop Now: Blue Shop Now: Orange Shop Now: Red
Silver/Black Red Silver/Black
Shop Now: Silver/Black Shop Now: Red Shoei Helmet Shop Now: Silver/Black Shoei Helmet
White/Black Blue Red
Shop Now: White/Black

Shop Now: Blue Shop Now: Red
Shop Now: Yellow

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Helmet

Price: $650.00

Safety doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of comfort, and Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon helmet is living proof. This DOT approved, Snell certified offering comes in at three pounds in the large, no small feat for a helmet with those qualifications. Other safety features include a carbon fiber/Kevlar constructed shell with a MIPS liner inside. Along with the MIPS, the SE4 also features a triple density EPS liner system, located in different areas of the head to offer more advanced protection on impact. In fact, Troy Lee Designs asserts that they have 13% more EPS around the forehead and 8% more EPS around the back of the head than other leading helmet manufactures. Despite that extra padding, the SE4 remains lightweight and breathable, in no small part due to the twenty intake ports and 6 exhaust outlets. These features, when coupled with the luxuries of an EPP chin bar, moisture wicking interior, and titanium fasteners, make the SE4 a consistent contender and reliable option for your next helmet.

Cole Seely at San Deigo SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Troy Lee Desgins SE4 Carbon Colors
Orange Black Black/Red
Shop Now: Orange Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Black/Red
Navy Matte Black Blue
Shop Now: Navy Shop Now: Matte Black Shop Now: Blue
Black Orange Blue
Shop Now: Black

Shop Now: Orange Shop Now: Blue
Navy Black/Red Navy/Orange
Shop Now: Navy Shop Now: Black/Red Shop Now: Navy/Orange

6D ATR-2

Price: $695.00

The ATR-2 has a new, stylish look over its predecessor, the ATR-1. With a lightweight tri-composite shell, nine intake vents, six exhaust ports, and clavicular cutouts, the exterior has been greatly enhanced. Within the interior, however, lies the biggest change – Omni-Directional Suspension ™ (ODS) technology. This system is comprised of two liners. The outer liner contacting the shell is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), made to absorb impact energy while retaining shape. The inner EPS liner is made of expanded polystyrene, a lower-density padding that works to be soft, comfortable and lightweight, while still offering optimal absorption. These go with the ODS technology – 11 isolation dampers that move in six degrees of motion to add up to 30% mobility of the liners, in conjunction with low-friction discs that help disperse rotational energy. To top it all off, the helmet also features shock absorbing sternum padding under the mouth guard to help protect the rider’s body from further harm in the event of a crash.

Phil Nicoletti at Anaheim 2 SX 2018
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

6D ATR-2 Colors
Matte Grey Matte Neon Yellow Matte Red
Shop Now: Matte Grey Shop Now: Matte Neon Yellow Shop Now: Matte Red
Black Copper Neon Blue
Shop Now: Black Shop Now: Copper Shop Now: Neon Blue
White Matte Black Matte White
Shop Now: White Shop Now: Matte Black Shop Now: Matte White
Matte Grey/Black Matte Orange/Blue Matte Teal
Shop Now: Matte Grey/Black Shop Now: Matte Orange/Blue Shop Now: Matte Teal
Matte White/Black White Blue/White
Shop Now: Matte White/Black Shop Now: White Shop Now: Blue/White
Red Yellow/Blue
Shop Now: Red Shop Now: Yellow/Blue

Notice a pattern here? Manufacturers are designing helmets to be safer and better equipped for every crash scenario. These are some of our favorites, but see what else we have to offer in our full selection of motocross helmets by using the buttons below.