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2021 Suzuki Lineup Thumbnail

Suzuki Unveils Updated 2021 Models

The complete 2021 Suzuki lineup has finally been released. From RM-Zs and DR-Zs to GSX-Rs and KingQuads, Suzuki has refreshed and refined their models for the new year.

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RedBud 2 2020 MX RR Thumbnail

Pro Motocross: RedBud 2 2020 Results

RedBud 2 was an exciting race from start to finish. The slick track and deep ruts made for four action-packed motos – read all about them in the race report here and get the results for both classes.

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Extreme Enduro Thumbnail

Extreme Enduro $500 Motorcycle Challenge

The $500 motorcycle challenge is back, and this time, the crew is going racing. It's the ultimate enduro challenge that you don't want to miss.

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RedBud 1 2020 RR Thumb

Pro Motocross: RedBud 1 2020 Results

Pro Motocross is at the fan favorite RedBud MX this weekend in the series’ doubleheader for this year. Read the race report for RedBud 1 to see how the teams and riders handled their first Friday race.

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New Products September Thumb

Gearing Up: New to the RMATVMC Website for September 2020

We've been busy adding some exciting new products to the RMATVMC website - click here to read up on a few of our favorites.

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Ironman 2020 RR Thumb

Pro Motocross: Ironman 2020 Results

After the mud and ruts at Loretta Lynn's 2, the riders had some positions to make up for at Ironman. Click here to read the full race report and see the results for both classes, along with a gallery of photos from race day.

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