Knee braces are an important, albeit often neglected, piece of protective gear. They’re an investment, too, so make sure you get the pair that’s right for you by checking out our 2020 motocross knee brace buyer’s guide.

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Note: Several of the motocross knee braces on this list have the ability to be certified as a medical device. That means that, in a lot of cases, insurance companies can help cover or completely offset the costs of a set of knee braces. If that’s something that interests you, talk to your doctor and insurance company to see what they’re willing to cover, but remember that just because a knee brace can be certified as a medical device does not guarantee that your specific insurance will cover it.

Leatt X-Frame

Price: $469.99

Though the X-Frame isn’t the premium offering from Leatt (that’s the C-Frame), we’ve found ourselves coming back to this brace time and time again. Maybe it’s the low price tag, maybe it’s the impressive features – either way, there are a few reasons why the X-Frame is on this list, and even why we prefer it over the C-Frame.

One such reason is the X-Frame’s construction: a carbon composite frame that is simultaneously lightweight, strong, and rigid. That’s what helps the brace get its CE certification for impact, as well as its ability to be certified as a medical device. Another standout feature of the brace is its asymmetrical hinge. Because the human knee isn’t the same on both sides, Leatt reasons that the hinge on your brace shouldn’t be either. The asymmetrical design of the hinge helps it mimic and stay with the shape of the knee, giving great coverage and fit. Add those features to comfortable straps, a slim fit, and high-quality construction, and the brace is a winner whether you’re on a budget or not.

Marvin Musquin 2019
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Mobius X8

Price: $599.95

The standout feature that sets the Mobius X8 apart from other knee braces is Mobius’s Continuous Cable Routing System (CCRS). The CCRS is a closure system to hold the brace in place comfortably and securely. Simply turning the dial in the front cinches the brace tight against your knee. This adds extra support with reliable tension and pressure on the front and rear of the knee, whether the knee is extended or bent. This unique feature is invaluable when it comes to fit, support, and protection, helping the brace to stay consistently in place without migrating.

In addition to the innovative CCRS, the X8 also boasts adjustable extension stops, and a slim, comfortable fit.

Christian Craig 2020
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Pod MX K8 2.0

Price: $799.95

The K8 2.0 is one of the most feature-rich knee braces on this list with a few stand-out characteristics, too. First, the knee cup design in the brace is overlapping, giving full coverage in every direction. Second, the brace is designed to be a multi-sport brace, meaning the impact protection piece can be removed from the kneecap so that the brace can be worn by itself. The brace also has adaptive cuffs to conform to various leg shapes and accommodate to muscle motion.

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the brace, however, is Pod’s proprietary Human Motion Hinge. Rather than having a mechanical hinge, Pod integrated the patented synthetic ligament that mimics that natural motion of the rider’s knee. And perhaps even better yet, the hinge, a wear item, can be replaced at home with just a few simple parts, making the brace that much more long-lasting.

Blake Baggett 2020
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Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0

Price: $759.98

Out of all the knee braces on the list, the Ultra Cell 2.0 from Asterisk offers the most customized fit. The fit can be credited to the brace’s Adjustable Retention Control (A.R.C.) cuff system. Two large cuffs – one at the top and one at the bottom – on the brace can be tightened with a screwdriver. This allows the cuffs to wrap around your leg at a custom tightness, staying in that position until you decide to adjust the braces again.

Along with personalized fitment, the braces feature what Asterisk refers to as the Asymmetri-Glide Hinge, a system that tracks the natural motion of the knee joint to decrease discomfort and the risk of injury. Another important safety feature is the Anti-Rotation Tether. It takes a little work, but it’s well worth it – using a rivet to attach the brace to your boot, you can link the two together. Most knee injuries occur from a twisting motion, but with the tether, you can keep your foot and knee moving in the same direction, preventing serious damage in the event of a crash.

Alpinestars Bionic 10

Price: $799.95

New for 2019 is Alpinestar’s Bionic 10 knee brace. The brace comes stacked with not only all of the necessary features – a strong, rigid chassis, a tight, comfortable fit, and durable, protective knee cups – but a few extra components as well.

As an all-new brace, the Bionic 10 is fresh and up to date with the best of Alpinestar’s technology, starting with a dual pivoting hinge design. This helps move the knee in a more natural way, lowering the risk of injury or discomfort. A double-wall kneecap construction helps with that, too, offering full coverage in any position while still remaining flexible and comfortable. All of that is packed into an extremely sleek, slim, and lightweight body, making the Bionic 10 one of the most low-profile knee braces on the market.

Eli Tomac 2020
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