We all know how particular adventure riders can be about their gear and how hard that makes it to find them a good gift, but we’ve put together this adventure-rider wish list so you can get them a great present they’ll use on every excursion.

Cardo Systems Scala Rider SmartPack Duo – $424.96

cardo smartpack

Top Features

  • Dynamic Meshwork Communication connects up to 4 riders
  • Extended range provides uninterrupted communication
  • Full connectivity suite lets you answer phone calls, listen to music, talk with other riders, and get GPS voice directions
  • Low-profile design delivers up to 13 hours talk time and one week standby

For riders that want to stay connected during their ride, the Cardo Systems Scala Rider SmartPack Duo is one of the best accessories they can get. With Bluetooth connectivity, Cardo’s Dynamic Meshwork Communication, and a battery that lasts up to a week, the SmartPack is a hands-free device that attaches to a rider’s helmet and allows them to talk with other riders, make phone calls, listen to music, get GPS voice directions, and stay in contact with the least amount of effort possible. And with this kit containing two SmarkPack communicators, it’s the easiest way to get two riders set up for full on-bike communication.

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Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad – $159.95 – $219.95

big agnes q-core sleeping padTop Features

  • Super-durable materials increase tear resistance by 25%
  • High-volume valve makes inflating/deflating quick and easy
  • I-beam construction gives great support and a light weight
  • Pad is designed to reflect bodily warmth back at sleeper

It may not seem like much, but you can never underestimate a good sleeping pad when you’re out in the wild. The Q-Core SLX is one of the best with its offset I-beam design providing excellent support and stability in any direction—making it great for sleepers who move around. There are also features you don’t typically see on most sleeping pads, like heat reflectivity to help keep the sleeper warm, an antimicrobial treatment to keep it from smelling funky, and a quilted top so the pad feels like a mattress instead of a balloon. There’s even a micro-adjust, one-way valve so you can perfectly tune the air pressure and get to sleep quickly.

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A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket – $199.99

arc battleborn jacket

Top Features

  • Full set of CE-rated armor
  • Waterproof membrane and a removable thermal liner
  • Water-resistant zippered venting for excellent airflow
  • 4 external cargo pockets, 1 forearm pocket for ID/fast pass, 1 internal pocket, 1 large back pocket for hydration pack

Great quality at a great price make the BattleBorn jacket a serious value when it comes to ADV jackets, one that works for new and experienced riders alike. The jacket has a tough, high-denier outer shell that gives the rider plenty of abrasion resistance along with a surprising amount of storage and zippered ventilation. Inside, the jacket comes with a waterproof membrane, a removable thermal liner for cold weather, and a full set of CE-rated armor—including a back pad. Combine these main features, toss in the rest of the jacket’s details, and the BattleBorn Adventure Jacket offers a ton of bang for your buck.

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ENO DoubleNest Hammock – $69.95

eno doublenest hammockTop Features

  • 400 pound capacity
  • Ability to fit two sleepers comfortably
  • Triple-stitched seams and breathable nylon materials
  • Low weight of only 19 ounces

If you’re moto camping but running short on storage space, the ENO DoubleNest Hammock is a great option. The DoubleNest is built to fit two people, and that makes it more than roomy enough when it comes to a single sleeper. The entire hammock weighs only 19 ounces but can hold up to 400 pounds. It also has a spacious 6’2” wide x 9’4” long footprint that packs down into its own miniscule compression sack—so it takes up virtually no room when you’re packing.

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VSSL Supplies – $99.45

vssl supplies 1Top Features

  • Provides a collection of crucial outdoor supplies
  • Packs into a water-resistant, self-contained tube that doubles as flashlight
  • Makes it easy to be prepared

For the safety-conscious of us, the VSSL Supplies can be a literal lifesaver if a rider ever gets stuck in a tough spot. Built into its own water-resistant container, the VSSL Supplies are an assortment of survival/wilderness items that are crucial when you need them. This includes water purification tablets, a wire saw, matches/firestarters, and other handy items. Everything packs down into a compact, self-contained tube that also doubles as a 200 lumen flashlight. With the entire package coming in at just over 9 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, the VSSL Supplies make it easy to be prepared for the worst.

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Jetboil Flash Cooking System – $99.95

jetboil flash stoveTop Features

  • 1 liter cooking capacity with insulating cost
  • Color-changing heat indicator that shows when water is hot
  • Simple push-button ignition
  • Easy on-and-off cup connection for increased stability

The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is a must-have piece of gear for adventure riders that don’t get too excited at the idea of camping over a fire. Designed with a 1 liter cooking vessel that securely attaches to the fuel canister base, the Flash is the compact and easy way to heat both food and water. Jetboil optimized their stove design and made the Flash with a wide base for stability, secure connection between the cooking vessel and base, simple push-button ignition, and unique heat-sensitive indicator on the outside of the vessel that shows when the water is up to temp. Even better, it doesn’t take much waiting because the Flash boils water in just 100 seconds!

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Tusk Grip Heater Kit – $20.99

tusk heated grip kitTop Features

  • Keeps hands warm during cold-weather riding
  • Utilizes under-grip heat panels for an easy installation
  • Features multiple heat settings for adjustable comfort

One of the most affordable accessories that makes one of the largest differences, the Tusk Grip Heater Kit adds continuous and reliable warmth that’ll keep a rider’s hands comfortable in the coldest climates. This kit uses a simple and effective heating panel that simply fits underneath the handlebar grips. Once it’s installed using the included wiring and switch, one of two heat settings can be selected, and the rider can head through bitter cold without losing feeling or dexterity in their hands.

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