Whether it’s sunshine and palm trees or clouds and snowy passes, we have the right pair of gloves for your ride. Follow along as we break down our top picks for both warm weather and cold weather adventure motorcycle gloves.

2020 ADV Gloves Buyer's Guide 1

Warm Weather Adventure Gloves

2019 was not a high-profile year for warm weather gloves with no significant new releases. That’s why this guide might look a little familiar – we’re sticking to our guns and carrying over the same five gloves from our 2019 guide to our 2020. They were the best then and evidently still the best now, so use this current guide and last year’s guide to steer you in the right direction.

A.R.C. Battle Born Air Gloves w/D3O

Price: $29.99

Sitting at what’s possibly the best value of any warm weather gloves on the market are the A.R.C. Battle Born Air Gloves. We know firsthand how capable and versatile these gloves are because we designed, developed, and tested them right here at RMATVMC. Even then, you just can’t beat $30.

The Battle Born Air gloves were intuitively crafted with full goatskin leather, mesh material on the back of the hand, Lycra around the fingers, a nylon stretch panel below the wrist, and D3O armor over the knuckles. The carefully selected materials give the gloves good feel on the controls and steady airflow through the fingers while still blocking enough of the wind when the temperatures get lower. In fact, the Air gloves can work well in colder weather when paired with some heated grips (we know, we’ve tried it).

Aside from its construction, the Air gloves have a few cool features like a touch screen compatible index finger, Velcro wrist closure, and polyester inner liner for a soft, comfortable feel.

2020 ADV Gloves Buyer's Guide 2

Moose Racing ADV1 Air Gloves

Price: $49.95

Moving down the list, Moose Racing’s ADV1 Air gloves are another budget-friendly option for warm weather riding. Mesh construction down the fingers of the glove offers cooling airflow, while the same D3O armor over the knuckles provides reliable protection. There’s even padding over the first three digits of each glove to add some extra comfort and security.

The gloves are not constructed with full leather, though. A material called Clarino is worked through the palm and heel of the hand all the way around the pinky and the thumb. A man-made alternative to leather, Clarino has been tested to withstand the rigors and high involvement of ADV riding and has been proven as both effective and durable.

While the Moose Racing gloves are similar in price and construction to their Battle Born counterparts, there are two notable differences. First, the ADV1 Air’s cuff comes up farther on the arm, and second, the gloves come with a strap to tighten them around the wrist. This allows the gloves to be tucked into a jacket and offers a more personalized, tighter fit.

Klim Dakar Pro Gloves

Price: $69.99

The Dakar Pro gloves are exactly what you’d expect from Klim: high-quality, long-lasting, and high-performing.

Full goatskin leather spans the palm of the glove, continuing over the back of the hand. Poron XRD padding is incorporated over the knuckles, as palm padding, and on all four digits to give the gloves extra breathability and security – XRD tech is open-cell and self-contouring to instantly dissipate forces on impact. That XRD tech, paired with perforation in the goatskin leather, allow for enough airflow that the Dakar Pro gloves aren’t made with any mesh. That being the case, the Dakar Pros aren’t especially waterproof, but they will block more wind than any other glove on this guide.

Other notable features of the entry-level Klims include a squeegee on the left index finger, touch screen compatible index fingers and thumbs, and 3M Scotchlite reflective material throughout the gloves.

2020 ADV Gloves Buyer's Guide 3

REV’IT Sand 3 Gloves

Price: $109.99

The distinguishing factor between the REV’IT Sand 3 gloves and the other gloves on this list is protection. Like some of the other gloves, the Sand 3s features a goatskin construction, but unlike the other gloves, they also feature thermoplastic rubber (TPR). TPR offers the elasticity of rubber without sacrificing flexibility and a full range of motion. So, worked through the knuckles, fingers, and thumbs, the TPR offers unprecedented protection and uninhibited motion.

Even with the extensive protection, the Sand 3 gloves are surprisingly breathable – REV’IT took extra care to mix their top-quality materials with ideal ventilation points. That, along with an adjustability tab at the cuff, elastic around the wrist, and touch screen compatible index fingers and thumb make the Sand 3s a well-rounded option for any warm weather rider.

Klim Badlands Aero Pro Short Gloves

Price: $149.99

Klim’s reputation of performance and durability is carried on through their Badlands Aero Pro Short gloves. The brand’s premium offering, the Badlands Aero Pro gloves excel at protection and venting.

A contributing factor to the glove’s protectiveness is its construction – Klim used a variety of fabrics and armors to craft a lasting and reliable piece of gear. Goatskin rodeo leather – a premium, soft leather – is coated with triple DWR (durable waterproof resistance). Multi-density carbon fiber plates are worked over the knuckles, topped with a ceramic coating and TPR for extra protection. As if that wasn’t enough, XRD padding is also incorporated in the palm of the glove. You’d think that all this protection would make the gloves thick and unfeeling, but you’d be wrong – we’ve ridden in the Badlands Aero Pros and can attest to their exceptional feel in the hands.

The other focus of Klim’s premium glove was venting, and that shows with the Badland’s big bore construction and perforated leather. Air flows through the gloves uninhibited, but don’t worry – it doesn’t weaken the leather. The premium construction of the Badlands Aero Pros gives them incredible durability.

The Badlands Aero Pro gloves meet the demands of the intercontinental adventurer without breaking the bank – the perfect addition to any ADV ride.

2020 ADV Gloves Buyer's Guide 4

Cold Weather Adventure Gloves

Cold weather shouldn’t keep you from your next adventure, and it won’t be able to if you’re equipped with a pair of these six cold weather ADV gloves. Each glove was designed with cold weather characteristics and riding in mind, so they’re guaranteed to meet your basic needs in those low temperatures.

A.R.C. Battle Born Wind Block Gloves

Price: $34.99

A.R.C.’s Battle Born Wind Block gloves have been on so many of our adventure rides here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Much like their warm weather gloves, A.R.C.’s cold weather gloves were made and tested by our in-house team of riders – a big reason why the Wind Blocks are high-performing and unbelievably affordable.

Though the gloves don’t have any insulation or waterproofing, their goatskin leather construction helps them live up to their name and block the wind. For the really cold temperatures, the gloves pair well with handguards and heated grips. And for the amount of wind blocking the gloves offer, they’re surprisingly lightweight, especially when considering the glove’s extra safety measure: D3O knuckle armor. An energy absorbing material, D3O helps protect the hand and absorb some of the impact in the event of a crash.

A touch screen compatible forefinger, accordion leather stretch panels on the fingers, and a Velcro wrist enclosure add some extra function and convenience to the entry-level gloves.

2020 ADV Gloves Buyer's Guide 5

Klim Adventure GTX Short Gloves

Price: $179.99

It’s the most protection with the highest quality construction – Klim’s Adventure GTX Short gloves are the premium offering for cold weather riding gloves. At $180, they should be.

Like the Alpinestars gloves, the Klims come with a GORE-TEX waterproof liner – a mark of an exceptional glove. That liner is even bonded to the exterior of the glove – waterproof goatskin leather – with Gore-Grip technology to keep the liner from sliding between the hand and the shell. Bonding the liner to the glove is as convenient as it is safe – no one likes the feel of a loose liner, especially when trying to get a good grip on the controls. Though the gloves will need some time to break in right out of the box, their comfort and feel will be unmatched by the time they do.

Klim has protection handled with their Poron XRD carbon fiber protection over the knuckles. Cermaic coated with a palm slider and padding, the Poron offers an incredibly high level of protection, even out of all of the gloves in this lineup.

There’s just one thing: the glove has no insulation. It doesn’t necessarily need it considering the GORE-TEX liner is windbreaking and the goatskin leather is waterproof, but it’s a factor worth considering in a premium-priced glove.

2020 ADV Gloves Buyer's Guide 6

Fly Racing Aurora II Gloves

Price: $64.95

Day to night, coast to coast, Fly Racing’s Aurora II gloves are a reliable option for warmth, performance, and protection at a budget-friendly price.

Fly Racing’s Aurora II gloves are the most comparable to the A.R.C. Battle Born gloves, though they are a step up in warmth. That is, in part, attributed to the glove’s construction. Full leather in the palm, additional leather reinforcement in the high-wear areas, and knuckle protection fill out the full gauntlet glove. The other part is the glove’s interior: a waterproof membrane and added insulation. The 115g Thinsulate around the glove and 20g Thinsulate in the palm keep your hands nice and toasty without sacrificing feel of the controls.

Insulation and waterproofing are the biggest differences between the Aurora IIs and the Battle Borns, along with the Aurora’s full gauntlet design and neoprene cuff that can cinch the glove down underneath an adventure jacket.

Klim Inversion Insulated Gloves

Price: $59.99

Klim’s Inversion Insulated gloves are the perfect compromise for riders looking for a lightweight glove with a little insulation.

The Inversion gloves get their insulation from the Thinsulate membrane – an effective and lightweight liner within the glove. 60 g of that Thinsulate offers significant warmth without making the Inversions feel like snow gloves. The insulation, in combination with the GORE Windstopper – shell technology that promises 100% windstopping – keeps the glove applicable and accommodating through a wide range of temperatures and riding needs.

To keep the gloves lightweight, Klim decided against a full waterproof liner for the Inversion gloves, deciding instead to rely on the effective, water-resistant Thinsulate. They also forewent a leather construction, opting for a grippy silicone in the palm. These choices play out well in the glove, making it a dependable choice for riders that need something that can do a little bit of everything.

2020 ADV Gloves Buyer's Guide 7

Klim Klimate Gauntlet Gloves

Price: $89.99

Quite possibly the warmest gloves on their own, the Klim Klimate Gauntlet gloves are a great transitional glove for cold weather riding to snow biking, snow mobiling, and more.

The contributing factor of that warmth is the level of insulation – 200 g Thinsulate to be exact. It’s a large step up from the Inversion’s 60 g insulation, not to mention the Klimate’s additional GORE-TEX waterproof liner. With that guaranteed dryness and thick insulation, the Klimates are a continually reliable option for those low temperatures.

Aside from the warmth and waterproofing, Klim’s gauntlet gloves have a few other exciting features. One is a cinch cord closure that allows for a tight seal around the arm. Pulling the shock cord is easy, but releasing it with Klim’s user-friendly eject tab is even easier. Other features include a goggle squeegee on the pinky, a moisture wicking liner, and reflective material incorporated around the glove.

Alpinestars Winter Surfer GORE-TEX Gloves

Price: $149.95

The Winter Surfer GORE-TEX gloves may be pricier, but the extra dollars are well worth the extra technicality and durability. The gloves do come with GORE-TEX, after all.

The GORE-TEX is one of the glove’s key features; guaranteed to keep you dry, guaranteed for life, GORE-TEX is the gold standard in waterproofing and breathability. It also pairs well with the gloves’ PrimaLoft: an ultralight thermal insulation liner with an exceptional weight-to-warmth ratio. These two liners keep the interior warm and weatherproof without making the gloves bulky or totally unfeeling.

The thoughtful precision that went into the gloves’ interior is just as evident in their exterior. Hard polymer knuckle protection lines the back of the hands while aramidic fiber reinforcement winds its way through the palm and around the pinky – no doubt contributing factors to the gloves’ CE certification. Ergonomic stretch inserts along with touch screen compatible fingertips add some extra convenience, rounding out the feature-rich Alpinestars Winter Surfer gloves.

Firstgear Warm and Safe Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Price: $149.95

These gloves are a little different than the other ones in our lineup because they’re heated. Firstgear did a good job with their Warm and Safe gloves – there’s nothing out there quite like them, and you just can’t ride through extreme cold temperatures without a heated glove.

The gloves work with a heat troller. Plugged into your bike, the troller gives 15 watts of heat to each glove. Enclosed by a layer of insulation and a high-quality leather exterior, the interior of the gloves stays completely warm and comfortable even on the coldest days of riding. That said, the Warm and Safe gloves do not offer much in the way of protection. It’s just the leather construction and a squeegee on the thumb – no knuckle armor, reinforced palms, etc. What you’re getting in heat and comfort, you are losing a little in safety and security. If you’re riding in the really cold temperatures, though, the heated glove is well worth it.

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