Motorcycle History

The History of Motorcycles

From the earliest beginnings as a motorized bicycle to a specialty racing machine to a war participant, the motorcycle has seen a lot through its century-long history. Check out this comprehensive discussion about motorcycles through the years.

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Run with the Pigs Poker Run

Run With the Pigs Poker Run

The Run with the Pigs Poker Run and Bike Show is back and better than ever. Come out on June 13 to help support the Utah County Deputies Association and UTHDRiders raise money for local children's charities.

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Custom Cruiser Street Bike

The Top 3 Aftermarket Additions for Your Ride: Street Bike Edition

Street bikes can be customized to be just as diverse as the people who ride them. That is half the fun of owning one! Accessories typically enhance the power, performance, comfort and aesthetics of a motorcycle. We asked a bunch of different riders which three aftermarket accessories they would add to their motorcycle first thing. Check out this post to see which accessories are the first to make it on the average rider's bike.

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What is Your Favorite Type of Motorcycle Racing?

Who was the first person to every straddle a motorcycle and ask, "Want to race" We don't know, but we are glad they did! Pretty much from the beginning of motorcycles, people have found one way or another to race them. Check out this post to learn about the different types of motorcycle racing and even cast your vote on our poll to let us know which kind is your favorite.

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Riding ATVs on the Trail

Three Reasons I Love To Ride

Have you ever tried to explain to a non-rider why you have a love for riding? It's not an easy task, mainly because it is hard to put into words! Check out Rachel's story as she gives three main reasons why she loves to ride and see if your reasons match hers!

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Ladies: It’s Your Time to Ride!

Have you been wondering for a while what it would be like to ride your own motorcycle? What is holding you back? Check out this article written for women who are wanting to become motorcyclists - learn how to overcome your fears and throw your leg over the seat of your own bike in no time!

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The Polaris Slingshot

2015 Polaris Slingshot: The Next Generation of Three-Wheeled Vehicles

Polaris has announced a radical new three-wheeled motorcycle: the Slingshot. It features side-by-side seating with a steering wheel, and it sits extremely low to the ground. Is it really the next big thing? Find out all about it by checking out this article.

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MC Commuter Article Thumb

Transform Your Commute: The Basics for Becoming a Motorcycle Commuter

Tired of the same old commute? Change it up and start traveling by motorcycle instead! Click here to read the basics steps for beginner and returning motorcycle commuters to be comfortable and safe on the road, and to start enjoying what was once the most boring part of your day.

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Motorcycle Laws We Can’t Believe Are Real

Are these motorcycle laws really on the books? You bet. If you're a motorcyclist with any brains, you won't believe how ridiculous some of these laws are.

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