Another round of Supercross means another episode of SXperts! Follow up with Chase, Christian, and Jeff Emig as they breakdown stats, picks, and the spoilers for Atlanta. It’s all included below.

Detroit Recap

  • Brayton got the holeshot and led almost all of the first main
  • Tomac climbed from 11th to 1st place by the end of the first main
  • Savatgy took out Musquin in the second main
  • Roczen crashed into Wilson in the third main
  • Tomac beat Cooper Webb for the overall by one point

Detroit Results

  • 1st – Eli Tomac
  • 2nd – Cooper Webb
  • 3rd – Chad Reed
  • 4th – Ken Roczen
  • 5th – Blake Baggett
  • WC (9th) – Justin Brayton

Injury Report

RMFantasySX Stats

  • Baggett was the most picked rider for 5th – 19.61%
  • The average points for the week was 29.80
  • 72.78% of users had three picks in their top 5
  • 0 users had all 5 correct riders in their top 5

SXperts Points

  • Stats & Lats
    • Christian: 50
    • Chase: 36
    • Overall Total: 515

  • Slice & Dice
    • Jim: 62
    • Daniel: 36
    • Overall Total: 402

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  • Reed
    • Only .46% of users (324) had him taking 3rd
    • Was the highest picked wildcard at 27.73% (19,706)

  • Roczen
    • 81.07% of the 93.33% of users who picked Roczen picked him to podium
    • Only 9.13% of users (6486) had him taking 4th

Standard Round Averages for 2019

Ken Roczen7.673.672.83
Marvin Musquin55.333.83
Cooper Webb3.58.174.33
Eli Tomac4.337.55
Dean Wilson9.679.57.67
Justin Brayton10.3310.28.2
Blake Baggett8.336.838.33
Justin Barcia10.337.678.5
Chad Reed13.83119.17
Aaron Plessinger149.1710.17
Cole Seely8.51010.17
Joey Savatgy6.338.210.6
Vince Friese11.8312.412.2
Justin Bogle159.1713.5
Tyler Bowers10.215.2514.25
Kyle Chisholm19.8317.6716.67
Ben Lamay18.171716.8
Carlen Gardner23.7518.2517.25
Alex Ray17.1717.417.8
Ryan Breece23.2519.519
Zach Osborne4922

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Track Talk

Atlanta has a long, straight start this year, but it’s not the first track of the season to have one. Take a look at the top starters on these tracks in 2019 and see if you can spot the most consistent riders.


Atlanta – 2018

  • Was a Triple Crown round
  • Christian Craig got the holeshot of the first and third main – placed 5th overall
  • Baggett and Anderson battled in the first main
  • Webb took 2nd in the second main
  • Final podium was Anderson, Musquin, Tomac

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Points Battle

  • Webb “Coop-Troop”
    • Won both East Coast standard rounds
    • Has the best average finish on the East Coast
    • Has led the most laps of the season – 62 (29.10%)
    • Has won twice as many times as Tomac
    • Has missed the podium only three times this season

  • Roczen
    • Has best average overall start and finish per gate drop despite never having won a race
    • Has led the third most laps of the season (39) – second to Tomac by only one lap (40)
    • Has qualified 8th and finished 2nd in both East Coast standard rounds
    • Hasn’t finished more than two spots away from where he’s qualified since Glendale
    • Average finish of 2019: 3.13

  • Musquin
    • Broke his podium streak with his 6th place finish at Detroit
    • Finishes only .87 places from where he qualifies on average
    • Qualified in 3rd and finished in 3rd in both East Coast standard rounds
    • Qualified 1st at Atlanta last year and placed 2nd overall

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Tomac
    • Every time he’s qualified in 1st this season, he’s placed 1st
    • Won back-to-back races three separate times last season
    • Has not won a standard round unless he qualified first
    • His two worst finishes of the season have been East Coast standard rounds – 6th and 12th


  • Wilson
    • He’s 5th in points – has an average finish of 7.75
    • Hasn’t cracked the top 5 since Anaheim 2
    • Hasn’t been on the podium
    • Has qualified 12th and finished 8th in both East Coast standard rounds
    • His starts got progressively better at Detroit while his finishes got progressively worse
      • S: 7, 5, 3
      • F: 7, 9, 13

  • Baggett
    • Has qualified 12th or worse every time he’s made the top 5
    • Would have podiumed at Atlanta last year if he didn’t crash in the 3rd main
    • Led 6 laps in the third main at Detroit
    • Had the fastest lap time in the third main
    • Has started in the top 5 in the three rounds with long starts
    • Has only started worse the 5th in one of the last six main event gate drops

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Savatgy
    • His two top-5 finishes have been on the East Coast
    • Took 3rd in the second main in Detroit
    • Has led 14 laps this season – 5th most
    • Has the 4th best average start per gate drop this year (7.18)
    • Has started 4th or better in four of the last five gate drops
    • Has only cracked the top 5 when qualifying 6th or better this season

  • Reed
    • Has had two top-5 finishes this season – didn’t have any top-5 finishes in 2018
    • Has more top-5 finishes than Barcia, Plessinger, Seely, and Brayton
    • Hasn’t finished in the top 5 of any rounds with long starts
    • Average finish of 2018: 13.65
    • Average finish of 2019: 8.88

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

  • Brayton
    • Has finished in the top 5 in two of the last five gate drops
    • Starting average at Detroit Triple Crown was 5.67
    • Was 4th overall in Atlanta in 2018

  • Seely
    • Missed last round after taking a rock to the sternum – qualified 6th
    • Took 6th overall and started 8th in the least East Coast Triple Crown
    • Has started in the top 10 in the last four standard rounds

  • Osborne
    • Didn’t start better than 11th or finish better than 8th in all three mains at Detroit
    • Qualified 4th at Arlington – unclear if he’s top-5 material yet

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Wildcard Watch (14th)

  • Hill
    • Average finish of 2019: 13.17
    • Finished 14th once, 13th three times

  • Bowers
    • Average finish of 2019: 14.50
    • Finished 14th more than anyone else this season – twice
    • Has run 59 laps of this season in 14th place

  • Lamay
    • Average finish of 2019: 17.00
    • Has taken 15th twice
    • Finishes on the East Coast have been better than the West Coast

  • Bogle
    • Average finish per gate drop: 14.25
    • Has finished from 4th to 20th overall this season
    • Usually finishes 2-3 spots from where he qualifies

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SXperts’ Picks

Christian Chase
1st Cooper Webb Eli Tomac
2nd Ken Roczen Ken Roczen
3rd Blake Baggett Cooper Webb
4th Eli Tomac Blake Baggett
5th Marvin Musquin Marvin Musquin
WC Tyler Bowers Tyler Bowers

Note: Christian and Chase reserve the right to change their picks.

As always, there are some incredible prizes up for grabs. If you’re playing RMFantasySX, check out what you could win this week:

Prize Recap

  • 1st – 4 Sets of Pirelli MX 32 Mid-Hard Terrain & Supercross 2 the Video Game
  • 2nd – 6D ATR-2 Helmet – Up to $695.00 MSRP
  • 3rd – Pro Honda Prize Pack – Up to $289.20 MSRP
  • 4th – Fly Racing Protection Package – Up to $274.85 MSRP
  • 5th – ASV C6 Series Pro Clutch Lever + C6 Series Brake Lever – Up to $250.00 MSRP
  • 6th – Fox Casual Spending Spree – Up to $200.00 MSRP
  • 7th – Galfer SKW Oversized Rotor Kit 270mm, Sintered Double H Brake Pads
  • 8th – Acerbis $180.00 Spending Spree
  • 9th – MX-9 MIPS Helmet – $159.95 MSRP
  • 10th – Dirt Tricks Zirconium Rear Sprocket and Front Sprocket – $156.75 MSRP
  • 11th-100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Cards

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Grand Prizes

  • 1st – Race-Prepped KTM 450SX-F
  • 2nd – Race-Prepped KTM 250SX-F
  • 3rd – Moab Red Rock Getaway plus Generator
  • 4th – Monster Energy Cup Trip
  • 5th – Dunlop Broc Glover Legend Ride
  • 6th – Milestone Video Games, Supercross 2 Video Game, Gaming Console, and 4K TV
  • 7th – Motion Pro Tools
  • 8th – Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale V2 & Ballistic Nylon Case
  • 9th – Tusk Impact Wheel Set
  • 10th – Oakley Goggles and Sunglasses

If you’ve got questions for the SXperts, head over to our YouTube page or comment below. We’ll be back for Daytona!


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