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The SXperts are back to break down ATL 1 and prepare you for ATL 2. Tune in live, and check out the stats below to help you make you picks.

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Atlanta 2 Track Map

Atlanta 1 Race Recap

  • Where was Ken Roczen?
  • Aaron Plessinger crashed out of the lead
  • Cade Clason held Chase Sexton up

Round 13 Results

  • 1st – Eli Tomac
  • 2nd – Chase Sexton
  • 3rd – Cooper Webb
  • 4th – Jason Anderson
  • 5th – Dylan Ferrandis
  • WC (14th) – Broc Tickle

Atlanta 1 2021 Lap Chart

RMFantasySX Stats

  • Average score: 36.02
  • No perfect scores – ATL 1 broke our two-week streak
  • Only four people got five picks correct
  • 22% of players had at least two picks right
  • 2.4% of users had Aaron Plessinger to win
  • Chase Sexton was in only 24% of player’s top 5 picks
  • Vince Friese was most picked for the wildcard at 35% – next closest was Broc Tickle at 11%
  • Only 2.47% of players had Dylan Ferrandis in their top 5

Rider Trends

  • Kyle Chisholm has taken 15th place in the last four rounds
  • ATL 1 was the first time Aaron Plessinger took a holeshot or led laps in his 450SX career
  • Last round was the first time Dean Wilson has failed to make the main event without crashing out
  • Mike Alessi brought up a good point: was last round the biggest gap in the top 40 qualifiers ever – 20 second difference between the fastest and 40th-fastest qualifiers last round
    • The gap between the first 40 riders at Arlington 3 was six seconds

Track Trends

  • Almost a 180° left-hander off the start
  • Looks like last round’s, just running in the opposite direction
  • Decently-sized whoops section


  • Adam Cianciarulo and Zach Osborne are both out
  • Justin Bogle and Benny Bloss were there for qualifying but didn’t race last round
  • Vince Friese and Max Anstie crashed out last round but should be fine
  • Justin Barcia might be banged-up after his heat crash last round

Justin Barcia at ATL 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Top Contenders

450SX Points Standings:

  • Cooper Webb: 296
  • Ken Roczen: 274
  • Eli Tomac: 260

Cooper Webb

  • Last five finishes: 2-1-1-1-3; Last five starts: 2-1-1-1-2-2; Last five qualifying: 4-3-3-5-9
  • Hasn’t started out of the top 5 since round 5
  • Last round was the first time he finished behind where he started this season
  • Still has the best average start (3.38) and finish (2.54) of all riders this season
  • Average West Coast finish is 1.5 with an average start of 1.83
  • Has only finished off the podium only when qualifying 7th or worse this season (2X)

Ken Roczen

  • Did he throw in the towel on the championship?
  • Last five finishes: 4-6-3-2-9; Last five starts: 7-11-3-1-10; Last five qualifying: 1-6-4-3-7
  • Had his worst finish of the season last round – 9th place
    • His worst finish since round 13 last season where he took 10th place at SLC 3
  • Has started 10th place or worse in three of the last six rounds
  • Needs to make up 5.5 points per round to catch Webb

Eli Tomac

  • Last five finishes: 1-8-2-3-1; Last five starts: 1-16-2-4-4; Last five qualifying: 3-5-1-2-6
  • Has been on the podium in the last three rounds
  • Hasn’t taken the same place in back-to-back rounds this season
  • Led laps last round for the first time since round 9 (Daytona) where he won
  • Has the fourth best average start this season: 6.23
  • Has the third best average finish this season: 4.38
  • Has the best average qualifying position this season: 3.15
  • Can anyone go faster than him on the Daytona/Atlanta style tracks?

Eli Tomac at ATL 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Spoilers and Wildcard Watch (9th)

Jason Anderson

  • Has finished in the top 5 in four of the last six rounds
  • Moved up four positions last round
  • Took back-to-back top-5 finishes over the last rounds – first time that’s happened this season
  • Hasn’t finished worse than 8th since Houston 1
  • Had a faster average lap time than Cooper Webb at ATL 1 (with a broken shifter)
  • Has the fifth best average finish for the season: 6.92

Dylan Ferrandis

  • Last three finishes: 8-7-5; Last three starts: 11-12-15; Last three qualifying: 8-9-11
  • Made an impressive climb last round – 10 positions
  • 2021 average finish: 10.00
  • Has finished ahead of where he started in 8/13 rounds
  • Has finished in the top 5 only twice this season – better wildcard pick?
  • Has only the 11th best average finish this season

Justin Barcia

  • Last five finishes: 6-2-4-4-10; Last five stars: 8-4-12-3-14
  • Was looking fast until he crashed in his heat
  • Hasn’t gotten starts worse than 10th in back-to-back rounds this season – started in 14th last round
  • Tale of Two Coasts? – his average finish has improved from the East (7.43) to the West (4.83)

Aaron Plessinger

  • Last seven finishes: 6-9-3-5-6-9-6
  • Led the first laps of his 450SX career last round (6)
  • Would he still have won if he hadn’t crashed, or would Sexton have caught up to him?
  • Got his best qualifying (3) and start (1) of the season last round
  • Had the fastest lap at ATL 1 (1:40:058)

Aaron Plessinger at ATL 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Malcolm Stewart

  • Last five finishes: 5-14-13-6-11; Last five starts: 6-7-10-8-6; Last five qualifying: 9-9-9-6-4
  • Has finished 11th or worse in three of the last four rounds even while getting good starts
  • One of the nine riders to race every main this season
  • Has the eighth best starting average this season: 8.08 – fifth best of all riders that have started every main
  • Is finishing almost exactly two spots behind where he qualifies this season

Marvin Musquin

  • Last five finishes: 7-2-21-22-7; Last five starts: 13-4-5-10-7; Last five qualifying (for the rounds he’s raced at): 16-7-5-11-14
  • Started and finished in 7th place last round – fluctuated between 6th and 8th place all race
  • 2021 average finish: 9.55
  • Has finished in the top 5 only 3X this season – all of those were podiums
    • This time in 2019, he’d been off of the podium only 3X

Chase Sexton

  • Last five finishes: 8-4-5-21-2; Last five starts: 4-6-4-6-3; Last five qualifying: 6-8-6-1-2
  • Led four of the 12 laps last round – got caught with a lapper
  • Has started worse than 6th in only one of the seven rounds he’s been at this season
  • Finished exactly where he qualified last round (2nd)

Chase Sexton at ATL 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Joey Savatgy

  • Last five finishes: 12-7-11-8-8; Last five starts: 12-9-14-5-5; Last five qualifying: 16-11-7-10-12
  • Coming off of two back-to-back 8th place finishes – started in 5th both of those rounds
  • Finished 8th back-to-back at Indy 1 and 2 – took 9th the round after
  • Has finished within three spots of where he started in the last six rounds

Dean Wilson

  • Had a rough round last Saturday – crashed in the heat, got a bad start in the LCQ, and didn’t make the main
  • Has finished 9th 1X, 10th 3X, 11th 2X, and 12th 3X this season
  • Had finished either 9th or 10th in the four rounds before Atlanta
  • Has started everywhere from 3rd (Arlington 1) to 18th (2X this season) but has still only finished from 9th place to 12th place
  • 2021 average finish: 10.78

Martin Davalos

  • Has taken 9th 1X and 10th 1X this season
  • His best finish of 2021 is 9th place
  • Has to get a good start to have a shot at finishing in the top 10

Prize Recap

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  • 4th – Pivot Works $300 Spending Spree
  • 5th – 1 Set of Bridgestone Battlecross Tires – Up to $270.95 MSRP
  • 6th – Galfer SKW Oversized Rotor Kit, and Sintered Double H Brake Pads – Up to $244.99 MSRP
  • 7th – ProTaper SELA Device and 2 Sets of Swivel-Hook/Carabiner/Soft Loop Tie Downs – Up to $229.97
  • 8th – Fastway EVO Air Motorcycle Foot Pegs Kit – up to $209.95 MSRP
  • 9th – Fly Casual Spending Spree – Up to $200.00
  • 10th – Fox V1 Helmet – Up to $189.95 MSRP
  • 11th – 100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Card

450SX Start at ATL 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

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