The 2nd Annual Polaris RZR UTV World Championship took place over the weekend at the Laughlin Off-road park in Laughlin, Nevada. Comprising the 2nd round of the Best in the Desert Series, the races held February 18th-20th hosted over 76 motorcycles and quads and 212 UTVs overall, and filled the town on Laughlin with powersports enthusiasts.

Motorcycle Open Pro Report

Troy Vanscourt dominated the course for the motorcycle pro class during the second round of Best in the Desert. He came across the finish line with a time of 2:41:41, over 14 minutes ahead of 2nd place, Justin Wallis. Both raced a great race, and placed themselves far ahead of the pack. Ten or so minutes after Wallis finished, Danny Cooper finished in 3rd, followed a few minutes later by last round’s winner, Nick Burson, in 4th.

Motorcycle Open Pro Results

Ovl. Pos.Cls. Pos.No.NameBikePointsOverall
11N47Troy VanscourtKawasaki80156
22N97Justin WallisBeta7676
83N14Danny CooperHonda73146
94N2Nick BursonBeta71151

Quad Pro Report

The first and last place winners swapped places this round from last round’s finishing placement. Jeremy Gray, who finished in last place during the Parker 250 gave it his all during round 2 and found himself finishing in 1st place with an impressive time of just over three hours. David Scott and Don Higbee claimed the same place as last round on the podium, placing 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Jeff Hancock ran into a little trouble and found himself settling for last place at the race in Laughlin. With a whole season still ahead, the competition for the championship is already promising to be intense!

Quad Pro Results

Ovl. Pos.Cls. Pos.No.NameQuadPointsOverall
11Q66Jeremy GrayHonda80121
22Q2David ScottHonda76153
43Q4Don HigbeePolaris73147
104Q1Jeff HancockHonda71152

UTV Pro 1900 and UTV Pro Turbo Report

The Walker Evans Racing Desert Championship Race for the UTV Pro and UTV Pro Turbo classes proved to be a healthy competition for 1st overall. Justin Lambert and Mitch Guthrie kept each other on their toes for the majority of the 160 mile race. They continually switched places for the lead and were within seconds of each other nearly the entire race. However, Guthrie snapped the front differential as well as both rear axles, which drastically slowed him down. He was still able to finish in 8th place overall and 5th for the UTV Turbo class. That left Lambert to claim 1st overall. More than ten minutes later, Ryan Laidlaw crossed the finish for second overall and 1st for UTV Turbo. Kristen Matlock and Michael Cafro would finish with 2nd and 3rd for UTV Pro, while Marc Burnett and Dustin Jones claimed the remaining spots on the podium for UTV Turbo.

UTV Pro 1900 and UTV Pro Turbo Results

Ovl. Pos.Cls. Pos.No.NameClassUTVPointsOverall
111918Justin LambertUTV ProPolaris129234
21960Ryan LaidlawUTV TurboPolaris9999
321954Kristen MatlockUTV ProPolaris125125
42905Marc BurnettUTV TurboPolaris95175
53978Dustin JonesUTV TurboCan Am92185
64913Branden SimsUTV TurboPolaris90173
731975Michael CafroUTV ProPolaris122122
85951Mitch Guthrie, JrUTV TurboPolaris89170
96917Jason MurrayUTV TurboCan Am88174
107921John AngalUTV TurboPolaris87162
118935Bill ZemakUTV TurboCan Am86130
1241852Andrew GormanUTV ProPolaris120166
1351982Jeremiah StaggsUTV ProYamaha119163
149916Cody RahdersUTV TurboPolaris8585
1561916Cody NygrenUTV ProPolaris118148
1671902Jeff OberingUTV ProPolaris117117
1781987Rhys MillenUTV ProPolaris116116
1891948Matt BurroughsUTV ProPolaris115209
20101965Jeramiah DrewUTV ProPolaris114197
2110936Jacob CarverUTV TurboPolaris84114
22111985Adrian OrellanaUTV ProPolaris113113
24121864Robert VanbeekumUTV ProPolaris112192
25131908Dwight PollardUTV ProPolaris111189
2611997David Scott HaynesUTV TurboPolaris83125
27141980Scott WebsterUTV ProPolaris110110
28151935Bruce ChaplinUTV ProYamaha109190
29161910Keith HughesUTV ProPolaris108200
30171827Justin BarthUTV ProPolaris107107
3112904Cory SappingtonUTV TurboCan Am82159
33181895Kaden WellsUTV ProPolaris106106
34191993Justin QuinnUTV ProCTM105105
3513930Tyler GrevesUTV TurboPolaris8181
36201995Tucker SmithUTV ProCTM104181
3714954Matt LubeUTV TurboPolaris80159
3815919Brandon SchuelerUTV TurboPolaris79161
39211950Logan GoodallUTV ProPolaris103194
40221943Robert PattersonUTV ProPolaris102192
41231967Scott YanceyUTV ProPolaris101101
42241999Larry RaglandUTV ProPolaris100188
43251939Chris ReddenUTV ProPolaris9999
45261810Jose SilvaUTV ProCan Am9898
4616994Jason MerrellUTV TurboPolaris7878
47271984Adam CampbellUTV ProPolaris97192
48281949Alonso LopezUTV ProPolaris9696
49291925Darwin HansenUTV ProPolaris9595
50301997Kenny BrinkUTV ProPolaris94179
5217910Dan FisherUTV TurboPolaris77161
53311912John Melvin JrUTV ProPolaris93191
55321924Lacrecia BeurrierUTV ProPolaris92178
56331986Amin PatelUTV ProPolaris91192
57341906Paul CooperUTV ProPolaris9090
58351946Christina PerkinsUTV ProPolaris8989
59361970Russell GriffinUTV ProPolaris88184
61371958George FelixUTV ProPolaris87166
62381921Justin ElenburgUTV ProCan Am8686
63391951Matthew VodaUTV ProPolaris8585
6418969Logan GastelUTV TurboCan Am76165
65401898Bill WhittingtonUTV ProPolaris84173
66411996Bill DieselUTV ProPolaris8383
67421927Ben WilsonUTV ProPolaris8282
68431963Mike NixUTV ProPolaris8181
69441960William BedlionUTV ProPolaris8080
70451952Jonathan McVayUTV ProPolaris79161
72461926Erik GoulishUTV ProPolaris78171
73471933Steve RyckeboschUTV ProPolaris77122
7419971Wayne MatlockUTV TurboPolaris7575
7520942Garrick LastraUTV TurboPolaris74158
76481979John CianciUTV ProCTM76106
78491964Ryan HolzUTV ProPolaris7575
79501826Branden SiebenhaarUTV ProCan Am7474
80511841Dallas LewisUTV ProPolaris7373
DNF-1994Snake LivernashUTV ProPolaris3030
DNF-1931Daniel ParkerUTV ProPolaris3030
DNF-911Conner BowlinUTV TurboPolaris30108
DNF-908Brady DimmickUTV TurboPolaris3030
DNF-991Jacob ShawUTV TurboPolaris30106

By Rachel Bretzing