A good roost deflector offers protection without sacrificing comfort or fit. Sometimes that can be a tricky balance to find, making it difficult to find a good roost deflector. So if you’re looking for a new roost deflector, whether it be full-coverage or low-profile, check out the tried-and-true gear we recommend for 2020.

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Full Coverage Roost Deflectors

Full coverage roost deflectors are designed for over-the-jersey protection, though most are minimalistic enough to still be worn under a jersey without looking too bulky.

Fly Racing Revel Off Road CE Roost Guard

Price: $144.95

As an entry-level full-coverage roost deflector, the Revel Roost Guard from Fly Racing is budget-friendly and high-quality, but lacks some of the customization and features of some of the more premium offerings. A noticeable nitpick right off the bat is the guard’s sizing – with only an “Adult” option available, the guard does not offer the most comfortable or personalized fit. Aside from that, the Revel is a great value and bang for your buck, providing a handful of premium-level features.

For one, the Revel Off Road Roost Guard is CE certified in the front for stone coverage and in the back for impact. Add in shoulder protection and removable arm protectors, and the guard is a reliable line of defense. Several vents are cut into the front, and in the back, a removable insert and foam piece make the guard neck brace compatible. And, if you want to keep the brace sitting close to your chest, you can remove an insert from the front of the guard as well.

One of the most unique facets of the Revel, though, is a proactive measure Fly Racing took with their BioFoam chassis attachment system. The revolutionary tech eliminates all injury-causing plastic rivets from the guard, instead using soft plastics and TPR rubbers that won’t cause more injury in the event of a crash.

Alpinestars Bionic Roost Deflector

Price: $169.95

The Bionic Roost Deflector was an all-new offering for 2019. Backed by Alpinestar’s reputation of quality, durability, and unmatched safety, it became an instant contender in a stacked field.

Right off the bat, the Bionic is notably lightweight with generous perforation. But thanks to Alpinestar’s revolutionary Grid Technology Cell System, the chest and back are still Level 1 CE rated. The manufacturer’s tech allows for increased flexibility, ventilation, and protection, all at a reduced weight. That same protection is carried through the shoulders with thermoformed soft padding wrapping around the rib cage and kidneys. Throw in some adjustable kidney and shoulder straps, a soft puller for Bionic Neck Support (BNS) compatibility, and removable shoulder pads, and the deflector is as protective as it is convenient, comfortable, and effective.

Troy Lee BG 5955 Roost Deflector

Price: $199.95

Troy Lee’s BG 5955 Roost Deflector is straight-forward and no-frills, offering the protection and comfort you’d expect at a budget-friendly price point.

Protection comes from the deflector’s hard plastic exterior with plates on the chest, back, ribs, shoulder, and upper arms. Shock doctor foam underneath the plastic keeps the 5955 comfortable and, coupled with the hinged sides and hinged chest plate, fitting to the contour of the body. The arm protectors, upper chest plate, and entire back plate can be removed for modularity. This keeps the 5955 compatible and comfortable with most popular neck braces, and incredibly low profile for the level of protection it provides.

Fox Racing Raptor Vest CE Roost Deflector

Price: $209.95

If you’re looking for the ultimate in coverage and comfort, the Raptor Vest CE Roost Deflector is it. To put things into perspective, our video guy’s first words after putting on this vest were “I feel safe.” Few deflectors can accomplish that after just a try-on.

A contributing factor to that feeling of safety is the strength of the back and chest plates – rated CE Level 2 for impact. The full-body plastics extend to the lower back, over the sides, over the shoulders and upper arms, and completely cover the chest. Compared to other deflectors, the Fox’s Raptor Vest really is unmatched when it comes to coverage. 1” thick foam around the deflector keep it comfortable and close fitting, too, rounding out the top-of-the-line features on this top-of-the-line roost deflector.

The small cost of that comfort and safety is weight. The Raptor Vest is a little heavier than the other roost deflectors on this list, but the difference is only noticeable when you first put on the deflector, not while you’re riding. Another small sacrifice is when it comes to neck brace fitment – since the chest plates are not removable, only adjustable, it’s harder to get a neck brace fitting as comfortably as it would on other deflectors. All things considered, though, these are small prices to pay for that instantaneous feeling of safety.

Leatt 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector

Price: $229.99

Short of a full protection jacket, not much offers as much coverage and protection as Leatt’s 5.5 Pro HD Roost Deflector.

Much like the Fox Racing Raptor Vest, the Leatt 5.5 Pro HD is rated CE Level 2 in both the back and chest. Hard plastic with a comfy layer of foam works its way around the sides and over the shoulders and arms for maximum coverage. Unlike the Raptor Vest, the 5.5 Pro HD, that shoulder and upper arm protection is CE rated as well – Level 1 for impact. The pads, along with a foam insert on the chest plate, are also removable, making the deflector more neck brace compatible. With the 5.5 Pro HD deflector, most neck braces, especially Leatts, fit impeccably, sitting as close to the rider’s body as possible.

This deflector isn’t just all protection and coverage, though. Leatt also took the time to make the brace comfortable and convenient. 47 ventilation slots offer maximum cooling while perforated 3DF foam helps facilitate air flow and adjustable over-the-shoulder straps ensure great fit. Overall, the 5.5 Pro HD is a premium offering and a champion in protection, versatility, and comfort.

Low Profile Roost Deflectors

Designed to be minimalistic and lightweight, these roost deflectors can be comfortably worn underneath a jersey without being noticeably bulky or constrictive.

MSR Blockade Roost Deflector

Price: $69.99

If it’s comfortable, lightweight, and protective all at an affordable price point, then it’s likely the MSR Blockade roost deflector. As an entry-level accessory, though, the Blockade is no-frills – what you see is what you get. The hard plastic shell checks all of the boxes you’d expect – CE rated for roost protection, lightweight, flexible, comfortable – while still providing adequete ventilation and a wide range of motion. And as far as neck braces go, MSR’s Blockade is compatible. A brace can be worn over or under the deflector depending on the fit you prefer.

There isn’t much more to the Blockade other than that, but that’s understandable – $69.99 for all of those features is already a bang for your buck as it is.

EVS Revo 4 Under Jersey Roost Deflector

Price: $74.66

About $5 up from the MSR Blockade is the EVS Revo 4. In one word, the Revo 4 is minimalistic – it gets the job done with little embellishment. That’s where it’s a lot like to Blockade – both deflectors include a CE rated hard plastic shell with adequate venting, and both shells are neck brace compatible.

That’s where the similarities between the two end, though. For those extra few dollars, you’re getting noticeable upgrades for the Revo 4 in fitment and protection. Designed with no back plate and large adjustable straps, the EVS option is easily more low-profile under the jersey than the MSR and offers a more personalized fit. The chest of the brace has extra reinforcement, too, with a molded cross-link bio-foam interior serving as a shock absorbing barrier.

Alpinestars A1 Roost Guard

Price: $119.95

Alpinestar’s A1 roost guard is a big step up in price, but that’s to be expected when pros like Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, and Justin Barcia are all wearing it. Building on the features of the other deflectors, the A1 includes a few other notable attributes.

For starters, the A1 allows for a more customized fit than most. With adjustable waist and shoulder straps, the guard conforms to the curvature of your body – a trait more unique and beneficial than you may think. On top of that, a removable back piece makes the Alpinestars modular – keep it on for extra protection or remove it to optimize neck brace fitment. The tabs in the shoulder pads help with neck brace fitment, specifically the BNS, as well, keeping the brace in place without the use of a chest strap.

Fox Racing Raceframe Impact SB CE Roost Deflector

Price: $159.95

As part of his massive gear development project with Fox Racing, Ken Roczen contributed to three roost deflectors, the Fox Racing Raceframes. Out of those three, we’ve found that the Impact SB (soft back) edges out the other two – here’s why.

The main distinction between the SB and other Raceframes is Fox’s proprietary F3 Armor. When impact is introduced, the armor firms up to dissipate the energy from impact. In the SB version, the armor becomes malleable and flexible with body heat, allowing it to conform to the curvature of the back. This tech gives the Impact SB an impressively close fit, especially when compared to its all-hard-plastic competitors.

Along with the F3 armor, Fox Racing’s SB Impact Raceframe includes a CE rated chest plate with impact foam, a hard plastic exterior, efficient ventilation, adjustable waist and shoulder straps, and compatibility with several of the most popular neck braces.

Troy Lee BG 5900 Roost Deflector

Price: $175.95

We have a hard time making a roost deflector guide without Troy Lee’s BG 5900. Year after year, the 5900 proves to be one of the most well-rounded roost deflectors on the market when it comes to coverage, fit, and comfort.

Starting with coverage, the 5900 covers the key areas and does it well. Hinged chest plates allow for extended rib coverage, and plates over the ribs, back, clavicle, shoulders, and upper arms cover everything else. All of this is customizable, too – the 5900 allows for an industry-leading 44 configurations to provide a personalized fit that doesn’t sacrifice motion or protection. Intuitively placed straps and integrated fast-lock buckles keep the deflector functional and easy to use. On top of that, Shock Doctor foam under the hard plastic and around the rib cage keep the deflector at the top of the list for comfort.

All that said, there is one notable nitpick with the 5900. At $175.95, the deflector is the most expensive in the low-profile lineup without being CE certified. Is it a deal breaker? No – the deflector is still comfortable and a great safeguard – but it is worth taking into consideration.

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