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With the championship points narrowed down, Arlington is going to be one exciting race. Talk it over with the SXperts when they go live, and put your picks in for a chance to win some great prizes.

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Arlington 1 Track Map

Daytona Race Recap

Round 9 Results

  • 1st – Eli Tomac
  • 2nd – Cooper Webb
  • 3rd – Aaron Plessinger
  • 4th – Ken Roczen
  • 5th – Malcolm Stewart
  • WC (10th) – Dean Wilson

Daytona 1 2021 Lap Chart

RMFantasySX Group Highlight

Check out this email we got from a group playing RMFantasySX:

I just wanted to contact you guys on behalf of our group. Auburn SX series is a group of riders who love watching supercross. Years ago we came up with a trophy you can win if you took first place in our group. Every year the winner gets the trophy and displays it in their shop or house. It has been shipped from Florida and back. We have added and taken away each year and I believe this year is our best! We would love to see a shout out to us and show off our trophy during the race. I have attached a picture hopefully it’s up to your standards. The RM stickers always make it on. We love that you guys put this together and manage it. Thanks again.
Seth Tackett and Auburn SX series!!

RMFantasySX Trophy

Needless to say, we’re all a little jealous of that trophy!

Track Trends

  • Shorter start
  • Decently sized whoops section
  • Several 180° turns including one right before the finish


  • Adam Cianciarulo – broke his collarbone at Orlando 2
  • Justin Brayton – chest/rib injury has kept him out of the last two races
  • Zach Osborne is out – back injury
  • Adam Enticknap

Top Contenders

Ken Roczen

  • Last five finishes: 1-1-2-4-4; Last five starts: 1-1-3-12-7
  • Average start over the last two rounds (9.5) has been slower than his season average (5.33)
  • Is tied with Chase Sexton for best starting average this season if you take out Adam Cianciarulo
  • Has still led the most laps of any rider (90) despite not leading laps in the last three rounds
  • Has taken 2nd place overall in the last two Arlington rounds – qualified in the top 10 for both of those
  • Only rider to finish in the top 5 in every round this season
  • His points lead has been whittled down to just two points – the rivalry is heating back up between him and Cooper Webb

Ken Roczen at Daytona 2021

Cooper Webb

  • Has gotten better finishes than Ken Roczen in the last three rounds
  • Is tied for only the sixth best average start
  • Took 12th place last year at Arlington, but won the race in 2019
  • Hasn’t started worse than 4th in the last four rounds
  • Has won 3/5 rounds where he qualified 6th or better at
  • Has led laps in two of the last three rounds and has won every race he’s led laps in this season

Eli Tomac

  • Last five finishes: 3-7-5-6-1; Last five starts: 9-5-11-7-1
  • Has won only three races this season
  • Hasn’t gotten a start within four spots of where he started in the previous round all season
  • Has not started in the top 5 in back-to-back-rounds since rounds 16-17 in 2019
  • Is 24 points behind Ken Roczen in 1st place


Justin Barcia

  • Last five finishes: 2-19-4-3-6; Last five starts: 2-2-5-2-8
  • Got his fourth holeshot in the last five rounds at Daytona – finishes the first lap in an average of 4th place
  • Finishes an average of three spots better than where he qualifies this season
  • Still hasn’t led laps since round 1
  • Last two Arlington finishes: 7-4
  • Is tied for the sixth best average start (6.67) even though he’s the only rider with more than one holeshot this season

Justin Barcia at Daytona 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Malcolm Stewart

  • Last five finishes: 10-4-9-7-5; Last five starts: 7-6-10-5-6
  • Has finished exactly four spots ahead of where he qualified the last two rounds
  • Has started worse than 7th only twice this season
  • Has the eighth best average start (8.22) and fifth best average finish (7.11)
  • Last three Arlington finishes: 10-11-7
  • Is in the top 5 in points and only 10 points behind Justin Barcia

Aaron Plessinger

  • Last five finishes: 5-11-6-9-3; Last five starts: 5-14-15-14-3
  • Ran in the top 3 all race – only lost 2nd place due to a bobble in the last lap
  • Is averaging a 6th place finish over the last three rounds
  • Is finishing an average of 5.5 spots better than where he qualifies this season
  • Has proven that he can make passes in the top 5 even if he gets a bad start

Marvin Musquin

  • Last five finishes: 11-3-7-2-21; Last five starts: 16-8-13-4-5
  • Was riding in 6th place before he pulled off of the track last round
  • Is finishing an average of one position behind where he qualified this season
  • Finished in 3rd place at Arlington in 2019 and 2nd place in 2018
  • The best start he’s gotten this season is 3rd
  • Has made the top 5 only when qualifying in 7th place or better this season

Jason Anderson

  • Last five finishes: 7-6-8-5-7; Last five starts: 11-9-12-13-9
  • Best start he’s gotten all season is 6th
  • Finished exactly where he qualified last round
  • Took 3rd place at Arlington last season
  • Got his only top-5 finish of the season when he qualified in 1st place

Jason Anderson at Daytona 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Chase Sexton

  • Took 8th place last round after qualifying in 6th place and starting in the main event in 4th
  • One of the few riders to have gotten a holeshot this season
  • Won Arlington last season as a 250

Wildcard Watch (15th)

  • The rider to take 15th overall has qualified in 17th place in the past two rounds
  • Only two riders have taken 15th place more than once this season are Vince Friese (3x) and Martin Davalos (2x)

Vince Friese

  • Has finished 15th 3x this season and has finished within the 14th-16th range in 5 of the 9 rounds this season
  • Last 3 finishes: 15-15-13 with starts of 14-6-14
  • Has only finished better than 15th 2x this season

Kyle Chisholm

  • Last five finishes: 15-17-19-20-17; Last five starts: 15-18-19-22-18
  • 14th place is his best finish this season
  • Has been in the last four LCQs

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Martin Davalos

  • Has finished within the 14th-16th range 6x this season
  • Last three finishes: 16-17-16; Last three starts: 22-9-19
  • Is finishing an average of 3.5 spots behind where he qualifies

Mitchell Oldenburg

  • Took 15th last round after qualifying in 17th place
  • Riskier pick – went to the LCQ last round

Max Anstie

  • Took 14th last round after qualifying in 20th place
  • Qualified for the main straight out of his heat last round

Benny Bloss

  • Last 5 finishes: 13-22-14-19-18; Last five starts: 18-17-17-16-13
  • 2021 average finish: 17.38
  • Has not been to an LCQ since round 1 – took 14th in the following main event
  • Got his best start of the season last round: 13th

Benny Bloss at Daytona 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Shane McElrath

  • Did not qualify for the main last round – took 13th place in his heat and 6th in the LCQ
  • Last two finishes: 17-14; Last two starts: 9-21

Prize Recap

There are a lot of reasons to play RMFantasySX, but the incredible weekly prizes are likely a pretty big one. Here’s what you’re playing for this week:

  • 1st – Moto-9 Flex Helmet – $679.95 MSRP
  • 2nd – 1 Set of Bridgestone Battlecross Tires – Up to $270.95 MSRP
  • 3rd – Fasthouse Gear Set: Jersey, Pants and Gloves – Up to $239.00 MSRP
  • 4th – ProTaper SELA Device and 2 sets of Swivel-Hook/Carabiner/Soft Loop Tie Downs – Up to $229.97
  • 5th – Fox Casual Spending Sprees – Up to $200.00
  • 6th – LS2 Subverter EVO Helmet up to $199.98 MSRP
  • 7th – Scott Prospect Goggles, Tear-Offs, Replacement Lens & Large Goggle Case – Up to $198.44 MSRP
  • 8th – Fly Racing Rockstar Roller Grande Gear Bags – Up to $169.95 MSRP
  • 9th – cbdMD Prize Pack – Up to $165.97 MSRP
  • 10th – Acerbis $150.00 Spending Spree
  • 11th – 100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Card

450SX Start at Daytona 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

It’s still not too late to sign up to play. Use the link below to try your hand at winning some of these awesome prizes. There’s a new lineup every race, and you still have a lot of chances left to win.


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