With each passing year, the field widens with new offerings and updated technology for adventure and dual sport boots. We’ve ridden in almost all of the boots out there, so we have compiled a guide based on experience, budget, and the latest industry innovations. If you’re in the market for a new ADV boot, this guide is a great place to start.

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O’Neal Racing Sierra Pro Boots

Price: $161.99

The Sierra Pro boots are the best budget option available. What that means is that you get basic performance and protection, but not much more than that. The boots feature full grain oiled leather construction that is waterproof. A lug sole is also included and the toe box is nice and wide. The Sierra Pro is on par with the other boots in this lineup when it comes to comfort.

One thing you have to consider with this boot and others is the amount of support and protection, or lack thereof. The Sierra Pro has little impact protection around the ankle and with no type of pivot system, it doesn’t have nearly the lateral support as some of the others. But with a boot that comes in well under 200 dollars, that is expected. Even with a steel shank, the sole is still very soft and may not have as much support as some riders may want when standing up and riding aggressive.

The Bottom Line: If you are an entry-level rider just starting in the sport, this is a great boot that will not break the bank. If you are a more experienced rider, however, the lack of impact protection included in the Sierra Pros should sway you to a different model.

Riding Past the Selway River

Forma Adventure Boots

Price: $279.00

Forma’s Adventure boots have become a staple in the adventure touring lineup. They are comfortable, supportive, and certainly a step up in protection from the Sierra Pros. For comfort, the boots fit true to size and boast a wide toe box. Riders here and customers on our site have all raved about how comfortable these boots are right out of the box.

For support and protection, the Formas have a large shin plate in the front and a plastic insert underneath the leather on the lateral and medial side. Full grade oiled leather construction, along with hard plastic protection, round out a more safety-conscious boot.

Despite that step up in protection, Forma would be the first to tell you that their boots are not optimized for aggressive off-road riding. While they do offer more support than the entry-level O’Neal boots, they might not offer as much support for riders who are standing up or working really hard on the bike.

Another aspect of these boots worth mentioning is their HDry model. The HDry boots are an extreme-weather version of the Adventure boots, offering HDry waterproof technology to prevent the boots from getting soaked in even the most torrential of downpours. This technology works by preventing water from getting trapped between the leather on the outside of the boot and waterproof liner on the inside.

The Bottom Line: Comfort and more protection at a still budget-friendly price is what you’re getting with the Forma Adventure boots. For the same feature of the Forma Adventures, plus additional waterproofing, check out the Forma Adventure HDry boots.

Hooked on Phoenix Adventure Ride

Forma Adventure Boot Colorways
Forma Adventure Boots Black Forma Adventure Boots Brown
Black Brown

Falco Avantour 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Price: $249.95

The Falco Avantour 2 Adventure Motorcycle boots are the first on this guide that are truly geared to more aggressive riding. We always seem to find ourselves on the hardest trails, and we certainly ride off-road more than anything else. Whatever the trail, these boots have been consistent and durable. The sole is stiffer than that on the Forma Adventure boot, so we have an easier time standing up and riding aggressively without getting sore feet. Plus, there is a hinge on the lateral and medial side to help with flexibility and give more support to the ankle.

One complaint we have with this boot is its two-buckle design. In our opinion, it is more of an outdated design that isn’t as easy and seamless to use as the other boots in our lineup.

The Bottom Line: The Falco Avantour 2 Adventure Motorcycle boots stand up to aggressive off-road riding at a significantly lower price than the more premium boots on this guide.

Rocky Mountain Idaho Adventure Tour Ride

Falco Avantour 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boot Colorways
Falco Avantour 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots Black Falco Avantour 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots Brown
Black Brown

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Drystar Boots

Price: $419.95

This Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Drystar is the do-it-all boot. From motocross and single track to desert riding and adventure riding, this boot stands up to all of it. There’s a specific reason why, too, and it is that the Tech 7 Enduro Drystar is an off-road motocross style boot. That means that the boot provides incredible ankle protection and unmatched support.

To optimize the boot for adventure riding, Alpinestars added an enduro, lug sole with more grip for off-the-bike walking. For us, in order for a boot to be an “adventure” boot, it needs to be waterproof, and with the addition of the Drystar liner in the Tech 7, it checks off that box.

With the Tech 7 Enduro Drystar boot being built from the motocross design, there are some drawbacks. Most notably is that the boot is much stiffer out of the box. The sole is actually the stiffest of any of the others on this guide, which is not something everyone is looking for. If your ride involves plenty of walking and time off the bike, then the stiff sole may be a turn off and something with a little more flex in the sole might be the better choice.

The Bottom Line: For incredible protection, a supportive fit, and durable construction for off-the-bike activities, you cannot go wrong with the Tech 7 Enduro Drystar boots from Alpinestars. Just remember, they are the stiffest boots on this guide.

ADV Riding Through the Mountains

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Drystar Boot Colorways
Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots Black Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots Black Orange White Blue
Black Black/Orange/White/Blue

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Price: $449.99

Sidi’s Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots are one our favorite premium adventure offerings. They have all of the top-of-the-line technologies for under $500, which is, in our experience, a very fair price point. One of the highlights of this boot is its full grain microfiber upper construction with Cordura. Cordura is a blended, durable, extremely versatile fabric that holds up to the rigors of off-road riding. The boot also includes Gore-Tex, a breathable, waterproof membrane that extends the full height of the boot. Out of all of the waterproof liners on this guide, Gore-Tex has the reputation for being the most effective while simultaneously breathable.

When it comes to protection, the Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots include a pivot system on the lateral and medial side that offers great lateral support. The boot also offers good flexion, though it does feel a little stiff out of the box. The sole of the boot is stiff and a great middle ground for standing on the foot pegs and off-the-bike activities.

The Bottom Line: If you want a boot that accommodates off-the-bike activities, along with all of the premium features and the renowned waterproofing from Gore-Tex, the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots are a great option to explore.

Adventure Riding in Idaho

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boot Colorways
Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Tex Boots Black Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Tex Boots Brown
Black Brown

Fit Guarantee

A lot has been said in this guide about narrow designs, wide toe boxes, and the like. While we’re confident in the quality of each of these boots, we know that fitment can be an issue. That’s why we offer worry-free apparel ordering. If the boot you order doesn’t fit the way you like, you can get free shipping both ways on your first exchange. Read more about the Fit Guaranteed program here, or ask one of our helpful customer service representatives via phone or online chat when you place your order.

Adventure Riding Through the Forest

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