Second to a helmet, boots are the most important piece of gear you can have while riding. When it comes to adventure riding, those boots need to withstand not only tough riding, but tough riding conditions. For some of the most durable, protective, and high-performing ADV boots, keep reading our 2020 adventure boot buyers’ guide.

Note: The first three boots on this list are entry-level options while the last two are premium offerings.

Falco Avantour Evo

Price: $249.95

Coming in at an entry-level price with a handful of premium features, you can’t go wrong with the Avantour Evo boots from Falco. For starters, the boots are comfortable right out of the box, fitting true to size with great flex. Their full grain leather construction makes them durable on the outside and comfortable on the inside, and the low-profile toe box offers a lot of performance shifting and braking. A two-buckle design and Velcor closure on the top add to the boots comfort and ease of use. And, a switch for Falco, the Avantour Evo boots now have a bonded sole, giving the boot a more snug and secure fit than ever before.

Building on those benefits of the Avantour Evo are two standout features – the Eso-Motion 2 hinge and High-Tex membrane. The articulating hinge system is unique, giving unmatched comfort, movement, support, and flex for every foot type. Inside the boot, the High-Tex membrane offers precious water proofing for any adventure through puddle, streams, rivers, or more.

Forma Adventure

Price: $279.00

One of our top-selling adventure boots, the Forma Adventures are another example of entry-level boots retaining premium features. For anyone just getting started or only interested in light adventure riding, these Forma’s would be a great option. All of the features you look for in a standard boot – wide calf opening, full grain waterproof leather construction, and a waterproof inner liner – are present, plus a few extra.

A unique selling point of the Forma Adventure boots are the soles aggressive lug design. The deep lugs cater to riders who like to spend time off the bike exploring, working as a functional hiking boot. No on-road features are lost with these lugs, either– the boots still perform well on-road with some nice dual sport features. It is worth mentioning, however, that these boots are not recommended for use with kick-start bikes or bikes with aggressive motocross style foot pegs. For effectiveness on those bikes and all these same awesome features, check out the Forma Terra Evo boots.

Alpinestars Corozal

Price: $289.95

In a lot of ways, the Alpinestars Corozal boot is the same as the Forma Adventure boot. The two stack up in most of their features with just a few differences.

First, the Corozal boots are comprised of a multi-material blend – PU-coated leather, microfiber, and suede leather for comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance. That blend is then integrated with a Drystar membrane for all-weather performance, keeping feet dry and comfortable in all conditions. The boots also have a unique buckle closure system. With durable TPU and glass fiber reinforced nylon compound construction, along with a micro-ratchet memory system with quick release and locking for quick, safe, and precise closure, the buckles offer high performance while still remaining lightweight.

A flexible sole thread and Alpinestar’s exclusive vulcanized rubber compound, along with Eva foam and Lycra in the footbed round out the features of the Corozal. The boot can be purchased in either an oiled leather version or a PU-coated leather option.

Sidi Adventure II with GORE-TEX

Price: $449.99

At the upper-end of price and quality comes the Adventure II boot from Sidi. Right out of the box, several premium features are immediately evident. First, the boot’s construction. Rather than using full grain leather, Sidi incorporated a microfiber material. Though strikingly similar to genuine leather, the microfiber material is not affected by aging, is much more lightweight, is tear and abrasion resistant, and is breathable while remaining water repellant. The characteristics of this microfiber is no doubt what helps the boots fit right out of the box with almost no break-in time.

Another key feature of Sidi’s premium offering is its GORE-TEX liner. All the way up to the top of the boot, the waterproof liner keeps the boot prepared for all-weather, hardcore riding. Pair that with a durable lug and stitched sole and a reliable two-buckle design, and the Adventure II is worth every penny.

Alpinestars Toucan with GORE-TEX

Price: $499.95

Continuing Alpinestar’s legacy of performance and luxury is the Toucan boot with GORE-TEX. For their premium boot, Alpinestars opted for a blend of full grain leather and suede construction rather than microfiber, but worked in a lot of TPU over the toe box and on the medial side to reinforce and structure the boot. The TPU adds extra rigidity and protection from impacts, twisting, and bending.

More notably, however, is the venting worked through the boot. A lateral side vent adds uncommon airflow through the boot while still maintaining a 100% waterproof GORE-TEX membrane. The lateral side also has a sticky rubber compound on the surface to help the rider grip the bike, and the boot’s stitched sole offers durability, security, and comfort.

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