Last year we had the chance to attend the invitational Colorado 600 ride and trail symposium put on by the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA). What a blast!

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The Colorado 600

The TPA is a group of hard-working, very focused volunteers. They put this event together every year based out of South Fork, Colorado.


Each day, we learned more completely about what is facing the trail-riding enthusiast and the issues facing our trails in Colorado and Utah. We typically started off the day with special guests that would talk to us during breakfast.

Receiving Instruction as Part of the Colorado 600

We had speakers such as:

  • A forest service regional supervisor
  • Stan Simpson, the former board chairman and current board member of the AMA
  • John Bongiovanni, the former chairman and current board member of COHVCO
  • Don Riggle of the TPA

These are no-nonsense, serious individuals who have an enormous amount of experience that we all learned from. Each speaker took the time for a Q&A session after they spoke. I should have taken notes.

A Line of Dirt Bikes in Front of the Allington Inn, Where the Colorado 600 was Hosted

Riding the Trails

The riding itself was epic. We were able to bring two bikes to have the option of gnarly singletrack or more open dual-sport/adventure-type riding.

A Dirt Bike Coming Down a Narrow Trail A Dual Sport Bike on a Dirt Road A Dirty Motorcycle with a Pile of Rocks in the Background

We had guides that made sure we were riding the best routes and that we made it back safely. Our guides were excellent. You could choose who you wanted to go with, and by the end, you figured out if you went with Jeff Slavens, you would be very tired – but at least there was a chance that you would stop for pie somewhere. It sounded like Scott Bright’s rides required extra fuel. Stan Simpson took us on a nice low-key ride, and the group was fascinating to listen to during lunch.

A Three-Rider Portrait on the Trail A Dirt Bike After an Exciting (and Muddy) Trail Ride
A Close-up of a Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Dirt Bike International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) Official Website

Speaking of making it back, each evening had an event as well. We heard from Scott Bright, who was heading over to the ISDE Six Days of Enduro in Sardinia, Italy. He explained about the event and told us some great stories from past years’ events. Ned Suesse also spoke to us. Ned is an accomplished rally-style motorcycle racer. He has raced the pinnacle of all rally racing: the Dakar. He also had the opportunity to race the Tunisia Rally this past year. He put together a great presentation and allowed us to live vicariously through him for a moment. What a great experience. On the last night, we had an opportunity to listen to Randy Hawkins talk to us for a bit. He was able to give us some insight on his progression from a racer to a land-use advocate. Good stuff.

A Scenic Valley View in Colorado

About TPA

All proceeds from this ride support the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance, a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit. The TPA is focused on preserving motorized, singletrack trail riding. These are good guys; check them out at

The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Van with Two Dirt Bikes

Have you ever attended the Colorado 600? Do you want to after reading this article? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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By Eric Nelson