Whenever old man winter shows his head, it’s time to do one of two things: pack up the quad until spring or prepare it for winter fun. If you’ve always found yourself in the former category, perhaps this year it’s finally time to discover what the magic of the season really is.

Winter brings some great riding… if your machine is properly equipped. We’ve put together a list of a few ATV winter accessories you might want to consider as you get your quad ready for use in the snow.

Arctic Cat Equipped with a WARN Snow Plow
WARN Snow Plow on an ATV

1. Snow Plow

Whoever first decided to attach a snow plow to an ATV deserves a pat on the back. It’s hard to argue with how useful a quad can become in winter when it’s equipped with a plow. Not only does it make shoveling snow significantly quicker, it is also better for your back and doesn’t involve the inherent risks present from standing on snow or ice. But it’s not just a matter of ease and safety – a snow plow also makes shoveling your driveway a ton of fun!

We carry ATV snow plow kits for several great brands, including WARN and Tusk. We also have snow plow accessories like replacement wear bars or blade markers.

WARN ProVantage Straight Blade Plow Kit

2. Winch

Many snow plows require winches to operate, but that isn’t the only reason why you might want to consider equipping a winch to your quad if it doesn’t already have one. When you ride in snow, you (or your buddies) are a lot more likely to get stuck. When you’re stranded in snow, few things are as handy as a good winch. Take a look at our winch section to see what is available.

When you’re shopping for a winch, make sure that you take note of its weight rating and the type of rope it uses. The weight rating is important because you need a winch that is strong enough to pull your quad. A heavier ATV requires a higher weight rating. There are two types of rope: wire and synthetic. Each has its own advantages. While you should look into exactly which type best suits your needs, there are a few broad rules that you can adhere to if needed. Wire rope is usually better for repeated use since synthetic rope can wear out more quickly. However, synthetic rope is lighter and generally safer. Don’t fret if you have a difficult time deciding because you can always replace it later if you wish.

Tusk Winch with Synthetic Rope

3. Tow Strap

Tow straps are essential when you’re riding with others. You never know when you might have to tow a friend, but when you need one, you’ll be glad to have one. Aside from its obvious use to tow another machine, you can also use a tow strap to anchor your ATV to a tree if you need to winch someone else out of a bad spot. Check out our winch accessories page for several brands with tow straps.

SpeedStrap Weavable Recovery Strap

4. Tracks

Of course, if you’re planning on riding in the snow, that means you need something that can give you suitable traction. A track system is just the ticket – you won’t get better traction in snow! Tracks are excellent for traveling across a winter wonderland, even if the snow is deep. The increased wheelbase width and length offers additional stability as well. And some tracks are actually designed to be used on a variety of terrains (not just snow), so you’ll be able to utilize them year-round for situations when you need extra traction.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with tracks and gain their full benefits, there are some alternate options available that can still help a little with winter traction, such as snow tires. Generally speaking, the same attributes that make a good mud tire also make a good snow tire. You can also install tire chains or ice studs in your existing tires.

Kimpex Commander WS4 Complete Track System

5. Hard Cases

One of the things that makes an ATV great is that it isn’t just big enough to carry you; it’s also big enough to take along your gear as well. However, some of the materials used in bags (not necessarily even the fabric itself but sometimes things like a waterproof coating) can cause them to get brittle or stiff. A hard case always maintains its same form and function regardless of temperature, making it a great option for winter use. Check out our trunks and hard cases to see our full selection.

Quad Boss Rear Cargo Box

6. Cover

If you need to keep your machine outside during the winter, you can’t beat an ATV cover to protect it from the elements. It keeps the snow and moisture off of your quad. All you need to do is remove the cover, and you’re ready to go. Some covers are even designed with extra room to accommodate large accessories like snow plows. We have several covers available.

ATV Logic ATV Cover

7. Heated Grips

One of the problems with riding in the winter is that it’s cold. Heated grips are one way to solve this problem. They keep your hands warm while riding – something that makes the ride more comfortable and therefore enjoyable. However, it’s not just about comfort. Cold hands present two problems: they increase fatigue and decrease dexterity, making it more difficult to control your quad. Heated grips reduce these problems, making them not only a choice of comfort but also a choice of safety. Thumb warmers are also available.

Tusk Heated Grip Kit

8. Hand Mitts

If you’re planning on winter riding, you’ve got to find ways to retain your warmth. For the most part, this will rely on the specific gear that you choose, but you can also pick up some hand mitts that fit on your machine’s handlebars. They come by many names – hand protectors, paws, muffs and more. Whatever you call them, hand mitts are designed to offer protection from the wind and weather. They also protect a little bit from brush.

Quad Boss ATV Hand Mitts

9. Boots

There are a variety of opinions about footwear when riding an ATV, but durability and utility are among the two primary qualifications people look for. Snow riding adds a completely new element, however, and that means you might want to consider getting boots specifically for winter. We have a page dedicated to cold-weather boots, where warmth is a priority. Most of the boots are also waterproof, which is a nice characteristic for snow. Not all boots are created equal, so be sure to specifically look at the features related to the type of lacing, insulation and water resistance to determine what the best option is for you.

Arctiva Comp Winter Boots

10. Masks

It’s commonly understood that a lot of body heat is lost through the head, so an easy way to stay warm is to better cover up your head, face or neck. There are several types of facemasks, from simple neck gaiters to full-coverage balaclavas. Some masks are designed to be versatile enough to allow you to choose how much of your head that you cover.

A.R.C. Logo Neck Buff

When you’re properly outfitted for winter riding, you can enjoy it just as much as any other time of the year – and maybe more! Are there any ATV winter accessories that you feel like we missed? Let us know in the comments!