RM Rides: Adventure Motorcycle Series – “Rocky Mountain Idaho Adventure Motorcycle Tour”

Beside towering pine trees, along winding rivers, and through wide open spaces, the Rocky Mountain Idaho Adventure Motorcycle Tour showcases the unexpected and varied beauty of an all-too-often overlooked state. This 8-day route is packed-full of stunning scenery and incredible history.

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Red Rocks to Mountain Tops ADV Ride Logo

RM Rides: Adventure Motorcycle Series – “Red Rocks to Mountain Tops”

From deep red rock and canyons carved by time to soaring mountains ranges and remnants of the past, the Red Rocks to Mountain Tops adventure ride pays homage to the rich culture, mining history, and sweeping frontier that shaped the Wild West. Take a look at our 4-day route through the deserts of Utah and mountains of Colorado.

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Battle Born North

RM Rides: Adventure Motorcycle Series – “Battle Born North”

Watch our four-day adventure ride through some of the most majestic terrain that Nevada has to offer – then use our day-by-day guide (with GPS files) to plan your own trip!

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Battle Born South

RM Rides: Adventure Motorcycle Series – “Battle Born South”

Watch our four-day ride through Nevada, where you can go for hours through vast mountain ranges and miles of open space without seeing another living soul. GPS files included!

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Riding Through the River

RM Rides: Adventure Motorcycle Series – “Dirty Devil”

Watch our adventure ride that shows some of the best scenery that Southeastern Utah has to offer. Our day-by-day write-up (with GPS files) makes it easy to plan your own Dirty Devil ride.

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RM Rides: Adventure Motorcycle Series – “Hooked on Phoenix”

Watch our incredible motorcycle adventure ride, a five-day trip from Mesquite to Phoenix and back. Our guide includes a day-by-day write-up with maps and GPS files, making it easy to plan your own Hooked on Phoenix ride.

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Two Riders Posed with Their Motorcycles

Things I Learned on My First Real Adventure Ride

Many riders dream of taking a trip off the beaten path, but few ever follow through. Check out this article about Chance and his dad as they plan, map and carry out a 400-mile ride down dirt roads and through small towns to get to their relatives in St. George, Utah.

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The Trail Preservation Alliance Colorado 600: Protecting our Right to Ride

Open areas to ride seem harder to come by these days. Check out this post and follow Eric to the TPA Colorado 600, an event created to raise awareness about - and help preserve - motorized, single-track trails open to riders in Colorado and Utah. He learns more about what it will take to preserve these trails for future riders while getting to ride some of these epic destinations at the same time!

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The Battle Born 1000

Go along with Scott and the other Rocky Mountain ATV/MC throttle jockeys as they explore through Utah's west desert and make their way into the desolate heart of Nevada. Ghost towns, hot springs, a desert oasis and the Pony Express Trail are just some of the things they found along their adventure ride through the un-seen parts the Battle Born State.

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