With so many options, it can be hard to pick out which ATV accessory would make a good gift. To help you out with holiday shopping, we’ve put together a list of products that any ATV rider would love to find under the tree.

Quad Boss ATV Hand Mitts – $25.99

quad boss atv hand mittsBest Features

  • Deflects wind, rain, snow, brush, and rocks
  • Features reinforced corners and wear-resistant materials
  • Easily attaches and fits most ATVs

Great for riders that plow snow or live in cold climates, these hand mitts are the simple and effective way to keep your hands warm while riding. They’re made using durable 600 denier material and lined with thermal insulation so they won’t fall apart or leave your hands freezing. The outer material is also UV-resistant and water repellant to boot. Even better is that they install/remove quickly and can fit on nearly any machine.

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TORC1 Defy Lock-On Grips – $23.75

torc 1 lock on atv gripsBest Features

  • Soft and durable rubber compound
  • Simple and secure attachment for added control
  • Unique shock-absorbent design that reduces fatigue

With a lock-on design and super-comfy rubber compound, these grips are all about simplicity and comfort. The lock-on attachment lets the Defy grips install by simply slipping over the bars, meaning there’s no wrestling with grip glue or grips that just don’t fit. Once the Defy grips are in position, the oversized bolts can be tightened and the grips will be firmly held in place. And because the rubber compound absorbs shock and vibration, you may not want to ever take them off.

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Tusk Tire Repair Kit – $19.99

tusk tire repair kitBest Features

  • Contains everything needed for tire repair
  • Includes patches, plugs, tools and CO2 inflator with cartridges
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case

An absolute crucial piece of gear, Tusk’s Flat Repair Kit has everything an ATV rider needs to fix a punctured tire. The kits are simple, affordable, and effective with everything pictured coming in the kit. There are the plugs themselves, patches, cement, a reamer, an installation tool, and even a CO2 inflator with cartridges for those times when a pump is not available. This kit can be the difference between getting stranded and making it back to camp.

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Tusk Winch 3,500 lbs. – $199.99

tusk 3500 pound winch synthetic ropeBest Features

  • Wound with 50 feet of strong, 4.9 mm synthetic rope
  • Built with sealed components and a water-resistant design
  • Includes mounting hardware and wiring

Whether working on your property or out playing in the mud, a reliable winch is essential for an ATV. Tusk’s 3,500 pound winch is perfect for nearly any machine with its 730 watt motor, durable 4.9 mm synthetic rope, and sealed housing providing reliable and strong operation. It also comes with a roller fairlead, heavy-duty hook, and handlebar rocker switch so you can put the entire 3,500 pound capacity to good use. With everything together, the Tusk Winch is one of the best bang-for-your-buck winch options available.

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Tusk Warthog Radial Tire – $99.99 – $129.99

tusk warthog radial atv utv tireBest Features

  • Durable 8-ply radial construction
  • Excellent all-terrain tread design
  • Wide footprint for very balanced cornering

The Tusk Warthog is an 8-ply, radial tire that’s designed to be a great overall choice for the demanding rider who spends time on several different types of terrain. The Warthog handles varied terrain in part due to its interlocking, nondirectional tread pattern along with a wide footprint that promotes stable cornering and excellent traction. The tread design also reduces tire noise and works with the radial construction to lower rolling resistance. This makes Tusk’s Warthog Radial Tire a great choice for most applications.

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