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We’re finally back! It’s full steam ahead from here, and we’ve got the track trends, stats, tips, tricks, and prizes all ready.

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Atlanta 1 Track Map

Arlington 3 Recap

  • Ken Roczen got passed by Cooper Webb again
  • Chase Sexton and Marvin Musquin crashed early in the race
  • Four of the five riders that finished in the top 5 started in the top 5

Round 12 Results

  • 1st – Cooper Webb
  • 2nd – Ken Roczen
  • 3rd – Eli Tomac
  • 4th – Justin Barcia
  • 5th – Jason Anderson
  • WC (12th) – Vince Friese

Arlington 3 Lap Chart

RMFantasySX Stats

  • Average points: 57.74 (highest average for the season)
  • 126 perfect scores – the most perfect scores since round 10 last season where we had 670
  • 1,126 players got five out of the six picks correct
  • 48.31% of players got at least two picks correct
  • 18.88% of users got no picks correct
  • 12.61% of players got the wild card correct
  • Marvin Musquin has dropped to only getting about 2% of player’s top 5 picks…
  • Vince Friese and Martin Davalos were picked for the wildcard by 12% of players but Joey Savatgy was the most picked rider at 18.21%

Rider Trends

  • We’ve had a perfect score in three of the last four round 13s – lucky 13?
  • Webb has won more main events (6) this season than heats (2)
  • Race wins by champions in past years:
    • 2020- Eli Tomac: 7 wins
    • 2019-Cooper Webb: 7 wins
    • 2018-Jason Anderson: 4 wins
    • 2017-Ryan Dungey: 3 wins
    • 2016- Ryan Dungey: 9 wins (beat Roczen in 2nd place by 60 points that season)
    • 2015-Ryan Dungey: 8 wins

Track Trends

  • It looks like a big track
  • Only a few triples
  • Two whoops sections


  • Adam Cianciarulo – broke his collarbone at Orlando 2
  • Zach Osborne should be back
  • 7DeuceDeuce should be back
  • Marvin Musquin is banged up
  • Shane McElrath missed the last two rounds with back issues

Marvin Musquin at Arlington 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Top Contenders

Cooper Webb

  • He’s just on a roll right now:
    • Has won the last three races – the most he’s won in a row in his 450SX career
    • Hasn’t finished out of the top 5 since round 1 this season
    • Has led laps in five of the last six rounds and won all of those
    • Finished on the podium in four of the last five races last season
  • Didn’t even have the fastest lap time last round – Eli Tomac did
  • Has only taken 1st (5x) or 2nd (2x) in the last 7 rounds and hasn’t started worse than 4th in any of those rounds
  • Took 2nd in Daytona on a similar track design, qualified 4th there
  • Has finished 1st or 2nd in every race he’s qualified 5th or better at (7 rounds)

Ken Roczen

  • Last five finishes: 4-4-6-3-2; Last five starts: 12-7-11-3-1
  • Has started 7th or worse in three of the last five rounds
  • Has only won three of the five rounds he’s led laps in
  • Had a faster fastest lap than Cooper Webb and still got passed by him last round
  • Led 19 laps last round – has led that many laps and still not won only one other race this season (H3) and Webb beat him there too
  • Hasn’t finished more than one spot away from where he qualified in the last three rounds
  • Webb has passed him in best overall finish (2.50) but not by much (2.75)
  • Still almost two positions better than the third-best overall finish (Tomac: 4.67)

Ken Roczen at Arlington 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Eli Tomac

  • Was he ever trying for the title this season?
  • Has won rounds only when qualifying 7th or 3rd at this season
  • Had six wins at this point last season
  • Has finished within one spot of where he started in four of the last five rounds and qualified within one spot of where he finished in two of the last three rounds
  • Led laps in eight separate rounds last season – would have to lead laps in all of the remaining rounds this year to match that
  • Has finished in the top 3 the last three times he’s qualified in the top 3
  • Has gotten only one holeshot this season – didn’t even win that race


Justin Barcia

  • Last five finishes: 3-6-2-4-4; Last five starts: 2-8-4-12-3; Last five qualifying: 18-10-12-2-8
  • Has finished in the top 5 in five of the last six rounds
  • Still has not won since round 1 – has been on the podium only 4x this season
  • Finishing an average of exactly four spots ahead of where he qualifies
  • Hasn’t gotten a holeshot in the last three rounds – had four of the last five before that
  • Good pick for 3rd or 4th place

Aaron Plessinger

  • Last five finishes: 9-3-5-6-9; Last five starts: 14-3-10-8-11
  • Got the first podium of his 450SX career at Daytona
  • Hasn’t made the top 5 this season when qualifying worse than 13th
  • Has started 10th or worse in three of the last five rounds
  • Sitting 5th in points – 31 behind Justin Barcia

Malcolm Stewart

  • Last 5 finishes: 7-5-14-13-6; Last five starts: 5-6-7-10-8; Last five qualifying: 11-9-9-9-6
  • Has finished in the top 5 only 3x this season
  • Took 5th place at Daytona after starting in 9th
  • Hasn’t started better than 5th all season
  • Finished exactly where he qualified last round (6th)

Malcolm Stewart at Arlington 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Jason Anderson

  • Last five finishes: 5-7-3-7-5; Last five starts: 13-9-8-19-7; Last five qualifying: 1-7-2-5-7
  • Finishing an average of three spots ahead of where he qualifies
  • Hasn’t led laps since the final round of 2020
  • Has only made the top 5 when qualifying 7th or better this season
  • Has almost the exact same starting average as Aaron Plessinger (10.73)
  • Eight points behind Malcolm Stewart for 6th place overall

Marvin Musquin

  • Has a banged-up wrist – DNFd last round and missed the one before that with a concussion
  • The off time definitely helped him
  • Has to be qualifying 7th or better for him to be a good top-5 pick

Chase Sexton

  • Last four finishes: 8-4-5-21; Last four starts: 4-6-4-6; Last four qualifying: 6-8-6-1
  • Major pick-bait – has had a few DNFs but his average qualifying is over 8 spots better than his average finish this season
  • Has made the top 5 only when qualifying 6th or 8th

Chase Sexton at Arlington 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Dylan Ferrandis

  • Last two finishes: 8-7; Last two starts: 11-12; Last two qualifying: 8-9
  • Hasn’t made the top 5 since round 2 where he took 2nd
  • Took 11th in Daytona after starting 11th and qualifying in 2nd

Zach Osborne

  • Has been out for the past four rounds with a back injury
  • 2021 average finish: 7.75; Average start: 10.38; Average qualifying: 7.75
  • Had his best finish of the season in the race where he qualified the worst – qualified 17th at Orlando 1 and finished 3rd
  • Has started better than 10th in only two of the eight rounds he’s been at this season

Wildcard Watch (14th)

Martin Davalos

  • 2021 average finish: 15.17
  • Has taken 15th 2x and 14th 1x this season
  • Last four finishes: 16-10-9-16
  • Has finished within three spots of where he qualified in three of the last four races

Martin Davalos at Arlington 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Broc Tickle

  • 2021 average finish: 14.90
  • Has taken 13th 3x and 14th 1x this season
  • Qualifying, starts, and finishes are pretty much the same:
    • 2021 qualifying (for races he’s completed): 18-19-19-17-13-14-13-18-15-12
    • 2021 starts: 17-21-18-10-19-20-17-16-16-15
    • 2021 finishes: 17-13-17-14-12-13-13-22-17-11

Vince Friese

  • Wildcard hero
  • Hasn’t finished worse than 19th or better than 11th this season
  • Has taken 14th 2x and 15th 3x this season
  • Would you be more mad if you picked him for the wildcard and didn’t get it right, or if you picked someone else for the wildcard only for Friese to finish there?
  • Has finished within three spots of where he started in three of the last four rounds
  • Has been to two LCQs this season but transferred to the main from both of them

Max Anstie

  • 2021 average finish: 15.40
  • Has taken 13th 1x and 14th 1x this season – he’s only raced in five races
  • Good LCQ candidate though he hasn’t been there yet – hasn’t finished better than 7th in his heat races and has taken 9th in 3/5 heat races he’s been in

MAx Anstie at Arlington 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Benny Bloss

  • Coming off of an injured foot
  • 13th is his season-best finish – has taken 13th 1x and 14th 1x so far
  • Has finished ahead of where he started in only half of the races this season – needs to a good start to finish in 13th place

Justin Bogle

  • Last four finishes: 10-9-12-12
  • Last four starts: 10-10-15-6
  • 2021 average finish: 14.33
  • Hasn’t taken 14th place yet this season

Kyle Chisholm

  • Is coming off of three back-to-back 15th place finishes – just needs to start a little better to finish in 14th
  • Has taken 14th 1x and 15th 4x this season
  • Has been to the LCQ 6x this season but has made it to the main ever time

Prize Recap

There are a lot of reasons to play RMFantasySX, but the incredible weekly prizes are likely a pretty big one. Here’s what you’re playing for this week:

  • 1st – Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet – Up to $529.00 MSRP
  • 2nd – Magura Hydraulic Clutch and Hydraulic Clutch Bleed Kit – up to $360.00 MSRP
  • 3rd – 1 Set of Bridgestone Battlecross Tires – Up to $270.95 MSRP
  • 4th – Fly Protection Package: Revel Offroad CE Roost Guard , Barricade Flex Elbow Guards and Pivot Knee Guards – Up to $264.85 MSRP
  • 5th – Matrix Concepts LS1 Lift Stand and M3 Utility Can – Up to $249.90 MSRP
  • 6th – TLD Casual Hook-Up: Hoodie, T-Shirt and Hat – Up to $221.00 MSRP
  • 7th – Bel-Ray $200 Shopping Spree
  • 8th – Fox Comp Boots – Up to $199.95 MSRP
  • 9th – MX-9 MIPS Helmet – $169.95 MSRP
  • 10th – Acerbis $150.00 Spending Spree
  • 11th – 100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Card

450SX Podium at Arlington 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

It’s still not too late to sign up to play. Use the link below to try your hand at winning some of these awesome prizes. There’s a new lineup every race, and you still have a lot of chances left to win.


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