A Pile of Worn Motorcycle Racing Tires

Just the FAQs of Understanding Motorcycle Tire Wear

When is it time to replace tires? What is a heat cycle? How does inflation cause cold and hot tears? Find the answer to these and other tire wear questions.

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Custom Cruiser Street Bike

The Top 3 Aftermarket Additions for Your Ride: Street Bike Edition

Street bikes can be customized to be just as diverse as the people who ride them. That is half the fun of owning one! Accessories typically enhance the power, performance, comfort and aesthetics of a motorcycle. We asked a bunch of different riders which three aftermarket accessories they would add to their motorcycle first thing. Check out this post to see which accessories are the first to make it on the average rider's bike.

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Adventure Rally Air Jacket Thumb

Product Spotlight: Adventure Rally Air Jacket

When you are looking for the ultimate protection to keep you safe when you ride but need proper ventilation for hot weather riding, the Adventure Rally Air Jacket from Klim® is exactly what you are looking for. You won't have to sacrifice your safety for your comfort. Check it out today!

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Adventure Rally Air Pant Thumb

Product Spotlight: Adventure Rally Air Pant

Introducing the Adventure Rally Air Pant from Klim® - a hot-weather compatible riding pant that offers unmatched protection and maximum ventilation. Constructed from a heavy-duty nylon wrapped highly breathable Kevlar® mesh, this pant is made to keep you both comfortable and safe in the warmest of climates. Accented with Superfabric® overlays in high abrasion zones, these pants are your own personal motorcycle armor!

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Product Spotlight: Klim® Induction Jacket

Introducing from Klim® – a brand trusted for making the highest quality products in outdoor riding gear and apparel – the all-new Induction Jacket. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable - the Induction Jacket provides all of the protection you expect from a Klim® jacket.

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Product Spotlight: Klim® Altitude Jacket and Pant

Klim® introduces the Altitude Jacket and Pant - designed specifically for the female shape and form, they are the perfect combination of comfortable, breathable protection in womens motorsports gear. You spoke, Klim® listened. The Altitude Jacket and Pant are the perfect choice for the lady rider.

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Product Spotlight: Adventure Rally Pant

Using the Gore-Tex® 3-Layer Pro-Shell technology, Klim has manufactured the Adventure Rally Pant as the best option in weatherproofing available on the market. Reinforced with Armacor and Superfabric® in high abrasion zones, you will be protected at the highest level in any situation.

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Product Spotlight: Adventure Rally Jacket

The Adventure Rally Jacket may arguably be the most advanced jacket in motorsports apparel. With remarkable features such as a built in harness system, 3-Layer Gore-Tex shell for superior protection and top of the line protective armor in high abrasion zones, you'll be integrating both protection and support in one incredible jacket.

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The Polaris Slingshot

2015 Polaris Slingshot: The Next Generation of Three-Wheeled Vehicles

Polaris has announced a radical new three-wheeled motorcycle: the Slingshot. It features side-by-side seating with a steering wheel, and it sits extremely low to the ground. Is it really the next big thing? Find out all about it by checking out this article.

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