2022 Yamaha Lineup Thumb

2022 Yamaha Lineup Sees Changes for 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Models

Yamaha has released information on their 2022 models, highlighting updates to the YZ250F and YZ450F, extensive improvements to the YZ250FX, and the revised YZ125.

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CR500 vs CRF450R Thumb

Honda CRF450R vs. Honda CR500 Aluminum Frame

Who is the real horsepower king of the dunes? The rivalry between 2-strokes and 4-strokes seems to be as old as the bikes themselves, but we're here to set the record straight.

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Honda CR500 Aluminum Frame Dirt Bike Build: The All-American Custom 2-Stroke

It’s a Honda CR500 Aluminum Frame bike build. Yes, you read that right. We took an ‘88 CR500 2-stroke engine and fit it into an ‘07 CRF250F aluminum frame. It's all included inside.

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June 2021 New Products Thumb

Gearing Up: New to the RMATVMC Website for June 2021

The new MSR 2021.5 gear is out, along with other exciting products recently added to our website. It's all included inside.

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GASGAS Announces Four New Machines in 2022 Range

GASGAS has announced four new models to complete their 18-bike range for 2022. Read more about each model in this press release.

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2022 KX Lineup Thumb

Kawasaki Releases All-New KX112 Dirt Bike

The Kawasaki 2022 lineup is here, and there are not many changes to point to in the existing models. That said, there is a new mini motocross bike - check it out right here.

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New Product Spotlight May 2021 Thumb (1)

Gearing Up: New to the RMATVMC Website for May 2021

From brand new tires to an innovative UTV jack, these are the newest products to our website that you don't want to miss. Click here to read more about each product.

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2021 Helmet Guide Thumb (1)

2021 Motocross Helmet Buyer’s Guide

With riding season kicking into full gear, it may be time to get a new helmet. Choosing your new lid is no small task, though, so we have compiled a few guides to help.

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2021 MX Boot Buyer's Guide Thumb (1)

2021 Motocross Boot Buyer’s Guide

If you’re shopping for new motocross boots, you’ve got a tough decision to make. Luckily, we’ve compiled a guide to help make the decision a little easier.

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