Are you ready to tackle this winter’s fiercest snowstorms? If you have a snow plow equipped on your ATV, you’re prepared. Don’t have one on your quad yet? No need to fret. Take a look at this tutorial on how to assemble, install and adjust the Tusk SubZero snow plow.

Snow Plow Install: Close-up Shot of an ATV Plowing Snow

Tusk SubZero Snow Plow Installation Instructions

This article discusses instructions to assemble and install the Tusk SubZero snow plow. You can also check out our article about installing the plow mount to the ATV . This is a prerequisite to installing the plow itself.

Besides installation, there are a number of adjustments you can make depending on the type of plowing that you’ll do. Don’t skip this section as it provides valuable information that will help you get the most out of your SubZero snow plow.

What You Need to Begin

Snow Plow Install: Tusk SubZero Snow Plow

First off, you’ll need a Tusk SubZero snow plow. They are available with 50” blades or 60” blades. After that, you’ll need a few handy tools – mainly a set of wrenches. (There are a variety of bolt sizes used in the assembly of the plow, so having several wrench sizes on hand is best.) You might find ratchet wrenches the easiest, but open-end wrenches work as well. Aside from that, it doesn’t hurt to have a pair of pliers on hand.

It can also help if you acquaint yourself with the following diagram. You can click it to see a higher-resolution graphic. You can also click the link to navigate to the original SubZero plow assembly instructions in the documents of this page.

Snow Plow Install: Diagram of the Tusk SubZero Snow Plow

Remove all components from the packaging.

  1. The push tube and the blade come in separate boxes. Open the push tube box.
  2. Snow Plow Install: Opening the Push Tube Box

  3. A small box inside contains all of the hardware to assemble the push tube. It also contains the springs.
  4. Snow Plow Install: Removing the Hardware from the Small Box

  5. Remove the blade angle bracket and the push pivot plate. Both are zip-tied to the push tube.
  6. The box with the blade has both the blade and the skids. You can remove these now or later when you attach the blade to the push pivot.

Assemble the push tube.

  1. Place the push pivot on top of the push tube.
  2. Snow Plow Install: Placing the Push Pivot on the Push Tube

  3. Put the blade angle bracket on top of the push pivot.
  4. Snow Plow Install: Putting the Blade Angle Bracket on Top of the Push Pivot

  5. Slide an M16 × 40 mm bolt up through the push tube and through the push pivot. Install a washer and locknut.
  6. Snow Plow Install: Adding an M16x40mm Bolt

  7. Place the bushing in between the blade angle bracket and the push pivot on the other side. Slide the other M16 × 40 mm bolt through the top of the blade angle bracket, through the bushing, and out the push pivot. Put the washer and locknut on the back.
  8. Snow Plow Install: Adding the Other M16x40mm Bolt

  9. Now that the bolts are in place, you can tighten them up.
  10. On the front of the push tube, tighten the bolt and nut all the way. Then back off a half-turn. This will allow the blade of the plow to pivot.
  11. Snow Plow Install: Tightening the Front Bolt

  12. Tighten the other nut as well. However, do not back this one off a half-turn. It needs to remain tight.
  13. Snow Plow Install: Tightening the Back Bolt

  14. Install the 4-way tilt stop. Run an M10 × 30 mm bolt through the 4-way tilt stop and push pivot. Add a washer and locknut. You do not need to tighten them at this point since that will be done during the adjustment phase.
  15. Snow Plow Install: Installing the 4-Way Tilt Stop

Attach the blade to the push pivot.

  1. Lay the blade next to the push tube so you can assemble them together.
  2. Snow Plow Install: Laying the Blade Next to the Push Tube

  3. There are two bushings from the hardware kit that fit into the push pivot hole where it mounts to the blade. Install one on each side.
  4. Snow Plow Install: Installing the Bushing in the Push Pivot

  5. Install an M12 × 35 mm hex flange bolt through the bushing where the blade mounts to the push pivot. Install the washer and locknut on the back. Do this on each side.
  6. Snow Plow Install: Installing a Bolt to Mount the Blade to the Push Pivot

  7. Tighten the bolts on each side.

Prepare the blade.

  1. Install the eye-bolts on either side of the blade. Put a washer and nut on each to hold them in place.
  2. Snow Plow Install: Inserting the Eye-bolt

  3. Attach each spring to the push pivot and a corresponding eye-bolt. The opening of the spring should face downward.
  4. Snow Plow Install: Attaching a Spring to the Push Pivot and an Eye-bolt

  5. Tighten the nuts on each Eye-bolt until the springs have a little bit of tension.
  6. Install the skids on the blade. The washers are used for adjustments (which is discussed later in this article). Slide the hairpin clip through to keep the skid in place.
  7. Snow Plow Install: Installing the Skids


Attach the snow plow assembly to the ATV.

  1. You should have already installed the plow mount to your quad.
  2. Position the ATV over the plow.
  3. Snow Plow Install: Positioning the ATV Over the Plow

  4. Lift the plow up and align it to the ears of the mount plate.
  5. Snow Plow Install: Aligning the Plow

  6. Install the pin and hairpin clip to keep the plow in place.
  7. Snow Plow Install: Inserting the Pin and Hairpin Clip on the Plow Mount

Attach the winch cable to the snow plow.

  1. The blade angle bracket has three places where the winch cable can attach to it. This is to accommodate many different types of ATVs. Locate the position that is nearest your winch cable. It should attach to the plow in the most vertical position possible.
  2. Lower the winch cable into place.
  3. Snow Plow Install: Lowering the Winch Cable

  4. Insert the pin and hairpin clip into place to keep the winch cable secured to the plow.
  5. Snow Plow Install: Inserting the Pin and Hairpin Clip to Secure the Winch

  6. Test the winch to ensure that it lifts and lowers the plow properly.


There are several components of the SubZero snow plow that you can adjust to suit your specific plowing needs. You might find yourself altering some of them in between plowing sessions – or even during them.

4-Way Tilt Stop

By rotating the 4-way tilt stop, you can change the blade angle (depending upon which side is resting against the blade). Once you have it in the desired position, tighten up both bolts.

Snow Plow Install: Adjusting the 4-Way Tilt Stop

Attack Angles
Snow Plow Install: The SubZero Plow Adjusted to Have a Shallow Attack Blade Angle Snow Plow Install: The SubZero Plow Adjusted to Have a Steep Attack Blade Angle
Shallow Attack Angle Steep Attack Angle

A shallow attack angle (with the top of the blade moved back) works better for deep snow. A steep attack angle (with the top of the blade moved forward) works better for ice and light snow.


You can tighten (or loosen) the bolts holding the eye-bolts in place in order to adjust the tension in the springs.

Snow Plow Install: Tightening the Bolts to Increase Spring Tension

The springs allow the plow to “trip” when colliding with an obstacle buried under the snow. This means that the top of the blade rotates forward. This motion usually allows the blade to safely pass over the obstacle without causing damage to your snow plow or quad.

The tighter the springs, the harder it is for the blade to trip because they hold the top of the blade more securely. On the other hand, loose springs make it easier to trip. It’s usually a good idea to run the springs as loosely as possible without tripping the blade during normal plowing.


You can adjust the skids by changing the number of washers between the skid and the skid bracket. (All extra washers are placed above the skid bracket to ensure that the hairpin clip keeps the skid securely in place.) You can more easily adjust them by lifting the plow and resting it on something like a block of wood.

Snow Plow Install: Adjusting the Height of the Skids

Height Level of the Skids
Snow Plow Install: Short Skids Snow Plow Install: Tall Skids
Short Position Tall Position

Adjusting the height level of the skids determines whether the wear bar touches the ground or sits slightly above the ground. It’s best to keep the wear bar touching the ground (short skids) if you are plowing on concrete or blacktop. However, it’s a good idea to keep the wear bar slightly above the ground (tall skids) for gravel or dirt. This prevents you from plowing the gravel or dirt along with the snow.

Plow Angle

To adjust the plow angle, simply pull up on the L-pin located on the blade angle bracket. All you need to do is rotate the blade, and the L-pin will drop back into position. There are five plow angles available on the SubZero snow plow.

Snow Plow Install: Pulling the L-pin to Adjust the Plow Angle

Plow Angle
Snow Plow Install: Snow Plow Angled Forward Snow Plow Install: Snow Plow Angled to the Side
Forward Position Side Position

Of course, the angle of the snow plow determines where the snow goes and how effectively you are able to push it. A forward-facing angle continually pushes the snow forward, but in deep snow it will eventually roll off the sides, creating a trail on either side of you. Angling your plow to the side allows you to control this better by always pushing the snow off to one side. Depending on the amount of snow, this allows you to more strategically plow. Your specific angle of choice will largely depend on the amount of snow on the ground.

Enjoy Your Tusk SubZero Snow Plow

Once you’ve gotten your snow plow assembled, installed and adjusted, no snow storm can stand in your way. You’re ready for the worst that winter has to offer!

If you don’t already own a snow plow, you can find the Tusk SubZero plow along with many others at the snow plow section at

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